Backyard Makeover with Lowes

Who doesn’t love a good before and after? I have a great one for you today!

If you recall this post, I had the great pleasure of working on a Lowe’s spring makeover for one lucky homeowner.  Shoshana’s story stood out right from the start.  Recently married with a new puppy in the house, her husband, Richard, was about to be deployed overseas for the second time in as many years.  She wanted a space where she could play with her dog, lounge in the outdoors and then enjoy with her husband when he returns home. 


Once I saw the photos of her backyard, I knew we could do something that would fit the bill.  So I got to work learning a little more about Shoshana’s style and put together a design.

After lots of planning, I arrived at Shoshana’s home along with the most amazing team of Lowe’s volunteers and a truck full of goodies.  Everyone got to work immediately and made the plan a reality.  The Lowe’s team was so impressive, I wanted to take them home with me! In less than 2 days, we all left with sore backs and full hearts to see the backyard transformed into something beautiful and functional for this deserving family.

We create several zones in this modest backyard to suit all of this couple’s needs.

The first focus was the existing patio.  By adding a pergola to the left hand side, we created two areas: one for lounging and one for eating.  The area under the pergola became an outdoor living room by adding string lights, cabana curtains, a comfy sectional, outdoor rug, and exterior coffee table. 


The right hand side was the perfect spot for her existing dining table but we added a DIY door turned beverage bar to use for entertaining.  I know I never have enough surface space when eating indoors so this will be a help.


Then it was on to the other areas in the yard.  In one corner, we added a paver and pea gravel firepit area for two.  It’s the perfect spot for making s’mores and enjoying a warm spot once the weather turns cooler.


We wanted to do something just for Richard as well so we honored his love of gardening and green thumb by building this monster DIY potting bench.  It was custom built by the Lowes volunteers and fits perfectly in the nook that used to house the home’s oil tank.


Finally, we couldn’t forget the project mascot: Gunner.  A coastal style dog house is a space this pup can call his own as well as serve a spot to stow dog toys out of sight.

The space is beautifully outfitted now and suits everyone in the family’s needs.  Thank you to Lowes for doing something so wonderful and allowing me to be a part of it!

Want to recreate the look in your backyard? Source list below:
Trixie Wood Dog House       

disclosure: I was compensated by Lowe's for this post but all of the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Well now, this has put tears in my eyes, and joy in my heart. What an AMAZING job!!! They have their own little resort back there! You have such a talent for making things elegant, yet super functional. I can just imagine all the fun they'll have on starlit nights, 'round that fire pit.

    Godspeed her man home. Semper Fi.

  2. That is one very lucky homeowner...that is beautiful. I LOVE the outdoor drink station. Can you post step by step for that?

    1. Thanks Michele. I don't have step by step photos but its really quite easy. There are a few tutorials on similar projects elsewhere. Here is a good one:

  3. What a wonderful thing to be a part of. Everything turned out so well. I'm sure the homeowner and her husband will be able to make many happy memories here when he returns home from deployment.

  4. Bravo! Well done.

  5. It looks so good. I wish my backyard looked like that!

  6. Beautiful! You all did such an amazing job.

  7. Love this! You got so much function out of the backyard. The fire pit might be my favourite area - time for s'mores!

  8. Beautiful! Did you paint the patio stones?

    1. No we didn't paint them. It was raining when I took the after photos so they are darker because they are wet.

  9. Such a relaxing backyard! Great for entertaining! Love the details even down to a home for the pup! Question: where did the low seating chairs by the fire pit come from? Thanks.

  10. Very relaxing space! Great for entertaining too! Loved the details even down to the dog house for the pup! Question: where did the low seating chairs come from by the fire pit? Thanks.

    1. Thanks averysmom. The chairs are from Lowes:

  11. Great looking backyard! Fun place for you and your dog.

  12. Was the hinged dining table made or purchased at Lowes? If it was made, is their a tutorial or a list of materials needed?


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