Hello Hostesses!

Who can resist a good party? And I just love putting together all the little details of an event whether its a small get together at home, a momentous event or a holiday celebration. Here are some of the parties I've thrown. Click into any photo to see more. If you have a question that isn't answered there, feel free to ask.

If you want even more about partying Brooklyn Limestone style including a few select freebies, and favorite recipes, click here to see all of the entertaining posts.

  Christmas2012BrooklynLimestone      Halloween2012BrooklynLimestoneEntertain
christmas '12: decor / cards / table  / wrap          halloween '12: invite / decor / party

christmas '11: table / cards / wreath              halloween '11: invite / decor / party

halloween '10: invite / decor / party           halloween '09: invite / decor / party

                                                      halloween '08: invite / decor / party                    




entertainingbritishbrunch      WoodlandBabyShowerBrooklynLimestone

Casual at Home
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