Something Wicked This Way the Dining Room

With Halloween less than a week away, I'm busy getting ready for our little shindig.  Doing my best to stay on theme with our Witch Supply Co. (exterior decor and invitations ICYMI) concept, here are a few vignettes that will greet our guests.

sources: pose n stay skeleton | gulp mug | skeleton mice | witch's hat | gray's anatomy

sources: crow skeleton | pipe cleaners |  spanish moss | eyeball orbs

sources: blood stain removal sign | eyeball orbs

sources: black craft pumpkins | felt letter board | skeleton vulture

A few more haunting touches (and a lot more food and drink) and we'll be ready to party!

For lots more inspiration, check out the amazing pop up display Grandin Road put up in Macy's this year.  For those of you who can't make it in person, they even put up a virtual tour!

Halloween Invitations | Poison Apple Slices

Since we were doing a Witch Supply Co. theme for Halloween, we needed an invite for our small trick or treating party.  What better way to give guests a taste for Halloween then with a little candy? This year's invitations were "poison" candy apple slices presented in glassine bags.

Unlike my prior invitations that have been ahem, a little more macabre, I'm leaning toward the more family friendly. Not to mention easier (and tastier) to assemble!

Materials used: Glassine Bags | Green Apple Jelly Slices | Glitter Washi Tape | Label Paper

Halloween 2016 | Brooklyn Witch Supply Co.

It's that time again!  Halloween is just a few weeks away and the decorations are up.  This year we went witch crazy with a Witch Supply Co. concept.

Witch Halloween Decor

Why witches?  Well I owe it all to Ms. Agatha herself who is a little obsessed with flying and witches these days so it seemed like a perfect not to scary theme to use this year.

As you can see, we did a mix of both homemade and store bought decorations.  Some of my favorite elements started with pieces I picked up from the trash like one piece of a bi-fold door used to make this tall tall as well as the mirror and the trunk.

Another favorite element was this directional sign.  I had plan to have to cut the arrows out of wood myself until I spotted these wooden arrows at Michaels and my heart skipped a beat.  So easy and so impactful.  (Don't forget this value bag of spanish moss which pretty much spookifies everything in an instant!)

Does this broom display look a little familiar?  Thats because Inspired by Charm created this broom supply chalkboard years ago and it had always stuck in my mind.  I created a 3D version for this theme but I still think his version takes the cake!

I'm my own worst critic and I tend to just see the flaws but seeing Agatha's face light up when she saw the finished product made me so happy.  This is the first year she totally gets the concept of decorating and she is super proud of her house!  I'll call that a win.

Less than 2 weeks left to creep up the interior and get our costumes ready!  Who is ready for Halloween?

[If you are new around here or just wanted to get some more Halloween inspiration - check out all of past Halloween themes and projects.]

Halloween History | Spider Infestation

While I know some of you have already seen my Halloween decor in years past, I know there are some that may not have been around way back when it all started.  So I figured it was a good a time as any to do a recap while I work on this year's decor.

Spider Infestation Halloween

This was the year that started it all.  We saw this huge spider prop at Costco and purchased it on a whim.  We added loads of webbing and I made a few infestation themed signs to go with it. It was probably the easiest decor set up we've done and yet it might be the most popular.

Spider Infestation Halloween
Spider Infestation Halloween
Spider Infestation Halloween www.brooklynlimestone.comSpider Infestation Halloween

Every year I'm tempted to bring this theme back just because its so easy to do and a bit hit.  But then another idea strikes.  If I do do it again, I'll be taking it up a notch or two.

Instant Indoor Hanging Garden Hack

I'm all for an elaborate DIY that takes all  day but sometimes you just want the easy way out. Well here it is people.  An indoor garden that does the trick and can easily be completed in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.  For real!

My supermarket had these little herb plants on sale for $2 each and I happened to have both the pots and the tension rod hanging around so I put this up and I was done.  (If you want to make your own version, you will need a tension rod and these Ikea utensil holders.)  I just need to pick up one more pot to hang my rosemary and I'll feel like Ina Garten!

When these herbs die (which they surely will as I kill most plants), I'll head out to my slightly more elaborate DIY outdoor hanging planter  and bring in a few succulents.  For Christmas I might replace them with those tiny little evergreens that look adorable with tiny lights.  The options are endless!

Should you be in the mood for something more elaborate, I DIY'd this gift wrap organizer with lots of Ikea doodads a while back.

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