Halloween 2021: Harry Potter Comes to Brooklyn

Look I blogged!  As lonely and neglected as I've allowed this blog to become I couldn't not share the Halloween decorations.  This year's theme is Harry Potter and was directly requested by Agatha.  How could I not oblige? My big plans of making a giant mandrake may have been scratched due to lack of time but we got our decorations up in plenty of time to enjoy the absolute best season to be in Brooklyn - autumn.

And of course we will be decked out as Harry Potter characters come Halloween. If you are looking for a super easy costume that is actually warm and comfy, I highly recommend this green velvet robe for the Professor McGonagall cosplay.  It's like wearing a bathrobe. I wish it was socially acceptable to wear it around town.


  1. As always, your halloween decor is awesome! My preschooler loved seeing this as well- we're just getting into the HP series.

  2. I love the trail of spiders. Such a good touch for fans of the books!

  3. Half the fun is setting up the decor. I was wondering how did you get the spiders to stick to the glass and to the concrete banister? They are affixed quite cleanly.

    1. The spiders are just sitting there. I could tie fishing line around them but they stay pretty well without them.

      The spiders on the glass are stuck using black hot glue.

  4. Highlight of the halloween season is looking at your inspiration! Great job. I was just looking at some of your past year decorations to get me into the holiday spirit last week!

  5. Love seeing your creations each year! Thank you for sharing!


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