Girl to Boy Nursery Makeover

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

With just 3 months to go til baby boy joins us, I think it's time I start prepping.  One thing I was really happy last time around was having the nursery ready to go before Aggie came home.  She didn't use it on day one but we used it heavily before we were fully out of that newborn stupor so having one less thing to do was a blessing.  With that in mind, I plan to have this boy's nursery done and dusted this time around too.  Lucky for me, I think I can do a totally different look without too much effort.

The look I'm going for is modern safari.  Just enough whimsy to make it sweet without the color overload.

sources: glider | animal heads | crib | curtains | mobile 

To refresh, here is what it looked like for Aggie  (the complete nursery)...
NurseryCompleteBrooklynLimestoneNurseryCompleteBrooklynLimestoneWATERMARKED (11 of 11)

So we'll be keeping the wall color, the crib, the book ledges, light fixture and rug.  Pretty sure the dresser will stay as well. I'm tempted to replace it with something a bit more masculine like this, I have a hard time parting with a perfectly fine functioning vintage piece of furniture.  I do plan on changing the curtains, the bedding, mobile and artwork. I'm happy to finally have a reason to hang some of the photos we took on African safari a few years back!  I'm so tempted to get a tiny leather club chair and cowhide rug i here but I think for practical reasons I'll stick with a glider and the bear plush (which much to my shock, is still white!).

Time to get cracking!

Country Cottage Patio In Progress

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

You know when a project seems pretty straight forward but then a few little hiccups set you back a ways and it ends up taking a lot longer than you expect?  Yea, that.   But the hard part is over now - the circle patio is done - now on to adding a firepit, lighting and a few other projects to spruce it up.
As we discovered a few years back on a country trip, firepits are awesome.  The higher the flame the better.  And there will be s'mores.  Oh yeah.

Modern Rustic Living Room Makeover

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

disclosure: World Market was kind enough to provide the items featured in this makeover post but all opinions expressed are my own. A huge thank you to them for their help in making this makeover complete!

So time for the big reveal of the country cottage living room makeover. I'm so pleased with how it turned out and excited to share it! This room started out with pretty meager beginnings but it's now transformed into something comfortable, inviting and personal.

 A little look back to the before and the during...

And now...

A little backstory: My brother and sister in law have been slaving away up here doing all the not so glamorous parts of renovating a fixer upper but they had very little budget for the fun stuff - furniture, decor, etc.  They were literally spending weekends sitting on the floor after all their hard work!  So I reached out to my friends at World Market and I was so overjoyed when they agreed to lend a helping hand. With their help, I was able to surprise my brother and sister in law with a great makeover. Their collections of updated and eclectic decor were perfect for this space!

Let's break it down.

As you can guess, the room needed a little prep work before the decor could get started.  After some electrical and sheetrock repairs, the floors were sanded and the whole room got a coat of soft white paint (Glidden's Marshmallow White in flat finish).

The room design started with a pair of Blue Velvet Kendall Sofas from World Market. I loved their slightly unexpected color without sacrificing a neutral palette.  And their low scale was perfect for this cozy room with low ceilings.  I paired those with the Aiden Coffee Table and Bar Cart.  The Blue and Gold Tufted Wool Rug pulled together the conversation area. Finally the Distressed Wood Harrow Dining Bench is used for another surface area as well as to better separate the living space.

A room can't live on furniture alone so we needed to add some personal touches.  First the oversized artwork as a whimsical nod to the hipster outdoorsy vibe their town projects.  We took wood planks and framed them out with 1x2 trim before staining and painting.

The bar cart got outfitted with some favorite libations as well as this wood framed chalkboard.  Today it reads: Conserve Water, Drink Champagne.  For a little accent lighting, a fun Edison Glass Cloche lamp fit perfectly.

The stair risers were painted an inky charcoal shade and then had a numbered treatment added on for visual interest.  I think this was the most controversial design element - I personally loved it and so did my sister in law.  My brother scratched his head at this one but did admit it looked cool after it was all done.

A wall of vintage handsaws (sourced on eBay) were hung gallery style as another rustic touch.

For even more personal touches, the vintage wooden crates tucked under the bench and the telescope were used at their wedding.  A succlent garden planted inside my sister in law's great grandmothers bundt pan made a great coffee table accent. To finish it off, a few lilac branches clipped right from their front yard graced this beautiful recycled glass vase.

What a joy to put together and my brother and his wife are excited to have a finished space to enjoy all their hard work!