Country Cottage DIY Circular Firepit Patio

Woo-hoo!  The country cottage's circular fire pit patio is finally complete!  It was a bit of a battle as we had some obstacles in the form of bedrock at the patio site and an extra cold spring and rainy weekends but it got completed in July and I'm so happy to share it.

Circular DIY Brick Patio

Let's start at the beginning.  This is the before:

Circular DIY Brick Patio

After the spot was excavated, there was a fair bit of jackhammering and rock moving required to get that round hole dug deep enough to start laying the base. Once the prep was done, the rest went a bit easier and you could really see the outdoor area take shape. (I can take no credit for any of that backbreaking work as I was very much pregnant and fully okay with using that an excuse to just shout design suggestions from the sidelines.)  We used a layer of landscaping fabric to prevent weeds followed by pea gravel, sand, the stones and then polymetric jointing sand to hold the whole thing together.

Circular DIY Brick Patio www.brooklynlimestone.comPhoto Apr 29
Circular DIY Brick Patio

Thanks to some super wet weather, we had to let that dry for several days before it felt stable enough to proceed but it did harden eventually.  Finally it was time for the firepit - the center of the action at any outdoor gathering with us!  My brother and sister in law smartly used some of the rock broken up from the excavation to lay a windy stone path from the house to the patio. Waste not, want not!

Circular DIY Brick Patio www.brooklynlimestone.comPhoto May 30

Once the hard work was behind us, the fun part of outfitting the patio with just the right pieces to make the most of this backyard space was ready to start.   In went Adirondack chairs - painted black to give it a more updated look.
Backyard_BrooklynLimestone (5 of 27)160723

After deciding we wanted to be able to move the lighting for different types of events, these allen + roth string lights were strung from cedar poles anchored into cement bases.

Circular DIY Brick Patio

Lumber and pipes were used to make this s'mores fixings cart which I'm kind of obsessed with.  Once again, on wheels to make the most of it's function as BBQ cart, firewood caddy or outdoor bar cart as needed.

Circular DIY Brick Patio www.brooklynlimestone.comBackyard_BrooklynLimestone (11 of 27)160723

Finally off to the side we created another zone with a picnic table and a hammock for extra mingling and relaxing spots.
Circular DIY Brick Patio
Circular DIY Brick Patio www.brooklynlimestone.comBackyard_BrooklynLimestone (7 of 27)160723

I just love this space so much! Maybe it's city life but the raging fire is the ultimate entertainment for all ages. I wish it were in my own backyard but I'll just have to plan to stop over a little more often.

Disclosure: This project was done in partnership with Lowes but all opinions expressed are my own. 

List of materials used for this project:
Red Charcoal Holland Concrete Patio Stone
Paver Base
Polymeric Jointing Sand
Landscape Fabric 
Flagstone Firepit Project Kit
Adirondack Chairs
Picnic Table
Striped Pillows
5 gallon buckets
Bulb String Lights

Hello Edinburgh! [Edinburgh with a Toddler]

Last month we took our last big trip before baby Oscar's grand arrival.  Our first and targeted stop was Copenhagen but we had a few extra days in the trip to burn so we figured we could stop off at another city on the way home.  Edinburgh, Scotland turned out to be the most convenient with flight availability so off we went without much expectation or planning.


Edinburgh turned out to be a wonderful surprise. A small city packed with interesting sites as well as great transportation and yummy food.  What else could I ask for?

The one downside is that Edinburgh is made of fairly steep hills so climbing staircases and walking incline is mandatory.  Not usually a problem but while 8 months pregnant, it was a bit of a challenge but so worth it.

Edinburgh with a toddler  www.brooklynlimestone.comEdinburgh with a toddler
EdinburghJuly2016 (15 of 34)160709

We spent a little time almost everyday in the Princes Street Garden park - specifically the adorable castle themed playground that sits in the shadow of the real Edinburgh castle.

In terms of sightseeing we stopped at Edinburgh Castle, the Georgian House and the Hop On/Hop Off Tour as well as make a stop at Stockbridge, Edinburgh's Sunday food market and Greyfriars Cemetery.

Edinburgh with a toddler www.brooklynlimestone.comEdinburgh with a toddler

We stayed in a great apartment hotel called Old Town Chambers which is located in the heart of the old city and had a kitchen and separate bedroom which made for a much more enjoyable few days (I just love going to the supermarket everywhere I go so having a kitchen makes shopping a lot more fun!)

Edinburgh with a toddler www.brooklynlimestone.comEdinburgh with a toddler

But mostly we wandered around admiring the beautiful architecture, browsing the shops and noshing on whatever we came across.  The weather threatened rain the entire time but we barely felt a drop come down so we got very lucky (or maybe that is just the way it always is there?).

Edinburgh with a toddler www.brooklynlimestone.comEdinburgh with a toddler
Edinburgh with a toddler www.brooklynlimestone.comEdinburgh with a toddler

In short we really enjoyed this city and hope to make it back soon.  In terms of child friendliness, we felt very at ease with a 3 year old and a lightweight stroller.  We didn't get a chance to take a tour of the countryside which I would have absolutely loved to do but now we have a great reason to return.

Welcome to the World!

Surprise! We welcomed baby Oscar last Saturday night and have been in the loving stupor that comes with a newborn ever since. So far, this little guy has been sweet and easy, making the adjustment as smooth as I could have ever hoped.

For anyone paying attention you might have noticed he arrived a little earlier than planned. Due to a a medical scare, he got his eviction notice at 37 weeks.  Despite this pregnancy being much more difficult than the one I had with Aggie, I was so not ready when my doctors broke the news to me that it was time!  Ok, break the news is probably the wrong term - it was more like drag me to the hospital kicking and screaming.  I really wanted those last 3 weeks to finish my to do list and mentally prepare for labor and recovery and having a baby in the house again - but you know what they say about god laughing at a plan?  Well yea, that. Thankfully, it all worked out okay (my to-do list not withstanding) and we are feeling very lucky to a healthy, baby boy to complete our little family.

While I plan to take it easy for a bit as I focus on the littles, I have some great projects to share over the next few weeks including the nursery reveal (see the design plan here), the country cottage patio (check out the living room and dining room)  and a friend's beautiful gut renovation before and afters. And of course Halloween is coming (check out prior year's spooky celebrations) so I'll be putting my nose to the grindstone on those projects soon.

As usual, I'll be sharing the occasional baby post here but if you want more frequent updates, follow me on Instagram for more of a real time look at what happens around here.

Take It Outside with Linda Facci | Beautiful Blogger Backyard Series

Have you been inspired by all the outdoor goodness in beautiful backyard series?  I hope so!  I thought it would be perfect to wrap up with a space that just calls for the weekend!  This stone cottage from Facci Designs makes me want to drive up to the Catskills and take a long weekend right here.

Aside from that adorable stone path and water feature you can see in this photo, her backyard features a gazebo and a hammock.  This is summer!  Hop over to Facci Designs to see the full before and after.

Phew!  That's the lot of them.  I hope you've loved the series.  Thank you so much to everyone who shared their outdoor spaces.  In case you missed any, click over for a peek.

Eclectically Vintage crushed it with great upcycled projects to decorate
DIY Playbook knocked not one but two patios out of the park with style
That’s My Letter takes DIY to a whole new level in her gorgeous home
Life on Virginia Street has built a resort like backyard that demands a staycation
I shared my own backyard which is very much a work in progress

Primitive + Proper has a chicken coop. Need I say more?
Migonis Home brings simple classic style back in her inviting seating areas
House 214 Design has a green thumb to spare with her lush patio
Rambling Renovators relaxes on her stylish porch 

Take it Outside with Rambling Renovators | Beautiful Blogger Backyard Series

With just 2 more days to go in the #beautifulbloggerbackyard series, we are switching it up and moving to the front of the house with Rambling Renovators.  She is sharing 2 beautiful porches to inspire a little love for the front of our houses as well.  (Insert my porch envy here!)

Just look at this sneak peek - cane back chairs and a buffalo plaid rug?  This would be beautiful indoors or out.  Hop over to Rambling Renovators to see much more.

See you back tomorrow for the final post in this series!

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