Slumber Birthday Party

Completely without my permission, Agatha turned five last month.  I wasn't really in the mood to do a giant party like we had for some of her other birthdays so I decided to do a small slumber party instead.  (Cue Stefan saying 'New York's hottest club is Slumber. It's got everything - tents, cake and twinkle lights')

Fabulous cake by Nikki Berry

Of course I wanted to make it extra special so I did add a few touches to warrant the occasion.  Furry sleeping mask invites, DIY lip balm making, a killer cake and tents with twinkle lights.

We set up four sleeping tents inside the house so the girls would get to all sleep together but have their own space.

The DIY lip balm kits were a big hit with the kids carefully selecting their scents and patiently waiting for it to harden.  Another huge hit was an Instax camera (kind of like an old Polaroid)  one of the girls gave Aggie as a gift - they all loved taking turns and photographing each other (and me, and the faucet and the chair, etc) After pizza and cake and lots of running around it was time to settle in for a movie before bedtime.

Much to my shock, they all hit the hay and actually slept like logs until the next morning. The kids had a blast and it was relatively easy to put together so a win on both counts.  I'll definitely be doing this again if she lets me.

Instax Camera
Mermaid Pillows
DIY Lip Balm Kits
Beanie Boo Slippers
Battery String Lights
Kid's Inflatable Mattress
Foldable Play Tent
Furry Sleep Masks

2017 in Review

I know everyone is ready to leave 2017 in the dusty rear view mirror but I'm a sucker for year in reviews so I have to do one.  2017 has been a bit of a exhausting year in a way that isn't as satisfying as the exhaustion of renovating or room makeovers.  I'm looking forward to a more energized 2018 but it's worth a look back.  Here are the highlights of 2017.

In January we celebrated Agatha turning 4 with an epic Beauty and the Beast Birthday party complete with extremely popular mimosa bar for the moms and dads. I will definitely be doing another one of those for a future party.

In February I got out the power tool and made this fun little diy bath caddy for all of us binge watchers.

I also had the opportunity to create this super girly mom nook for my bestie.

February also held the very new experience of having our house used tv production set .  Shortly thereafter I made my required blogger pilgrimage to Magnolia.

In April we took our first international family of 4 trip overseas to France hitting Euro Disney in the process.

In May I gave my dining room a refresh.

In June we did a major master bedroom makeover at our beach place. I love sleeping in here.

In July, we made a Gilligan Island style DIY Tiki Bar

I also shared this amazing hallway makeover complete with hand painted floor.

In August we celebrated Oscar's first birthday with an at home luau

This black and white bathroom I helped design was a fun one.

In September I shared this family room makeover I designed for a friend.

October was crazy busy. I gave my living room a refresh, I went to Cuba and of course I decorated for Halloween.

In November I started slow Christmas decorating and finished Oscar's baby book.

And December we had all kinds of holiday fun.

It was a very full year around here! Happy New Year!

Christmas Mail 2017

I'm happy to report that my Christmas cards all arrived before Christmas - that has to be at least 100 elf points right?   This year we went with something to help keep our friends and family a little warmer this winter season.  Hold your mouse over the image to see what little surprise was tucked inside the card.

The text reads:
To our family and friends, new and old
warm wishes from us, to have and to hold
This little gift will help you keep warm
Through bluster, snow dusters and winter storms.
Inside were a set of hot hands warmers!

Happy Holidays to everyone reading.  Thank you for always being so supportive and encouraging.  I really appreciate all your time, attention and kindness this year and always.  Wishing all your holiday dreams come true!

Christmas Stoop

Christmas is just one week away so without further ado, it's time to get decorating. This year's front door decor is done.

We went a little bit more wintery vs. Christmas this year. I painted the ski lift sign using an extra board I had. The arrow was from last year's wreaths. The vintage sled made its appearance again this year along with some cedar wrapped aspen logs. In place of traditional wreathes, I put up lighted mini ski arrangements on the door. There are actually a couple of other elements I wanted to add that didn't make it in time for these photos. Maybe I'll put them up before Christmas or maybe I'll save them for next year. I'm really taking this whole slow decorating thing to heart.

The day after we finished, the most perfect snowfall covered New York City. I can't express how much I love to coming home to a house with lights glowing on it.

Source List
Garlands + Wreath | Green Valley Christmas Tree
Ski Wreaths | Kirlands
Santa | Lowes

Steal this Idea: Under the Bed Wrapping Station

Last night I got to attend a Martha Stewart event (check out my instastories for the scoop!) which led me scouring Martha's website for the recipe for the amazing caramel corn she made for us. And then I was down the rabbit hole looking at all sorts of things but stopped dead at this. Why didn't I think of this?

Under the Bed Gift Wrap Station

If you recall I made my a gift wrap organizing storage station a while ago but sadly I had to get rid of that when this closet was turned over to Agatha's wardrobe. Oh the things we do for our kids.

But Martha's version is even better b/c you can actually wrap ON the thing. And the tap and scissors are right there! NO more searching the depths of the junk drawer. I love it and I want one. Hey Santa - put this under my tree please!

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