Blog redecorating?

Ive never been one to change my blog header or name but I'm thinking maybe its time.

Pros of changing:
-I'm not really renovating anymore.
-The header is getting dusty up there, it could use a redesign.

-I do plan on doing some reno flashbacks next year (2nd year anniversary!)
- I like to think that the archives can be helpful to those that are in the midst of renovation hell. Without the word renovation, they would never find this place.
- Adventures in Decorating sounds really lame.

What do you think: Leave it as is or change it to reflect what I'm focused on now? Any suggestions for what I can use INSTEAD of "decorating" or "design"?


  1. You already are just Brooklyn Limestone , I think that is how we all see you .

  2. DITTO to Chris...I even have you saved as Brooklyn Limestone on my blog roll and reader.

    Is there any way you can change your name but still keep your archives? I'm not renovating but I do love to go back and look through your archives just to drool.

  3. How about making the heading Brooklyn Limestone and then having a subheading with a little overview of the blog's content?

  4. How about just "Mrs. Limestone"

  5. I started reading your blog well after you were done renovating and I was addicted. I read through every single archive (but I think I missed the one where you actually moved in - when did that happen?)

    It really inspired me through my own remodel which was a 100th of what you went through.

    Anyways, I think you should leave it - but Brooklyn Limestone alone is nice.


  6. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I agree with Chris as well. I totally understand what you mean. I change my header quite often. (I bore easily).


  7. I'm with Paloma on this one, heading and subheading is the way to go. :)

    Or if you'd prefer to keep the full title and just replace 'renovating', how about 'Adventures in perfecting a Brooklyn limestone'?

    Renate of

  8. How bout "Limestone adventures"

    Please visit my blog at

    I look at yours daily. You have done a beautiful job! I've been to New York twice and love it. Haven't made it to your area yet. Maybe next time.

    Melinda in Birmingham

  9. I like the title you have and, like you mentioned, it is a way for people who are renovating to find you.

  10. To me you are Mrs. Limestone (we don't even know your name darling - likely so we all don't come visit you, which I understand). The Brooklyn Limestone is probably a nice idea, and like someone said, with a sub-text describing who you are...

    I think your blog is SO great for anyone renovating, so don't lose that angle, but yes, it might be time to move on...

    Perhaps "moving on from renovating to decorating our home..."

    xo Terri

  11. I like Brooklyn Limestone with a sub heading you can change more often.

  12. I would either leave it as is (it's a very cool header and an attention drawing name) or go with the Brooklyn Limestone + subtitle suggestions.

  13. I vote for just "Brooklyn Limestone" or...something like Adventures living in a brooklyn limestone....

  14. I like it as it is, but that's just me.

  15. i like brooklyn limestone also.

  16. I'm agreeing with many're Mrs. Limestone, and I've cataloged your blog as Brooklyn Limestone. And...I love your blog header design. I think that's a keeper for sure.

  17. I like the idea of doing subheadings - but how do I do that? I know nothing of html.

  18. I would change renovating to decorating.

  19. Life shifts require us to stay fresh, to update and to edit. I for one, would love to see a change, keep your name - perhaps an open door of your Brooklyn Limestone or a Window with a "look inside"
    You really have such a great way with renovation and making things look so wonderful.
    I also love "Mrs. Limestone" -

  20. You will always be Mrs. Limestone to me =)
    How about just adding "decorating" to the header: Adventures in Renovating & Decorating a Brooklyn Limestone"?

  21. The other logo looked better

  22. I love Brooklyn Limestome. My 2 cents:)


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