10 Easy DIY Spring Wreaths to Suit Your Decor Style

I generally don't decorate for seasons.  Not because I don't appreciate seasonal decor but I tend to put all my energies into Halloween and Christmas and I'm just all decorated out after that.  But I've seen some great spring wreath projects lately that I wanted to share.  I pinned this giant hoop wreath ages ago and it's been lingering the back of my mind every since.  It got me to thinking that the wreath on a homeowner's front door can say a lot about who lives inside.  Am I right?   So with that in mind, here are a few inspired ideas that might suit your personal style (and won't take more than a lazy spring afternoon to make!).

Clean lines? Mid century?  Try a naked wreath.
artzy creations | made from scratch | gardenaholic 

The whole "naked" wreath trend is amazing.  All of the graphic punch with 1/10 of the work!  Glue pretty much anything pretty to a metal craft ring or embroidery hoop and you have an easy modern focal point for your door.

Farmhouse vintage more your style?  Go with old charm.

create craft love | random thoughts | create craft love |  midwest living

Ditch the wreath altogether and drag something with a bit of rusty charm out of your garage and fill with flowers or greenery.  Voila!  Instant classics.

Traditional with style?  Go for a updated classics.

sugar and cloth | your cozy home | alison michel

Just a slight twist on your standard wreath but something a little different than the everyday.

Now to only pick one style and actually make one. Or in my case 2 since I have double doors.  Anyone else getting a hankering to add a little spring decor to your house?

A modern surprise in old Brooklyn

Ever walk past a home and be totally stopped dead in  your tracks?  That's what happened just a few blocks away when I saw the result of this renovation.  It was obviously a renovation because the style of the home is so outside what you normally see (as you can tell from the surrounding homes).  A little google search revealed the gorgeous interiors as well. 

via Barker Freedman Design

Despite being a hard and fast old home lover, I adore what they did here. I wonder how the neighbors feel about it being out of context though. 

Perhaps because I live in an old home, some part of me is drawn to clean modern spaces.  Lots of white and light without all the fuss.

What do you think?  Are you a slave to sameness or do you appreciate the stark difference in style? Do you crave a different style than you are generally drawn to?

Spring, can you hear me?

The weather has been nuts here but I'm over winter and ready to go outside.  Last year I got all the major furniture pieces all ready to go just in time to be forced back indoors by the Zika threat (since I was very pregnant at the time).  This year I'll just need to do some sprucing and planting and it will be spring ready.  Now if only the weather would cooperate!

I always struggle with accessories - I don't like a lot of clutter but I also want it to look finished. Anyone have some outdoor accessories they just love to share?

Our biggest problem back here is mosquitos.  You would think living in a big city would mitigate that but for reasons I don't quite understand, its mossy city back here.  I've tried all kinds of things but few things work for long.  What does everyone else use for bug control?  I'd rather not have to douse ourselves in bug spray every time we step outside.

Magnolia Market Madness!

Earlier this month I made my visit, er blogger pilgramage, to the Fixer Upper mothership in Waco, Texas: Magnolia Market

Not exactly the most convenient shopping trip from Brooklyn but I was in Austin, Texas for a girl's weekend so I knew I had to go. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but it turned out to be a lovely way to spend a few hours.

Let's get the not so great bits out of the way. First, the place is mobbed. This is coming from someone who is used to be crushed with people on the subway everyday so it really is crowded. I didn't find browsing in the shop to be so relaxing b/c I was getting pushed this way and that.

Second negative is that we visited on a day it had rained the night before and the outdoor area was a muddy mess. Not a big deal but should you go on a wet day, bring your wellies.

On to the positive elements. The displays are beautifully done and quite inspiring. The style that made the whole country fall in love with Chip + Jo is very much present in everything. The staff are super sweet and helpful. Maybe everyone in Texas is as nice but coming from NYC, its a lovely treat. The prices are not crazy. You won't find any super deals either but considering the crowds, they could probably charge twice as much and still be packed. The bakery serves up really yummy cupcakes and cookies - the line is long but it moves relatively quickly. The outdoor area is fabulous - even in the mud I was impressed - a great large area for playing, swings, gardens, etc. You can tell this place was made with family in mind which is pretty amazing. The whole complex is a little slice of fun for anyone decor obsessed.

So all in all, a great day out and worth a stop if you are in the area.

Shore Bedroom Makeover

It's almost spring which means I'm dreaming of long weekends and lazy days at the beach this summer.  We've had this place for 11 years now and we've been updating it slowly - we started with a bathroom, then the kitchen reno, and last year we carved out a kid's bunk room from the living room. It's time to reclaim the master bedroom as a grown up hideaway.  For the past 5 years, this room has been a mishmash of old Ikea furniture, playpens and diaper piles but no longer!

The bedroom is getting a total makeover starting with new paint and some new furniture pieces.  I can't wait to get started!
Upholstered Headboard
Wingback Chair

I'm still on the lookout for the right drapes - white blackout drapes that don't look cheap but aren't insanely expensive seem to be eluding me. I could use some lighting as well.  And finally bedding - the never ending quest for the perfect comforter.  (No, still haven't found the unicorn yet).  I'd love to hear some suggestions.

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