Shrunken Shore Living Room

So I've been on and on about this bunk room but you might be wondering just how I magically made an entire room appear.  Okay, a small room but still magic!  Well, we cut about 40% off the end of the living room to make that bunk room.

I absolutely LOOOOOVE having another bedroom (why didn't we do this sooner?) - now we can put Aggie to bed and then stare lovingly into each others eyes binge watch Orange is the New Black.  The downside is that it leaves the living room as a somewhat more awkward, challenging to decorate space.

Luckily for us, our existing furniture mostly fit, albeit not perfectly. Which means I'm sort of free to think about this room for the rest of my life a little while longer before I'm compelled to make any big decisions.

In the meantime I still love the white sofa and the grey walls so thats a plus.  I know I need some new artwork in here and I plan on getting that done this summer.  Pretty sure I need a new coffee table too but I haven't found anything I love just yet. Suggestions?

In case you were wondering, here is the before before (before we bought it) and then before we chopped it up.  You can see why I was anxious about losing the spacious feel of the room but it was well worth it for the upside.  Now I just need to tweak this little living room into something I love just as much.


  1. Love the fact you created a whole room out of one larger room. We're looking at vacation properties and I've been thinking about how we could make a bunk room *inside* the house and this is a fabulous example of that. Regarding the coffee table ... maybe one of those plexi coffee tables to take up less visual weight in the space since it's a tighter squeeze? Or a round metal drum table (something like this:

    1. Im definitely thinking round but nothing has really jumped out at me that makes me willing to trash this perfectly good (albeit wrong shaped) one.

      I have this one in Luke's man room but its a little too low but something like this would be ideal.

  2. Great idea for an extra bedroom! Have you thought about switching the placement of the sofa with the TV/credenza to balance the visual weight of windows/door/tv? I love the room's feeling of lightness and your color choices.

    1. I would much prefer that configuration (a little sectional would have been perfect in that corner) but the area behind the chair isnt a wall but an open staircase leading into the apartment. So nowhere to put a tv.

  3. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Wonderful interior and the best contrast of white and light blue color. Such a cozy room. To get a natural light you should install skylight and provide great services.

  4. You did great job remodeling the room! The rug you've chosen fits perfeclty not only with the sofa & couch, but also the walls' color. Aggie would definitely grow in a magic place :)

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