Halloween 2021: Harry Potter Comes to Brooklyn

Look I blogged!  As lonely and neglected as I've allowed this blog to become I couldn't not share the Halloween decorations.  This year's theme is Harry Potter and was directly requested by Agatha.  How could I not oblige? My big plans of making a giant mandrake may have been scratched due to lack of time but we got our decorations up in plenty of time to enjoy the absolute best season to be in Brooklyn - autumn.

And of course we will be decked out as Harry Potter characters come Halloween. If you are looking for a super easy costume that is actually warm and comfy, I highly recommend this green velvet robe for the Professor McGonagall cosplay.  It's like wearing a bathrobe. I wish it was socially acceptable to wear it around town.

Favorite Amazon Home Decor finds

Just dropping in quickly today to share my favorite Amazon home decor finds in honor of prime day. All of these items I use (and reuse and reuse) in my own home so I can vouch for being super satisfied with them. I keep an updated list here: Brooklyn Limestone's favorite home decor items from Amazon

If you are on an organizing kick like I am lately, please check out my organizing favorites too. Happy Shopping!

Wallpaper Mural Love

Hello lovelies!  Like many of you, we have been home A LOT this year so I've been making little updates along the way.  Things I always thought about doing, I've finally made time to get to.  I had been lusting after this very specific monochrome wall mural for years. Aside from just liking it's look, it also  reminded me of the "relaxation room" in the Four Seasons in Paris. And you know how I am with travel memories.

Admitedly, I was very reluctant because I am traumatized by my experiences removing wallpaper from other homes.  In particular one room that I had to peel off the wallpaper in one centimeter scraps until my fingers were worn down to nubbins.  Did not want to ever do that again!  But finally I got over my fear and went for it.

The reviews on this paper indicated it would be easy to DIY but because it was a mural as opposed to a repeating pattern, I knew that if I made even one little mistake or tear to this paper, I would have ruined the entire thing so I hired someone to hang it.  I got lucky and found someone great by accident and he did an amazing job (for my local friends, I'm happy to share his info if you need wallpaper hung!).  He also told me that if I ever wanted to remove it, it would be very easy to do without damaging the walls.

Not gonna lie - I absolutely love it!  I know its not for everyone but this is just what this room needed. It just adds so much character and whimsy to this space. I keep walking in here to check it out. Why didn't I do this years ago? 

For those of you on TikTok, please come join me over there. It's my addiction.


Amping up the drama in the dining room. #wallpaper #homedecor #homeblogger

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Dining Room Details: End chairs: Limari Side Chairs: World Market Mural: Anthropologie Magnetic Chalkboard: Versachalk Drapery: Amazon Table: Restoration Hardware Paint color: Benjamin Moore Woodland Snow

5 Attainable Pieces of Original Artwork to Hang on Your Wall

If there was an ever a time to support small artists and creators, this is it.  I know so many of us are spending more time at home than ever so what better time to find some beautiful pieces to look at while we are spending so much time at home.  

Selecting art can be such a hard decision but I encourage you not to take it too seriously. Just find something you connect with and it will bring you joy.

Here are 5 (reasonably affordable) pieces of from artists I've been crushing on...

This dramatic skyscape by KatyLeigh is memorizing whether you see the clouds or not.

You know I'm a sucker for creepy portraits and this girl with bird by Nursel Fine Art checks all the boxes. 

This little crushed toothpaste painting by Kristine Kainer would be perfection in a bathroom.

If you need a piece for your kitchen, I'm loving the fried egg paintings Anna Shevel has done.  Pop art for those who like to cook!

And finally this pastoral painting by Sara Tubens is both calming but hard to look away from.

Any of these strike your fancy? Or do you have other artists you ar crusing on? Please share their work in the comments!

Organizing Products You Need in Your Life Right Now

I know I'm not the only one purging and organizing my house every January so this one will be no different.  Thanks to being at home the last 9 months, I've actually be organizing my heart out all year. So when would be a better time to share my absolute favorite organizational find than now?

In no particular order, these are my favorite products to get your life in order this year or every other.  (If you don't want to read my little story that comes with each item, feel free to just look at the list directly on my Amazon shop here.)

Pretty pre-made food labels:  I've said it before and I'll say it again, consistently labeling will make anything look bespoke.  Take a bunch of recycled jars or boxes and throw some pretty labels on them and watch the magic happen. I made these for myself a while back using my Cricut but it took forever to design and print and weed.  If I had known pre-made ones had existed, I would be all over it!  If you don't love this font choice, there are loads more to choose from - just search around.

Stackable acrylic drawers: These were my hero storage find last year. I used them to organize the chaos that was breeding in my under sink storage areas.  They are amazing!  Not only does it look so much better having these pretty bins staring back at me, it also makes it a snap to find everything. Now when I need a bandage or a nail polish or a hair tie, I know exactly what drawer they live in.  They also help so much in not purchasing more of something you already have but can't find. They can be a bit of an investment but they are worth it! They come in a few different sizes so be sure to measure careful around any existing plumbing to make the most of your space.

Toiletry Bag: While we haven't actually gone anywhere exciting last year, we did spend a good amount of time at our place at the Jersey shore.  Having a good sized toiletry bag already stocked that can hold full sized products as well as all the other little things I carry was perfection! The clear bag makes it easy to find. The little pocket is great for earrings or hair pins. I also tend to leave it right on my sink sometimes - its easy to tuck away when Im cleaning up. (Someone recommended this bag to me last year but I can't remember who! If it's you, thank you!)  For $7 its hard to beat this little workhorse.

Water Bottle Organizer: Before I got this, I can't tell you how many times I've had a stray water bottle fly off the shelf and try to kill me.  Between the kids' school cups, coffee thermos and big water bottles for long park days, we seem to have so many and there isn't a good way to cut down on the number. These organizers hold them all a little cubby so they can stay with their cap and not come flying out or get lost. 

Reusable Ziploc Bags: Are we the only ones who go through an insane amount of those plastic throw away bags?  They are so handy for just about everything but also super wasteful.  These can help with that.  While they won't completely replace my need for disposable ones, at least this will cut down on them somewhat. 

Baskets Baskets Baskets: This is the answer to one of the most common questions I get.  How do I keep my house tidy even though I have young kids with tons of toys.  The answer is simply: baskets.  Everything and anything looks better contained. And when it comes to toys, something pretty and texture like these rope baskets are just lovely to look at in any setting. They also make post play clean up a breeze.  Kids can easily throw everything into a basket without much assistance. If you don't have kids, they also work really well for blankets, storing throw pillows, laundry, towels and pretty much anything that looks sloppy sitting on the floor.

Skincare Organizer: This little 5 compartment storage bin is my personal solution to makeup/skincare products I like to have on my bathroom sink counter without looking like a pile of junk.  It holds a surprising amount of stuff but doesn't take up too much room and is easy to clean.  When it starts to overflow, I know its time to purge.

Old School Label Maker: I know I've mentioned this before but its the best 10 bucks I've ever spent on anything organization related. I use it A LOT and I don't really know how I went this far in my life not having one.  No need to charge it or download it or find batteries - it at the ready whenever you need it.  And each little role of tape lasts a shockingly long time.  Great as housewarming gifts too! Everyone needs one.

Silicone Toilet Brush: Okay so maybe this isn't strictly organizational so I'm cheating here but I have to profess my love for a toilet brush somewhere and this seemed like the most logical list for it.  First off, it's footprint is TINY - much smaller that the typical toilet brush you probably already own.  Second it works just as well if not better. Third its made of silicone so "nothing" sticks to it if you catch my drift.  This is the better mousetrap.  Get it.

Refrigerator Organizing Bins:  Ok this one is definitely in the "nice to have", not "must have" list but if you have been following organizing tik tok or the Kardashians you know that perfectly organized fridges are the hot things to have in 2021.  I admit I haven't quite gotten to a point where I would share the content of my fridge with the world but these little containers (they come in lots of different shapes and sizes to suit just about anything you eat so make sure you figure out what you need before ordering) make eating and cooking a visual treat!

So there you have it!  Do you have any organizational favorites you want to share with me? I'd love to hear all about them!

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