Thursday, September 18, 2014

Halloween Love: Red Eyed Rabbit

As part of my never ending love for all things creepy, I'm continuing the Halloween love shout outs to those that share in the spooky spirit!

Starting off with this genius idea, transforming trash into terrifying treasure.  The trick is simple - after painting an animal statuette white, paint the eyes red for instant sinister effect.  Check out Northstory for the inspiring before and after.  Anyone have a collection of animal statues they want to part with?

Want more Halloween inspiration?  Check out some of my favorite Halloween Love features from years past or browse my own Halloween parties in the entertaining gallery.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Real Rooms: V & Chris' Gorgeous Lake House Kitchen

Have you ever known a couple who seem to have it all figured out?  Smart, funny, successful, gorgeous with and 3 equally gorgeous children.   That just about describes my my friends V & Chris. If they weren't so amazing, I would hate them!  These two are fellow Brooklynites who have a vacation home in the Adirondack mountains. When V told me she had a mountain house, I pictured a rustic old log cabin complete with musty spell and spiderwebs. So you can imagine how I fell over when she showed me her gorgeous home and amazing renovation.  Naturally I begged her to let me share her before and afters!


Is this not the most amazing lake house kitchen?  Its beautiful in both form and function.  I just love what they did to it - especially those little unexpected features like the antler chandelier and the rough edge countertop.  Bravo V & Chris - thanks for sharing!

Kitchen Designer: Mary Johnston Design 
Contractor: Teakwood Builders
Appliance Pulls: Belwith Hickory Hardware 
Backsplash: “Palace Crema/Marfil” honed brick mosaic
Sink Faucet, Pantry Sink Faucet and Pot Filler: Hansgrohe Axor Montreaux Chrome 
Sink: Kohler Dickenson Farmhouse Sink
Island pendants by Rejuvenation Rose City in Coffee Stripe
Antler Chandelier: Superordinate by Jason Miller Studios
Stove and Oven: Wolf
Fridge: Subzero
Window and Doors: Loewen
Double Drawer Dish Washer: Fisher and Paykel
Countertops: Imperial Danby Marble with honed eased edge via Best Tile
Barn door: Plank Barn Door, Light Cream Wash with Aero track kit
Wood Flooring: Reclaimed oak via LV Wood
Live-edge sage cabinet: Berkshire Products
Kitchen Desk/Shelves stop designed by Chris Lamica of Teakwood Builders.
Kitchen cabinets by Mary Johnston Design

Have you got a real room makeover or renovation you'd like to show off?  I'd love to feature it. Drop me a line.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Oh Baby: 20 months


Our girl is right around the corner from her second birthday and is quickly casting off her baby shackles as she breaks free into kidness. Of course she will always be my baby but she is getting better at doing things herself everyday. I never thought I'd be the kind of person to feel sentimental about having a more independent child but I can't help but miss those squishy baby days.

Not that I mean that this stage isn't a ton of fun. She loves to run and play and is just generally a blast to be around. She seems to say or do something new every time I turn around. She is also growing at a faster pace than I can keep up with - she is taller than almost every other kid her age.

I am unreasonably excited about the holidays this year. She is still too little to really understand it all but I'm sure she'll get a kick out of quite a lot of it. Plus I'm sure I'll enjoy it enough for the both of us :)
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