Real Life in the Living Room

Monday, March 30, 2015

We truly live in our living room.  This is where we hang, where we entertain, where we play.  So the challenge of incorporating the things that come with having a baby and now toddler into this space was a bit of a challenge.  Before I had her, I did not realize that toys were more for the parents than the child. I suppose that is an obvious point but it had just never occurred to me.

for the renovation obsessed, here is the scary before

After a bit of struggle, I think I've finally struck a good balance between function and form.  While it's not magazine perfect by any means, it still feels open and organized while having lots of entertaining options to keep Aggie busy. Sure it feels like a Toys R Us threw up in here sometimes but at least it only takes a few moments to put things away.

The sideboard behind the couch is stuffed with baby accessories and pajamas since dragging her up and down the stairs to change is less than ideal.  Maybe this will change as she gets older and can dress herself but for now it works for us and no one is the wiser.

Repurposed Play Table | www.brooklynlimestone.comPlay Kitchen Renovation |

You already know about the play table and play kitchen.  She uses that every single day so having it where she can get the most use of it just makes sense.

Finally the toy chest - the biggest concession by far - was definitely a good decision that took me far too long to make.  This book and toy storage piece holds so much stuff, is the perfect height for "self serve" and clean up, is not terrible on the eyes and is a steal at less than $100.  Before I broke down and got this piece we were using these 3 Sprouts storage bins which are also great for just toys but I wanted her to be able to grab books as well.

What do you think?  For those of you with one living space and kids, what are your solutions for a happier life?

This week in microfashion...

Friday, March 27, 2015

Alternate title: A queen and her cat.


Oh, the princess stuff. I try to walk a fine line but I have my own internal struggle on the issue. I'm oddly both delighted and repulsed.  I want her to enjoy being a girl without being defined by it.  Part of me thinks this is what 2 years old like, it's not going to have a lasting impact on her internal motivation and self image. The other part of me watches Cinderella and wonders why couldn't have she just walked out and saved herself - and why am I showing this to my impressionable child?

Clearly this is my problem, not hers. I think Cinderella Ate My Daughter will be my next read.

Moms of girls - what do you think?

A moment of zen...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pretty much every morning, I sit at this table to drink my wake up coffee in the early morning peace. This little dining room table garden is my view.  It's really no substitute for spring but I'm not complaining.

And yes, I have managed to keep these orchids alive by doing almost nothing to them for weeks.  How can I not love that?