Spilled Milk Garden

We were visiting with some friends this weekend and saw this lovely "spilled milk" display in their garden.  Isn't it adorable? Inspired by this pin (anyone know the original source?).


Have you stumbled upon a popular pinterest project in real life?


  1. Love the spilled milk display - they did a great job with it.

    I have two pinterest boards for pins I've tried, one for recipes & one for everything else.

    It makes it easy for me to go back & find things I liked & it gives me a chance to give my opinion on pins that I didn't like - there haven't been many of those. I usually copy recipes pretty closely when I try them but most other creative things I use to fit what I have.

    1. That is a good idea (to seperate them). I have so many pins, I could never get to them all but it would be fun trying.

  2. Love this! So easy...and such a great effect!


  3. That's awesome! I need to do that!

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