Halloween or Die Trying!

Im a terrible blogger. Draw and quarter me if you must! But I couldnt not update this little dusty corner of the interweb (its a series of tubes!) this year's Halloween that was. After so many years of admiring the giant skeletons, we had to have them for oursevles. So for the first year there was no complicated backstory that only I really appreciated - we just went old school with it and pulled out every skelly we had.
It's been a big hit! The most popular question we have gotten so far is: Where are you going to store these things? Well thats a great question because they are absolutely huge and heavy and I have absolutely no idea. Anyone local want to volunteer a spot in their basement for these charming guys? All reasonable storage offers will be considered :

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  1. Anonymous5:45 PM

    i always look forward to your halloween decorations! best regards, w. scott


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