If I were a hoarder...

I would be all over this 'butlers console' found craiglist. Id paint the base a rocking shade and use it for all the odds and ends that seem to pile up on the dining room table. (The price seems a bit high to me but maybe the seller is willing to negotiate?)

Unfortunately , Im not a hoarder (ha! don't think i've uttered that thought before) and I already have something very much like this already so I don't need another.

Check out my DIY mail center to read all about it.

On a completely unrelated note Im quite impressed with this sellers bold choice in wall color. Too bad my eyes are bleeding from the carpet!

Have you restrained yourself from scooping up some craigslist or flea market find? How do you stay disciplined?


  1. laura @ the shorehousechic10:54 AM

    I have no restraint. Ergo, I'm having a yard sale in May. :-)

  2. Laura@Happyroost12:38 PM

    I have no restraint either. Especially if it's cheap and has what I consider "potential" - which is just about anything! haha


  3. OMGosh...now that we have a barn, when in doubt I bring it home. It's piling up in there and I must admit, I will need to open a store soon if I don't slow down! That is a great looking piece. I love the dark grey walls...and you're right, that carpet should be hauled to the dump.

  4. Your DIY one looks so much cooler. I'm a definite hoarder though, so I'd consider bringing it home.

  5. Great mail center. I am definitely going to have to try that. :)

  6. Did you say barn? You are twisting the knife in my heart. :)

  7. At least you have a strategy to pare down. Sometimes I wish I could have yard sales but we dont really have those here. We have stoop sales but they are pretty much terrible. No one buys anything decent at them so I assume its not worth the trouble.

  8. Firstcomeflowers2:32 PM

    I laughed out loud about the carpet color.  Good thing there was no one entering my flower shop at the time.  Love you blog.  More importantly, I love your table much better than the one pictured.  Love all the white in your mail center as well.  I started getting EXTREMELY selective about stuff I bring into my house.  If I don't love it or have an exact place or use for it, I don't even think about bringing it home.  That includes incredible stuff I find on the streets of NYC.  That stuff, I now take to my flower shop.  Like the 8 ft. tall iron obelisk shelf I display objects on outside the shop.

  9. jami at freckled laundry3:08 PM

    To stay disciplined, I just peek into my sorry excuse for studio/office. I can only peek because I can't fit in the darn thing right now! Love the butlers consoles. I agree with you on that carpet. Hello.

  10. Oh Im jealous! How much fun would it be to shop (and work in) a display only type of space. Where is your shop?

  11. Yup, their carpet is ridiculous.  I don't know why manufacturers even make carpet in colors like that.  And, I think your table is much cooler than the listed one, but it's also yours - so that is to be expected!

  12. You should take comfort in the fact that your current similar table is soooo much prettier than the Craigslist one. (At least I think so!)

  13. I think yours is so much better than that one! 

  14. Ilana Graf3:51 PM

    It's so tempting when you see something you really love.  But you can't buy everything.  I keep myself in check by only buying something that I have an exact spot for and that fits into my overall design.  Also, sometimes I need to see the piece in my home, so making sure that I can return it is very important.  I love your mail center.  I tend to get a little cluttered, so I picked out a cabinet with drawers.


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