Life with Oscar

Well we made it through the first month.  I'm happy to report that Oscar is a pretty easy kid and enjoys his naps. Of course that is no solace when I'm up all night. I don't think I've ever drank so much coffee.  But all things considered, I have no complaints.

I won't say we have settled into a new routine just yet but we are getting there.  Agatha is still not quite warmed up to the idea of sharing the spotlight but she is coming around. I admit that sometimes during those wee hours I think about how we will never again be a threesome and the tears flow. Quite possibly the most ridiculous thing to be sad about but I'm blaming the crazy hormones.

But it's September and the days of sitting around like lumps are wrapping up. Time to get Halloween prep underway!  Who is ready for things that go bump in the night?


  1. I had the same thoughts when I had my second. My first was 4 1/2 so I felt sad of losing that time together. We'd often switch up and she'd have day dates with either my husband or I and now its not feasible with our schedules. I will tell you 2 years later we are making new memories and although pictures and memories remind me of those days of the 3 of us, its an amazing new journey with 4. Less sleep too ;)

  2. PS I've adopted a lot--12 times. : - ) Every time is different getting used to the "new normal." Sometimes one gets jealous and the next time they don't. Sometimes the new normal is easy and sometimes not, but there is always that period where you have to get used to the new normal. BTW, both your kids are super little cuties!

  3. Catching up on your blog (just read through all the past year's posts!) so I'm late but CONGRATULATIONS!! Oscar is adorable! Congrats also on surviving the first month. Just have to say I love your blog so much; everything from the black background to the writing to the great content. Hope you get some more sleep soon...(I have 4 myself and "baby" is almost 2 so things get better, as you know.:) )

  4. He is adorable! And your new normal will settle in, yet will always be changing. One of the things that I did that helped my son feel "part of things" when I had to focus on the baby was having him bring me a book to read to him while I was nursing the baby. Once nursing time became a possible reading time (when he wanted to) then he didn't mind me nursing at all! Do whatever works, but be assured that it will work out. And enjoy them both. Can't wait to see what you come up for this year with Halloween decor!

  5. Congratulations Stephanie! He's so cute and looks so much like his sister. I'm already starting with Halloween, will really be getting busy this weekend.

  6. Hello Ms. Limestone! So delighted to see you settling in with your lovely little boy! I'm so happy for you and your newly expanded family. Much love.

  7. He is darling, so adorable! It gets better, mama, and I think we all felt those very same pangs. Be good to yourself.

  8. He is such perfection! And being the mother of a 23 yr old man I will tell you...there is nothing as wonderful as being the mother of a son. It starts hard but it only gets better from here on out. Congratulations!

    PS - My son is pretty sick this weekend with a virus & I was longing for him to be small enough to hold & comfort again. That job goes to my sweet daughter-in-law now but she's been texting me updates today on how he's feeling (without being asked!) & he sent me a text in the afternoon letting me know he's still in the land of the living. Every stage of motherhood is truly full of treasures.

  9. He is just adorable and I am glad to hear you are getting settled. I felt I didn't get things figured out in terms out schedule and time management till month 3 so wow you are doing awesome. Enjoy that adorable baby!!! So happy for you and your family.


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