Shore Bedroom Makeover

It doesn’t feel that long ago but we bought our little apartment on the Jersey Shore more than 10 years ago now.  Our lives were very different back then and this little getaway has changed as drastically as our lives.  We renovated the bathroom and kitchen and carved a kid’s room out of the living room space.  It was finally time to tackle our bedroom.  It had never been a priority before but a restful place to lay our heads has suddenly taken on new meaning.

This is how we found it the day we decided to purchase it.

Let’s just say Better Homes & Gardens wasn’t going to come calling anytime soon.  We did a few patches here and there with some ikea furniture and paint but it never felt like a truly well put together, restful space.

I’m happy to share it’s finally a totally different room thanks to some help from my friends at Hayneedle.

The anchor of the room is the Linen Tufted Wingback Bed which is a beautiful shade of navy. As you can see, I didn’t want to go too crazy with the coastal vibe but I wanted to have just the suggestion of the shore.

Since there were already a lot of rectangles in the room I wanted to add some more organic shapes and textures.  I started with the using these round end tables in place of traditional nightstands.

The walls were painted a dramatic deep grey (BM Kendall Charcoal) but needed a little artwork to break it up. The abstract artwork stopped me dead in my scroll – the perfect shade, organic shape and nod to the sea without being something too on the nose.

For lots of extra storage as well as a warm infusion of natural wood, we put this long 8 dresser chest of drawers along the long wall.  This thing holds sooo much and looks lovely doing it.

Finally my absolute favorite addition is this modern update on a wingback chair.  Tucked in the corner, it’s the perfect spot to flip through a magazine or put on your sandals before heading out.

I’m so happy with this room now that I catch myself peeking in there every chance I get!

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Disclosure: Some of the products featured in this post were provided by Hayneedle but all of the opinions expressed are my own.

Outdoor Movie Night at the Country Cottage

Remember the fab DIY circular patio and firepit I shared last year? Well, it got a serious upgrade in the form of an outdoor movie theater set up this season.

You will have to excuse the less than stellar image. The truth is, we were having too much fun out here and I just never got around to taking a great photograph.  But I think you can get the idea.

It's not something they keep up permanently but rather bring it out when the situation calls for it.  I think Aggie's first viewing of the Wizard of Oz was certainly occasion enough.

For those that are curious about the details, the projector is a refurbished home theater projector.  I was really shocked how clean and crisp the picture was even with the ambient light around the patio in the form of the outdoor string lights.  The only downside to this projector is that the built in speaker isn't great so my brother uses a separate speaker instead which worked perfectly.

As for the screen I had just assumed they would hang a white sheet up between the trees.  Little did I know that a sheet just won't work very well b/c the light goes right through it so they were going to need something a bit more heavy duty. They used this portable projector screen, added heavy duty grommets to the edges and built a frame out of pvc pipe that was easy to put up and break down as needed.

With the fire roaring and everyone kicking back in the adirondack chairs, it's a pretty amazing set up.

Airstream Envy

Sometimes it's a good thing I don't have a large backyard.  Otherwise I would be even more obsessed with scoring an airstream.  I have no interest in camping but using an airstream as an outdoor bar or patio anchor is pretty fabulous.

sources: byron bay / airstream classifieds / autocamp

I know, I know. I'm late to the party.  But you'll have to excuse this city girl who knows nothing of these metal boxes on wheels.  I didn't realize you could roll an entire extra room on your property! Granted, my backyard is too small to roll anything onto but I can dream right??

So without the ability to obsess about actually owning an airstream, I've added vacationing in one to my bucket list.  Notice I didn't say camping. Autocamp seems pretty amazing. As does this Airbnb.

Anyone have one?  Does it get musty/hot in there?

Update the decor of any room in 10 minutes!

There are lots of ways to update the decor of a room - fresh paint, new furniture, better lighting. But there are few better or faster ways to make a quick change in almost no time at all than to update the door hardware. It's a small and easy change but the impact is big.

If you know me, I'm a hardware junkie. I fell in love with the limestone partially because of the door hardware. Even though the rest of the house was a complete disaster, the hardware was the window into the past that lured me in and inspired me to take on the challenge. I love to visit architectural salvage shops and pour through their vintage hardware for great finds. There is something oddly sentimental about a good doorknob to me. I imagine all the hands it touched over the years - like a small bit of history saved. Even when used in less than traditional ways, I'm a sucker for a good doorknob.

schlage matte black doorknob

Practically speaking, the right door hardware has outsized visual impact. Think of a great doorknob as the great pair of earrings to pair with a classic dress. Small in size but can instantly update a space. Best of all? Replacing an old doorknob with a new one could not be easier! It requires no special tools or skills - simply unscrew the one you have, pop in the new one and screw together. Voila!

schlage matte black doorknobschlage matte black door knob

I had been wanting to change out the door hardware in our shore apartment for ages but it never made it high enough on the to-do list. A few years back we renovated the BATHROOM but left the door hardware for a future project. Then hurricane Sandy hit and we renovated the KITCHEN, but again, we never got around to tackling that door hardware. There has always been a mishmash of colors and styles that drove me a little crazy. It's a small thing but the wrong door hardware always screams "thrown together" to me in a way that is never a good thing.

So when Schlage contacted me to see if I was interested in partnering with them, I jumped at the chance. Having used Schlage locks for years already, I knew I was getting a quality product that would last and would feel sturdy to the touch.

schlage matte black doorknobs

Since I like to mix metals as my tastes change, I wanted the knobs to be versatile to work with any finish. I selected SCHLAGE'S BOWERY KNOB WITH GREYSON TRIM in matte black for the closet, bathroom and bedroom doors. Bravo to Schlage for making a great matte black finish that goes with just about any style. It works as well in a coastal style home like ours as it would in a modern or industrial space.

With so little time invested, I finally have matching hardware unifying the apartment and updating the style at the same time. What a difference an hour can make when you have the right materials. I could not be happier with the result!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Schlage but all opinions expressed are my own.

Office Makeover Color Dilemma

My office used to be one of my very favorite spaces.  Clean and serene and just for me.  But with the additional of 2 extra people, the places where I would store my supplies got taken over by clothes and diapers and toys.  So my little office has become a dumping ground and just not a fun place to be.

rug | shelving

Which gives me perfect license for a makeover. I want to use some of the art I have laying around unhung as well as create plenty of open storage for my other treasures that don't have a good home.  I also plan on using crates and boxes to hide some of the clutter as well.

This was the before we got there and here is what it looks like now.

I think i'll keep my current desk just b/c it does the job but mostly because I haven't found a replacement I really love yet.  When I do, I'll pounce.

My big dilemma is wall color. I've really enjoyed the bright color that has been in this space up until now but since I'm changing it up, I think a new color is in order.  A pale grey was my first instinct but it's a bit boring.  I love black rooms so I've considered that but I'm resisting for this room.  I get good enough light to do all white but again, I'm not loving it.  I'd love to do a greyed down green ala Laduree but I don' think it works with my furniture. Usually I have a color idea right away but this has been holding up the whole works.  Any suggestions?

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