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So here it is again, November.  I'm sure you are all just about had enough of Halloween for quite a while but had to share a few snaps of the party.  This year was all about the toddlers with the hoard descending on our house.  We are almost recovered!

This year's theme was twisted Charlotte's Web so the food was all about that bacon - the star of the show was a DIY BLT bar which was very popular.  Lots of other treats to be had including some homemade caramel for apple dipping.


Agatha was Wilbur (resurrected zombie Wilbur for those that prefer a frightful Halloween), Mr. Limestone was Mr. Zuckerman and I was the goose.


Last but not least, this year was Aggie's first time trick or treating.  Let's just say she enjoyed it.  Let the battle of doling out treats one piece at a time begin!



  1. this looks like so much fun and you all look adorable!

  2. So, I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but do you have any tips for combining the party and Trick or Treating parts of the holiday? I am seriously considering moving our party up a week because I can't seem to get thugs to run smoothly!

    1. It's tough! Especially now that we also trick or treat. It helps that our block is so busy that we don't have to go far or step out for long. What we do is we have a help yourself sort of food situation and it's all very casual. Guests come, hang for a little while, eat and drink and then go out trick or treating with their kids. Everyone returns to our house for more playtime before wrapping it up. But if it were more of an event that required us to serve, it wouldn't work.

  3. I look forward to your Halloween posts every year! Love all the details from this one! Just perfect. And now I want a WLT for lunch :-).

  4. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I love your vomiting pumpkin! So much classier than mine! Agatha looked sweet!
    Clem @Ravacholle

  5. Oh, this is just perfection as usual. I love how you keep it toddler appropriate, but with enough of a demented twist to still be Hallowe'en. (WLTs, I die laughing) Outstanding!

  6. Such a doll! The pure joy on her face as she skips along with her pumpkin is priceless! You are growing one happy girl there! Mazel tov... and I'm not even Jewish!

  7. She looks adorable and the party looks fabulous!!!! Coop loved trick or treating this year too!!

  8. Another creative Halloween at the Limestone residence. It looks like it was a big hit. Well done.


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