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By complete accident I visited the Country Living Fair this weekend and was impressed! A perfect mix of vintage and creative vendors with a bit of farmers market thrown in. I never knew this fair existed before bit you can bet Ill be back next year. I believe this fair tours the country so there might be one near you too. Have you been?

Added bonus: a few miles away, there is one of the few remaining drive in movie theaters AND an old fashioned roller skating rink. Consider me sold.


  1. I was there on Saturday. It was really nice, friendly vendors and lots of local businesses represented in the food court.

  2. I love roller skating and drive-ins. Oh and that pine cone thing... Lovely!

  3. One of my best friends live in Hyde Park and I was supposed to go to the fair - but a last minute engagement party brought us out to Long Island instead. I already told my husband we are DEFINITELY going next year!

  4. I've heard of the Country Living Fair but I thought they were only in New England.

    We have a drive in movie theatre in our area as well. They play two movies Every weekend. It's a big deal here. Teens will come in pick-up trucks, back their truck up facing the screen & have an old couch in the bed to sit on while they watch. Lots of families come. It's something everyone looks forward to each summer.

  5. I will go bankrupt if this fair visits my town.

  6. It was pretty cool. This was the first year and I was talking to one of the Sisters on the Fly (they were awesome)...CL has already committed to returning next year. Yay for us!


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