Much to be thankful for...

It was a very laid back holiday here. Just 5 of us, a turkey & the trimmings. We brined for the first time - I think we'll do it again for Christmas. Mr. Limestone made the turkey. I made the side dishes and an apple crumb cake that needs tweaking before I make it again.
Hoping you had a much better day than this little guy did.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I love laid back holidays! I hope it was relaxing. I'm putting up my faux-pre-lit tree and watching Christmas Vacation...nothing like tradition! I just love this time of year! =D Have a wonderful week!


  2. Mrs. Limestone: We have brined our turkeys since 1999 and have so far resisted the current dry brine craze. I am sure we will try it sometime, but not at a holiday. Why tamper with perfection?

  3. Thankful for you, Mrs.Limestone!
    Laid-back, hmm - love to see what you do when you are in high gear. (Of course we already know you are perfection!)


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