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You know how everyone has their "things"?  Well one of my "things" is that I don't want Oscar to think he got the short end of the stick being a second child. ( Even though we all know that he is definitely getting a more tired and crazed mother than his older sister got!)  To that end, it was super important to me that I finish a real baby book for him.  I did one for Aggie and despite it taking FOREVER, I finally got it done for Oscar as well.

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I know it's a small thing but you have no idea how excited I was to cross this off the to-do list I've had all year long.  Granted, I'm way behind on my usual annual photo book (hello 2016, I'm coming for you just as soon as the holidays are over).  Here are some of the highlights...

Or if you really want to see the entire baby book, click here.

I realize he won't have any appreciation for this in the near future but one day when he is older he might know how much his mother was worried about him feeling second best.  That has to count for something right?

Ok moms of more than one.  Am I crazy?  Or do you do this stuff too?

Fun & Affordable Table Accents for your Thanksgiving Feast

I know, I know. You are expecting Christmas content right about now.  If you have been around for long you know I'm a bit of a naughty blogger.  I don't do holidays before I'm ready.  And while I'll have plenty of Christmas goodies when the time comes, I'm more in a Thanksgiving mood for now.

With that in mind, I thought I'd share some of my favorite table accents for your holiday feasts coming up.  These work well as hostess gifts too if you are lucky enough to have someone else doing the cooking.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

1. This would be great incorporated into a wreath or centerpiece or mantle.  I love the galvanized finish.  It would be even more fun if it had a hashtag in front of it but nothing is perfect :)
2. Aren't these paper placements darling?  They also have turkey ones but I'm loving the root vegetable variety.
3. I have this marble/wood cheeseboard in several sizes and use it ALL.THE.TIME.  Totally elevates even the cheapest costco cheese.
4. Copper flatware is just the perfect bling on an otherwise more rustic table without being too fancy.
5. These are actually dishtowels which i think work MUCH better than traditional napkins.  Buffalo check continues to be the hot holiday print and these are super affordable.
6. Ok, so you could DIY these little wood slice place card holders but for a little over a buck a piece, its hard to convince me to bring out the power tools.
7.  I have a similar set of candles and they are super versatile all year long.  The varied heights really make a statement and you can tuck just about anything green at the base it and looks well curated.

And if you want add something completely free, grab my free printable tags to use as placecards.

Hope that gets your creative fires going for Turkey Day.  What is your favorite piece to set the table with?

Simple Ways to Refresh Your Decor for Fall + $500 Giveaway (sponsored)

With temperatures finally dropping, it's time to make a few updates in the house for the change of seasons. Instead of “decorating” for autumn, I'm making a few small changes so the living room feels more cozy in a way that is perfect for fall but would last all the way through winter without batting an eyelash.

Thanks to my friends at Arhaus, I got a few great new pieces to refresh for the change of season. I followed 3 simple rules to give this space an updated look.

Brass Mirror | Welly Vase | Silk Pillow

Texture texture texture  That’s the name of the game when it comes to making a living space feel cozy.  Since my living room is a mix of warm and cool neutrals, it’s easy to layer in pillows from multiple collections to mix and match.  I love how their pillows are oversized making just a few go a long way in adding visual impact. They have such great raised texture and pattern but are subtle in their color scheme. Continuing on with the texture theme, I added a faux fur throw blanket that is so soft and fun to snuggle under.  I enjoy watching my trashy tv under it as much as my daughter loves to make a furry blanket fort with it.
Brassy Bling I fell in love with the this brass framed mirror the minute I spotted it.  It looks just like the ones I’ve admired at architectural salvage and antique markets for years.  This one is brand new but no one is the wiser.  It pulls in the brass accents I already have beautifully.  I paired it with my favorite painting for fall - a spooky oil portrait that I like to call the house grandma (but I got her on eBay).  This brass tray makes anything look fancy - from a simple cup of coffee, to a pile of mismatched remotes.  Finally a few mini pumpkins tucked into this tiny brass vase is the perfect little accent.

Bud vase | Driftwood Vases | Brass Tray 

Bringing the Outdoors In  Autumn marks a time when many of us will be spending more time indoors but bringing in just a little bit of the outdoors in set the mood for the season.  Starting with this pair of planters that mimic the texture of an rough tree trunk (but are beautifully sealed inside so no leaks!) were the perfect spot for a few of the succulents that have been growing on my deck all summer.  The patina’d texture of this high boot vase is another nod to great outdoors.  Finally a few well placed mini boo pumpkins complete the fall scene and will look perfectly in place until Halloween

Arhaus has so many fabulous pieces, it's hard to choose just a few favorites but here are some other great selections. Check out my pinterest board for Arhaus fall favorites for more.

Leyland Chandelier | Feather Triptych | Driftwood Log | Pasca Bowl | Lotus Platter | Wire Basket | Bottle Rack | Root Table | Colton Library

Would you like to find your own favorite pieces from Arhaus?  Enter to win a $500 gift by visiting Arhaus and leaving a comment below with your favorite pieces.  Don't forget to leave some way for me to reach you if you are the winner.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Arhaus but all opinions expressed are my own.

Eternal Rest Hotel Key Fobs | Halloween Invitations

With Halloween on a Tuesday (boo!) and all of us having school/work the following day, we are toning down this year's party quite a bit. Think candy crazed kids running around my living room and you'll have a good idea. But I couldn't resist sending a proper invitation just the same.

Since this year's theme was a haunted hotel, we sent out skeleton keys with a custom hotel style key fob and key folio. Party details are printed on the reverse side.

I had the key fobs printed online using my design and I made the folios on my home printer and stuffed the whole thing into a kraft paper button & string envelope with a little Spanish moss for effect. 

I'm not sure quite sure how it measures up to prior years but I'm happy they are in the mail.  Which ones were your favorites?

ICYMI check out prior year's Halloween invites: Poison Apple Slices | Butcher Aprons | Ghostbuster Patches | Sharknado Warning | Ruby Slipper | Medicated | Freakshow | Creature Survival Kit

Hola Havana!

Taking a brief respite from celebrating all things autumn to share a few snapshots of my brief visit to Havana, Cuba last week.

Visiting is a bit like taking a trip in time - no ATMs, no cell service, no Starbucks - but a city with a rich history and warm, welcoming people.  I'm so lucky (kudos to the mr. for sending me on such a memorable trip to celebrate the end of my 30s) that I got to see it now before it changes.  I absolutely plan on returning to see more but I suspect it will not be the same when I do.

Despite the lack of amenities we are used to, Havana was such a tourist friendly city.  We took a private tour in an old car (highly recommend Old Car Tours) which was a highlight - as much for the chance to speak at length with locals as the pleasure of driving around in style. Naturally we sampled the mojitos (the best at Hotel Los Frailes), Cuban food (a yummy dinner at Dona Eutimia) and coffee (Cafe La Luz) with great delight. We were even blessed with the weather - mostly dry days despite the threat of Hurricane Nate passing by.

All in all, a great time and I can't wait to return.

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