Steal this Idea*: No Sew Table Skirt

Its Friday (yippee!) - time for another Steal this Idea* feature - a tiny show of appreciation for a well executed tutorial.

As a lifelong city mouse, I can appreciate the struggle of the narrow hallway and finding hidden storage space. So when Maggie Rose whipped up this no sew table skirt project, I was all over it.

Added bonus: check out the giant Ostrich photo she hung over the table taken by little old me. I can never get enough of seeing my own images hung as art in someone elses home. Super exciting!

Hooray for no sew projects! Not only does this work perfectly in a hallway but a larger version could be great behind a sofa or as a makeshift sideboard in a small dining room. Love.

Mosey over to Maggie Rose Interiors, for all the details and lots of other great interior design talk.

postscript: *When I say steal, I really mean borrow nicely and give proper credit!

**If you have an idea/tutorial you would like me to consider for a feature, email me. I'd love to see!


  1. This is so perfect.  I have a two drawer file cabinet that was ugly (not vintage). Had my hubby screw a larger square of plywood to the top for a night table in the bedroom.  Then I spent many hours making a skit that in the end looked just like this but was completely tailored and stitched.  Impossible to iron!  This is what I'm going to do with it now.  Thank so much!

  2. oops.....I meant guest bedroom.

  3. I don't usually like table skirts, but that looks really nice.  

  4. Maggie Rose11:28 AM

    Thanks for sharing my project! Especially for someone who doesn't sew, this is a really easy project! Just lots of ironing :)

  5. I love this idea. I have a table I thought about skirting, but I don't think I want to staple into the top of it, looks like I might have to sew one...I'm really bad at sewing.

  6. Maggie Rose12:40 PM

    Just a thought (from the original DIYer) - you could use painter's tape to get the pieces in place instead of the stapling step, and then use heavy duty fabric glue to connect the pieces. You'd be able to remove the skirt but it should keep it's shape thanks to the boxiness.

  7. Bleu Kitty12:51 PM

    I visit your blog regulary.  I enjoy your ideas and creativity.  I noticed today you have a political advertisement on your site.  Today is the first day I was ever disapointed with your blog.  Best of luck with your furture projects and travel. 

  8. I'm not very good at the DIY stuffs (little to no patience most of the time) so any little advice helps and this is a great idea!  Right now we have a runner on the table and I've been looking to change up the look in the living room.  I'm going to give it a try (cross your fingers)

  9. Perfect timing! I would like to do this to a big filing cabinet I want to cover once it moves into my guest room - this is what I had in mind. Thanks!

  10. What political ad are you referring to?  I don't believe I have ever run one so I'm curious what you are seeing.

  11. You did
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    unattractive table display. We can set table cover according to atmosphere.
    Thanks for sharing.


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