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A couple of weeks back I had this idea for a succulent project using some scrap wood.  Of course I needed succulents so I headed out to the usual places only to come up completely empty. It seems everyone in Brooklyn decided to buy every available plant the day before.  So I went to the NYC flower district (a super fun place to browse, by the way) to get my fix.  I was shocked to find that they were selling for $6-8 per tiny plant.  GASP!
succulent sketch | www.brooklynlimestone.comsucculent plants
So I turned to the trusty interwebs. I purchased 2 sets of 20 succulents in 2" pots and waited 10 days. My desire for instant gratification had to be punched down a little but at $1.62 a plant including shipping, my cheap side was gratified instead. I wasn't sure how they would travel but they arrived safely and I'm happy.

Now that I have them, it's my job to keep them alive. Any succulent master want to give me tips?

Stay tuned for the finished product. Now that I realize how hard they can be to come by cheaply, I might just have to bring this crop indoors once the summer is over to save them.

ps: I am not in any way connected with this seller - I just wanted to share a source in case you had similar succulent scarcity in your area.


  1. We have found succulents thrive on neglect. We had two small jade plants that through our careful neglect went from 8" tall to over 2.5 FEET tall. They were so big we that when we sold our house we let the new owners 'inherit' them. In the spring/summer when there is no danger of frost, put the succulents outside in a bright but not sun-drenched spot. We usually put them outside on the north side of our house so they received a little bit of sunlight throughout the day, but did not get fried. Then, during the summer, I'd water them with the hose once a week or so. In the fall I'd bring them in before the frost and make sure to wash the bugs off them before bringing them inside (jade plants were susceptible to a kind of scale bug that had to be chipped off). Keep them near a window during the winter and water lightly every 2 weeks or so. They really tend to do better the less attention they receive.

    1. Well that's perfect for me since I tend to forget I have plants during the week and then get my green thumb itch on weekends ;)
      Thanks for the tip! Which one is the jade plant?

  2. It looks like the sixth row from the right, third plant up is a jade plant. But most succulents will thrive under similar conditions - bright but not constant direct light, watering every now and then, protection from the cold, let them be.

  3. We purchased 2 inch pot succulents from a similar seller 3 years ago to grow them up a bit and use them as centerpieces for my fall wedding. My mother kept them alive for me (thankfully), and you really couldn't beat the price or variety (or burden of having to choose your own variety)!! As others mentioned, it seems borderline flower-abuse is the way to go. If you want to see how mine looked 5 months later there are some pics in this post :-)

  4. that is an amazing deal!!! going to have to order some!

  5. Check out Lowe's in Gowanus. They had a HUGE selection yesterday when I was there. Lots of variety of types and sizes at good prices :)

    1. Thanks! I went there first when I was first looking and they had nada. Hopefully I'll get luckier next time ;)


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