The Great Cranberry Conundrum: Whole Berry or Jellied?

There are few debates that rage harder at my holiday table than the ultimate Thanksgiving divider. Alliances run deep on both sides.  You might fall firmly into one camp or you might straddle the fence and see the valid points on both sides.  Either way, someone is bound to get their feelings hurt. Of course I'm talking about never ending conflict: cranberry sauce preference. Jellied or Whole Berry?  What team do you play for?

I enjoyed a bit of both at the most glamorous lunch I've ever attended, while wearing waders. Yes, waders! Ocean Spray invited a group of bloggers to don waterproof gear and enjoy lunch in the middle of Rockefeller Center ® in a recreated cranberry bog as part of Bogs Across America! Lucky for me, I as one of them. Gorgeous does not even describe it - before we even sat down, I was so inspired!

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone (yes, he is as friendly and handsome as he appears on TV) hosted and took us through a two part meal showcasing a "then and now" Thanksgiving feast.  Of course cranberry sauce of both kinds were featured but they also took cranberries to a whole new level incorporating them subtly into other elements of the Thanksgiving meal.  The meal showcased the evolution of Thanksgiving and how cranberries have evolved along the way but ultimately both menus were pretty delicious.  My favorite were the Caramelized Brussel Sprouts, Bread Crumb and Cranberry side that will absolutely be making it to our table asap. The white chocolate cheesecake was pretty amazing as well.

While  I was there I got to meet some of the growers that cooperatively own the company and learn more about the amazing cranberry and it's endless possibilities. The people at Ocean Spray are passionate about their work and it shows in everything they do.

I already loved cranberries but attending this event really got me anticipating Thanksgiving and using this beautiful fruit more in everyday cooking.

Now who is ready to get your Thanksgiving cranberry battle on? For more great info, follow Ocean Spray on Facebook, Pinterest + Insta!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Oceanspray but all opinions expressed are my own.  

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