Glidden Event: Wow vs. Whoa

Friday, May 22, 2015

I've had the pleasure of working with Glidden for a few years now as one of their My Colortopia bloggers.  So I was excited to attend their new campaign launch in NY a few weeks ago. It was all about "wow vs. whoa". In other words, how you can get a high end look for an affordable price without sacrificing quality.  We all know the old adage about paint being the cheapest way to transform a home but who wouldn't want to save a little (or in some cases a lot!) money in the process?

An eclectic mock living room, styled by PS I Made This, was filled with pieces that were both affordable (wow) and expensive (whoa!) to illustrate the point. We all ooh'd and ahhh'd as we guessed which was high and low.  Perfectly adorable blue drinks in ball glasses were consumed.  We talked about overhearing couples fight at the paint counter (Wouldn't a home improvement store make a great setting for a reality show?  I'm waiting for my call, Mark Burnett!). I learned the meaning of "on fleek" from someone cooler than me. A good time was had by all and then the new campaign was revealed...

Turns out that in a series of third party tests, Glidden paint scored as well or better than other brands that cost twice as much!  Having used Glidden for many years now, I knew it was a quality product but half the price?  Now that was the true "wow" moment for me.

disclosure: This post was sponsored by Glidden but all opinions expressed are my own.

Trends to Defend: Stars

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Everywhere I go I'm seeing stars - in lighting, decor, wallpaper, textiles.  I happen to love the bold, graphic nature of a star print along with their ultimate versatility. You can find beautiful stars anywhere from the side of a rusty barn to modern wall paper, kids textiles or antique art. Hard to find fault with something so practical.

just 4 great examples from that's my letterhome adore | 10 rooms | deco peques

What do you think?  Sick of stars or starry eyed?  Any other trends we should examine?

Outdoor Magnetic Chalkboard DIY

Monday, May 18, 2015

If there was one toy that I never seemed to get enough of as a child (actually I still can't get enough of them!) it was a chalkboard but they can get a bit messy indoors. So I decided Aggie just needed to have an exterior chalkboard this year.  And since she loves playing with these magnetic letters, I knew it had to be magnetic as well.  This way she can make as much mess with chalk as she wants and misspell to her hearts delight without worry.

We hung it this weekend and it's already a hit.
Outdoor Magnetic Chalkboard | Brooklyn Limestone
Outdoor Magnetic Chalkboard | Brooklyn LimestoneOutdoor Magnetic Chalkboard | Brooklyn Limestone
Outdoor Magnetic Chalkboard | Brooklyn Limestone

To build it I used a 3 foot by 5 foot piece of galvanized steel, exterior flat paint, unsanded grout, 3 lengths of 2x1 wood boards, metal screws, 2 rope hooks (you can skip these if you aren't hanging on a chain link fence) and chalk.

Outdoor Magnetic Chalkboard | Brooklyn Limestone

Readymade chalkboard paint is not recommended for exterior use so I had to make my own.  The recipe calls for 2 tbsps of unsanded grout for every 1 cup of paint. I mixed til my arm was sore but I was never able to get all the lumps out. It worked well enough even with a few small clumps in there but if I were to do this project again, I'd ask the paint desk to mix up the grout with the paint in the shaking machine.  I gave the metal 3 solid coats and let dry completely for several days.

Outdoor Magnetic Chalkboard | Brooklyn LimestoneOutdoor Magnetic Chalkboard | Brooklyn Limestone

Finally I measured and cut the boards to serve as a decorative frame.  The boards were attached with a few metal screws from the back on each edge.  Finally the rope cleats were added through the metal and the wood for easy hanging on the chain link fence.

Not only will this be a fun play spot for my daughter but I think it will work well for grown up uses as well like a barbecue menu or a photo backdrop.

DIY Outdoor Magnetic Chalkboard | Brooklyn Limestone

By no means perfect but I'm looking forward to enjoying it with Aggie all summer. I'm not sure how long this will last in the harsh outdoor elements but I'll keep you posted.