I'm going to need a bigger vase...

While strolling the street fair last weekend, I decided I needed some fresh flowers in the house. I stopped by a deli that happens to have a huge flower selection and didn't see anything I was too keen on except a nice green cymbidium orchid. It was $25 which really shocked me - this was the deli afterall. But the saleswoman told me it would last a month if I made a fresh cut at the base of the stem every other day. Doubtful but sold, I took it home with the idea that I would take my large vase and submerge the orchid in a zen and easy to accomplish arrangement sort of like this

image from HGTV.com

Clearly, I have issues with size. This is the biggest vase I own. Was I on crack thinking I owned a vase 3x as tall?

Its been a week and the orchid is still going strong. So maybe in another two weeks of stem cuts, I'll be able to squeeze this orchid underwater to get the look I had in mind. Until then, its very nice to come home to fresh flowers everyday.

PS: sorry for the delay in sofa photos. I have been droning on and on about this furniture delivery for months, the least I could do is show you what Ive been waiting for. Unfortuntely, Ive just been really busy with work this week and haven't had a chance. I promise Ill post a photo as soon as I get the chance.

Edited to add: Its been 9 days and the orchid is definitely looking the worse for wear. Its not terrible looking yet but there is no way its going to last a month. And yes, I have been changing the water and cutting down the stem every other day.


  1. Aw, those were our wedding flowers! I buy a stem every so often as a sentimental treat. They really do last a month!

    Try looking for gigantor clear glass vases at Target; sometimes they have them for cheap. It's nice to have something like that around to hold branches, orchids, etc.

    Can't wait to see the living room!

  2. Yep - I definitely need a much bigger vase. This one did okay to hold small branches when I had lower ceilings but I could use with some drama now :)

  3. It's gorgeous on that table. I had no idea cymbidiums could last a month! Thx for the tip.
    Michael's also has huge cylindrical vases for a bargain.

  4. Too funny, I wouldnt have had a vase big enough either. The flowers are fantastic though... glad they're lasting.

  5. i love fresh flowers - coincidence that i have post going up on fresh flowers this weekend! :o)

  6. I'm so encouraged to see that these lasted so long already... Usually, I take flowers home, and by the next morning, they're already in their twilight years.

  7. I too had no idea orchids lasted so long! I'll have to pick one up for myself as well! Thanks!


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