Halloween: 9 day countdown


Its official, Halloween is nearly here. And with the lemon themed party I had last week, I didn't want to fully horrify my house until afterward. So in other words, I'm a bit late to the game and I have to get my act together.

The only things that were hung as of last week were the feather wreathes you see in the photo above. (Planned to make them myself but Target was selling perfectly lovely versions saving me the hassle. Love when that happens!)

I put up a few decorations but Im not too happy with their impact. I suppose thats the danger of having a house made of gray stone - there isn't a lot of impact with the white and black decorations I've put up so far. I think my biggest problem is Im missing accent lighting...but I don't know how to add some without making it a danger to passerbys.

So I have to turn it up but Im not sure how. Any suggestions?

Im trying to stay with a spider web & black silohuette concept for the most part. I already have spider silohuettes in my windows, a large spider web draped over the house, a giant spider ready to be hung, a load of cobwebs and pumpkins ready to carve. Im having a hard time finding a spooky spotlight that will light up the work on Halloween night but Im hoping to find something this weekend.

Hopefully I'll have some finished photos this weekend to share. Until then, I'll share some of my favorite Halloween finds from Flickr that are great inspirations for the procrastinating decorators like me.

Fabulous spider infested house
Amazing Marie Antoinette Costume
Simple but spooky stoop welcome


  1. Love those wreaths!! What a great color!

  2. No suggestions, I am sorry. But I love those wreaths!!

  3. I don't think I'd ever seen a close-up of your front door. It is absolutely stunning. I love all the detail in the moldings and the contrast of the doors and the cast stone. The wreaths look great too, by the way!

  4. I'm loving the Target wreathes. Your DOORS -- stunning! Did you see the blacklight house I had on my blog? It was from a sort of similar style house to yours (in Lambertville, NJ -- just brick and not limestone) and it looked fab at night. Plus it would light up the light stone on your home -- and the spider webs -- pretty phenomenally.

  5. The wreaths on your front doors look fabulous!

  6. Your door is gorgeous. Sorry no suggestions. But I've given you an award on my blog today. Check it out.


  7. Yeah I am no help in the advice department but those wreaths are AMAZING!!

  8. Those wreaths are great!! They look perfect on your front doors!

  9. In answer to your question…I did a little "research" -- most of the material in the photos I have are gauze. But my friend (who lives on the same block as the “display”) went over with a piece of tulle and it glowed. So I think anything white may glow?? I can’t tell you how super cool the house looked. My photos do no justice.

  10. Really fabulous...im saving that photo for inspiration next year. I dont know if I could do the blacklight thing but the white lady is amazing!


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