Now...and then.

If you ever wondered what the living room of my last house looked like, pop over to Emily A. Clark.

She is hosting a 'now... and then' series featuring bloggers evoloving design styles.

And speaking of guest posting: If you have a fabulous room makeover or diy project to share, please drop me a line. I'd love to have you as a guest poster next month.


  1. It's so true about learning about design from bloggers. You said it perfectly.

  2. Hschlotterbeck12:35 PM

    I just peeked at your now and then feature on Emily's blog - I love your comment about getting older and making design mistakes.   I think we just get to know ourselves better too and know what we like and want.  Nice feature for you and your living room.

  3. elaine happer3:44 PM

    Great site! I just found out about you today through Emily's post. I'm a follower now!

    And, as an aside- I have just started blogging myself. All the great blogs I've been following (yours included of course) are so inspiring! Please check out my site and follow if interested.Thanks!

  4. Jessie7:17 PM

    Love your blog! I came from Emily's blog and been checking out your interesting content. You home is truly beautiful. A new follower, by the way!

  5. I am officially in love with the world map on your console. Any tutorials?

  6. I am working on one ;-)

  7. MrsLimestone6:34 AM

    Thanks. More about the sofa table can be found here:

  8. She is? Thank you for the heads up. I think this is a great idea.


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