Holiday How To: Naturally Easy Centerpiece

Big welcome back to the always classic Matthew, stylist, photographer and mastermind behind Holiday with Matthew Mead. If you haven't already, order your expanded keepsake copy now - its chock full of holiday ideas as well as entertaining ideas from Living Locurto, Centsational Girl, Savour Fare, Nie Nie and more!

Matthew has already shared his 5 tips on tweaking your living room for the holidays and a fabulous DIY Sweet or Sour wreath. I couldn't be happier to have him back today with a quick and easy centerpiece anyone can do with grocery store items.

I love decorating with natural elements during the holidays, using simple items from nature, the grocery store and/or the florist shop. It is easy, relatively inexpensive, and (a happy side effect!) fills your home with the scent of Christmas!

Create this colorful centerpiece using easy-to-find inexpensive supplies from your local grocery store.


Package of cranberries:

One bouquet of supermarket flowers:

Assorted pine cones
6 apples
Evergreen sprigs
Gardening clippers
A pitcher of water
A bowl that will fit inside a glass cylinder
To Make:

1. Assemble your supplies on a work surface.

2. Place bowl inside the cylinder and fill the gap in between with fresh cranberries.

3. Add berries until entire gap is filled to the top:

4. Add apples to the bowl.

5. Pour water over apples to create a water line almost at the very top of the bowl:

The apples will act as an anchor for the floral stems. Be sure to add fresh water every two days.
6. Add evergreen sprigs to the top of the arrangement, and ensure the stems are immersed in the water.

7. Clip flower stems to 3-4 inches long and add flowers, berries, and foliage to the arrangement- with floral stems tucked in between the apples and into the water.

Tuck in pinecones to the top of the arrangement and place on a dining table, an entry way, or coffee table. Add water regularly.

Thanks so much to Matthew for sharing! Learn lots more holiday style tips and tricks in this years issue of Holiday with Matthew Mead.


  1. Oh i love this!!! It's stunning!

  2. This is a great idea for xmas!

  3. Jordan@the2seasons9:03 AM

    This is so pretty.  I have an empty table right now and wasn't sure what I was going to do for a centerpiece.  This is perfect so colorful and easy.  Thanks!

  4. Love it!  I always try to use fresh items in my decorating, even in winter.

  5. So pretty!  I love how easy it is to put this together!  Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous!! I love this very elegant yet simple idea!! Stunning centerpiece!

    Please Come and enter the 12 Days of Holiday giveaways! The current one is from The French Basketeer! It is stunning!

    Art by Karena

  7. This is VERY beautiful centerpiece! Cranberries and apples look so great with flowers! Too bad that in Switzerland one can not buy fresh cranberries, only dried...

  8. Pat Taveras4:03 PM

    I love it, is so pretty

  9. Love this! Using fresh items is SO much nicer than fake

  10. MrsLimestone3:13 PM

    Oh really? I had no idea. I wonder why that is.

  11. love it! thanks so much


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