Sniff. Sniff.

After a few weeks of ignoring the reality of it, it was finally time. We changed A's bassinet into a big baby crib.

Where did my wee baby go? She seems to have grown up from tiny newborn to spirited baby overnight!

AgathasArrival (77 of 85)AgathaMonth1Week4 (25 of 41)AgathaMonth2 (33 of 34)
AgathaMonth3Week12 (2 of 6)AgathaApril2013 (30 of 42)Agatha4monthsold (25 of 45)\
From one day old to 5 months in a flash!


  1. I feel for you. My new and only grandson is 3-months old today. :( He is hitting a whopping 18-lbs and is talking like mad. Well talking as babies do. I'm also wondering where the tiny newborn went.
    My son and dil are so worry it won't be long until the first day of kindergarten is here. And it won't be.
    All we can do is cherish every passing moment.

    Your Aggie is absolutely beautiful!

    Jake's a Girl

  2. She is so beautiful. What gorgeous eyes!

  3. She's so precious! I haven't asked in a while, but the crib reminded me. How is the sleeping better?

  4. Sorry, my kids have fried me today. I meant to write. How is the sleeping going? Better?

    1. Thanks for asking Julia. Yes sleeping is so much better! After a couple of nights of sleep training, she has been sleeping through the night for more than 2 months. Life is so much better for everyone! She is still an early riser but at least I'm not up all night long!

  5. Enjoy every moment with her because time travels much too quickly.

  6. Growing up already and so beautiful:) I just shared your nursery design ideas with a client in Hoboken. We are carving out a tiny room for their baby on the way and I wanted to show her how it is done! Just lovely.


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