Shhh....its a secret.

In a fit of holiday cheer, I sent out an email asking a short list of some my favorite bloggers to see if they would be interested in a secret santa this year. I wasn't sure if those things are even done anymore but thankfully almost everyone chimed in that they wanted to play along. Hooray!


So now I have my secretly selected giftee and I've already made a little something to start the festivities. Its all packaged up and on its way. So wish I could show it to you but that would ruin the surprise right?

And I won't even pretend to be all cool about who has me. I'm dying to know! I can't take the suspense! Shall we review the list of suspects?

4 men 1 lady
bryn alexandra
emily a clark
house of smiths
the inspired room
isabella and max rooms
la dolce vita
lovely little details
making it lovely
mustard seed interiors
pure style home
save the date 4 cupcakes
ten june
thrifty decor chick
you stir me
young house love

I have no clues yet but once I get something I'll be sure to share it. Will you help me figure out the mystery?


  1. Jordan@the2seasons10:48 AM

    What a fun idea.  I love secret santa because it is fun on both ends.  Can't wait to hear more.

  2. How fun this will be for you! How did you determine who gets whom?

  3. Teresa12:38 PM

    What a super cute idea!
    Happy Day

  4. Did Oprah & Martha get back to you? I do hope they aren't being snobs. I would rig it to get Oprah to be your Secret Santa.

  5. Did Oprah & Martha get back to you? I do hope they aren't being snobs. I would rig it to get Oprah to be your Secret Santa.

  6. What a fun idea!! Secret Santas are always so much fun! I cant wait to see what everyone gives eachother!

  7. Amanda2:05 PM

    I'm curious about this too Tessa! Hrrm.

  8. MrsLimestone2:34 PM

    I had my husband pick from a hat and email everyone. (I could have used an online service that does it for you but I didn't want participants getting random spam) He refuses to tell me who has me :)

  9. Mrs. Limestone, I saw your secret santa post via Making it Lovely.  Love, love your font on the envelope!  would you mind sharing the name of the font?  thanks and merry christmas!

  10. MrsLimestone9:38 AM

    Hmmm..i honestly don't remember. I don't think I saved the file but Ill check later on and let you know if I find it.


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