Green Day!

It's March 16 which means the insanity that is St. Patrick's Day is about to descend upon New York City. It can not be escaped.

In honor of the holiday but with a much more tasteful twist than green beer or bagels, the fab Censational Girl asked me to contribute a list of my favorite greens on her blog.


Thanks to Kate for asking me!


  1. such a cute post...yay to st pattys day!!! wish i was in ny for that! the sea of green i bet id see....

  2. great green favorites, sweet idea!

  3. Great post. Your mood board was so pretty.

  4. Enjoyed your post at Censational Girl! We like a lot of the same greens! :-)

  5. What purty green things you found. I love that colour of paint as well.

  6. How festive of you!
    Lila Ferraro
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  7. That's Great !! Will check it out now! I love Kate's blog ... :)

    Jen Ramos

  8. I read it over at Kate's. I love green.


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