Bonjour Belgium!

Ok so I'm a tiny bit behind on this trip report. What can I say? The weeks got away from me. Back in April when I was a woman of leisure for one glorious month, we hopped a flight to Brussels for a weekend to check out the fine city country of Belgium.


We had a great few days here eating our body weight in amazing waffles (that are completely unlike the ones you find here in the US) and pounding the cobblestones. Brussels doesn't have the typical 'must see' type of sites like Paris' Eiffel Tower or Rome's Trevi Fountain which makes it a great stop for a short trip. No pressure to race around! It's more of soaking in the European lifestyle, peaking into shops, enjoying good food and walking down the streets that have been wandered for centuries.

Brussels-14 Brussels-18Brussels-31 Brussels-23

Don't get me wrong - there is no shortage of things to do here. For one there is a true flea market (or should I say broncante?) in the city that has all sorts of random odds and ends. And then there is a plenthora of fabulous antique stores - my favorite being aptly named Stefantiek. Honestly, is there a better name?



It was also very easy to sign up for a day tour to the nearby cities of Ghent and Brugges. You could easily set up camp here for longer (I'm sure you'll be shocked by this) we did the whirlwind tour.


I'm not sure if it comes across in the photos or not but I found Belgium to be a very atmospheric country. There was a certain attitude here that felt different than other European sites. Not as frenzied or heavy - but still something to be noticed at every turn.

We also stopped over at the Atomium and its miniature park - both of which I think its safe to give a pass should you ever be in the area. Spending time in the old cities is far more enjoyable.

So that was our trip in photos. Hope you enjoyed the ride along.

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  1. Love your pics!  I spent a weekend in Brussels when I lived in Spain a few years ago and they do have the most AMAZING waffles!!!  Beautiful city for just walking around, window shopping and relaxing :)

  2. the cape on the corner9:54 AM

    a few years back we were staying in holland for 2 weeks, and we made belgium an excursion.  taking the train, we stopped in antwerp for lunch, stayed in bruges 2 nights, and stopped in brussels on the way back to holland.  loved your photos, they really took me back.

  3. I loved Belgium, there was so much ambiance in a (relatively) small country, and what great food!

  4. Those are amazing pictures!  Honestly I have never even thought of visiting there until recently- Brooke Giannetti over at Velvet & Linen just did a post on Belgium too. My interest in visiting there are truly increased!  Thanks for sharing your pics!

  5. Jordan@the2seasons10:19 AM

    Great photos!  I went to Belgium with my husband in April as well and we had a wonderful time.  I too ate a ton of waffles.  They are soooo good!

  6. Wow! I think we should be best friends. Then you can take me with you on your leisurely European jaunts and help me decorate my house with your amazing photography. Sound good? ; )

  7. Mary Beth1:23 PM

    The waffles, or gaufres, are delicious.  Did you have the wonderful pomme frites wrapped in newspaper?  They are yummy too.  We lived in Brussels for a year and I thought that it was the most romantic, ancient city.

  8. Lorrie1:35 PM

    Brugge was one of my favorite cities that we visited when we lived in Germany.  Great photos!  I'm totally envious of your trip!!

  9. What fun! I've had Brussels on my list after a quick 2-day visit in Brugges (on a whirlwind European tour back in high school). I love Belgium! Please tell me you had mussels! Love your pics (as always)!

  10. I loved our little 2 day trip to Belgium.  The food is fantastic.  I mean, any country where the featured cuisine is waffles, chocolate and french fries (and Waterzooi!) is OK by me

  11. Thanks Mrs L!  This was a wonderful trip down memory lane for me.  I used to travel quite often to Brussels for work.  Our European headquarters was based there.  Loved it!  I'd often fly in late on a Friday night and enjoy the weekend there with friends and co-workers.  The waffles...Heaven!  I never knew they could taste so good.  Oh and the chocolate....Neuhaus, Leonidas.  I learned from a friend there that they considered Godiva, the Hersheys of Brussels.  I loved how the chocolate counters faced out to the street, making it so easy to no pass up but rather to indulge.  And lastly the cafes and the mussels.  It was all too easy to put on the "Freshman 10" of a new gig when visiting there but it was worth it.  Loved Brugges as well.  Such a beautiful storybook town.

  12. Janette@the2seasons.com6:16 PM

    I recently rode my bicycle from Amsterdam to Brugges and from Paris to Brugges and Brugges to Paris.  (It was three separate trips.)  Tres magnifique!!  One of my dear friends lives in Brussels, so, she showed me the REAL Brussels.  Loved it!

  13. Pamela6:20 PM

    Beautiful pictures!  Thanks so much for sharing.  I can feel the atmosphere and ages of time.

  14. A couple years ago I stayed in Brugges for 2 nights, I thought that market area was so cute! I didn't have a great camera then, so my pictures didn't turn out quite as well. Wish I could go back!

  15. christine {bijouandboheme}9:37 PM

    I spent a good part of my honeymoon in Belgium and just adore it there- so historic and charming...your pictures are divine!!

  16. Shannon10:45 PM

    Looks gorgeous!  Your travel style is right up my alley :)  I love to visit a new place for just a few days under the assumption that I'll go back sometime in the future.  I never feel pressured to cram everything into one trip or regret "missing out" on anything since I know I'll have another chance in the future. 

    Happy traveling!

  17. More stunning photos! I wish my photos would come out as crisp as yours! I need A LOT more practice! : )

  18.  Thanks so much for sharing.  I can feel the atmosphere and ages of time.

  19. I liked Brussels... but Bruges, by far, I LOVED! The best waffles I had were from the street waffles with whatever kind of chocolate... YUM!

  20. So, I have to admit that every time I think the word "Brussels" (which is often, lemme tell you), it's immediately followed up by "sprouts." No more! What a gorgeous place. Great photos, as always.

  21. Beautiful images, colours and atmosphere! Seems like you had a fantastic time.

  22. Yes! Belgium is delightful! I spent a lovely, long weekend in Brussels & Bruges when I studied abroad in London. It's a little more "off the beaten path" tourist-wise but still oh-so charmingly European, which is perfect for a short trip. Gives you a more relaxed, "experiential" feel, rather than a mad dash through a sightseeing check-list. Beautiful photos, as always! :)

  23. Svt19993:33 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS on being chosen a Blog of Note!  I really like your blog...

    common cents

  24. Christine G.4:03 PM

    Great photos ~ thanks for sharing!  I love Belgium - such a great little country.  :)

  25. Hello!  I just stumbled across your blog, and I wanted to say, beautiful pictures and great posts!  You have gained a reader. :)

  26. Alex Quici1:08 AM

    I've not been to Belgium (yet), but I've often heard the people there are generally very friendly, which might partly explain the "attitude" you felt. And yes, I think it does come through in your photos. Thank you for sharing.

  27. HundeHaus1:31 AM

    What fabulous photos! I love the fact that over the centuries, it has basically stayed the same and retained it's architecture. 

    I've never been to Belgium, and probably never will. So it's nice to see the cities and countries through others eyes/lens. 


  28. Solaris2:34 AM

    LOVE YOUR PAGE! I seem like an amature to you. And I probably am :) Amazing is all I can say.

  29. of the best blogs I ever found under "blog of notes" - Congrats!

    I love your style arranging your photos - and the quality of the photographs speaks for itself!

    Regards from Germany,


  30. WOW! The pictures are AMAZING! I love it! Please visit:
    Keep on posting!

  31. agoodmoroccan8:22 AM

    Belgium looks wonderful !

  32. fashion_tography9:34 AM

    you probably know this already but i thought i should tell... your blog is awesome!!! and i love the photographs you have taken

  33. I love your blog about Belgium.  We lived there for 9 y ears and I loved each and every minute of it.  You have brought back many, many wonderful memories for me.  Elizabeth

  34. Reena Rosario7:23 AM

    You take beautiful pictures!  I was in Brugges many years ago and this post brought me back :)

  35. Rosemary Nardone9:38 AM

    photos are wonderful...looks amazing! new follower and enjoying very much!!

  36. C_Larochelle3:37 PM

    Have to say, I think I am in love with your blog! I found the name itself intriguing, and just love the gorgeous photography. Very happy I found you on blogs of note. :)

  37. Beautiful photos !
    I love it !

  38. Sherry Crocker2:16 PM

    This was an amazing pictoral inasmuch as this is how I tend to see any city. I've been planning a European visit for awhile; this is another good motivator.

  39. Ocean Freight8:31 PM

    A very nice and amazing photos. Looks very different.. I enjoy seeing to the photos.. Very great.

  40. Carrie8:55 PM

    The first time I went to Belgium was because it was an "easy" trip to make over a long weekend via the Eurostar. But it's charm (and beer) took me back 2 more times during my 2 years living in England. Love your photos. They are perfect!!!

  41. Indiana10:08 AM

    Oh! I cannot believe you visited Belgium, my country! I'm very happy you enjoyed it, and even happier you took the time to see my hometown Ghent.

  42. Whitney Dudzik8:23 AM

    Belgium is amazing! We went there for our honeymoon, and while the cities are incredibly beautiful, they were nothing (in my opinion) to the countryside... We toured around to all of the Trappist breweries...which are all monasteries and it was just breathtaking.

  43. Cassie {Hi Sugarplum}5:56 PM

     We are planning our trip for next Spring, so i'm cruising through your posts. :) Had to check this one out since Brugges is one of my fave stops. We spent 2 nights Brussels and 3 night really is a magical place at night. We rode bikes into the countryside one day and it was really gorgeous and so quiet!


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