Renovation Casualty: RIP Whale Chalkboard

Remember my DIY whale chalkboard? Well I hung it shortly before hurricane Sandy and our shore place has been a The Wreck of the Hesperus ever since.

Now that we are finally finished with the reno, we are getting everything cleaned up (I actually took a day off on Friday just to throw out all the garbage and clean - it was that bad!), we made this sad discovery...

A little bummed since I never really got to use it. I could make another one but I just hate doing anything twice. (case in point: my living quandary about rehanging the gallery wall)

So what do you think?  Make another or find something new to grace the kitchen walls?


  1. Sorry, but can I vote for superglue? Or is it pretty warped?

    1. I considered glue but I think it would have needed a brace at the back in addition to the glue and that would have made the whole thing a bit more removed from the wall than I wanted. Plus I would have always been able to see the repair and it would just annoy me so I opted to trash it.

  2. I was going to vote for glue too... :-( it's a shame it's not that an easy a fix.

  3. I vote for fixing it! That little crack will only add character.

  4. First choice: glue it.
    Second choice: make something new!

  5. I totally agree, if you glue it with a strong glue and then use wood putty over the crack. Let it set for a day or two sand it down, repaint and you wont even be able to tell it was broken in the first place. Good as new.

  6. Save the whale!! He's earned it - he survived a hurricane!!

  7. Hi! I say fix it! Glue the broken piece onto a Popsicle stick and let it dry. Then wiggle your piece into the broken whale part and glue the stick on that side. Let dry. Repaint your mended place and enjoy your whale.


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