Whadya wanna know : conclusion

After all of these q & a posts, you thought I was done yammering on about myself, didn't you? Ha! You'd be wrong!

These are the remainder of the questions you had in no particular order. I think I've answered all of them but if there is something I've missed or something else you'd like to know - just give me a shout.


the semi-suburbanite asked: When do you write your posts? Do you plan anything out in advance or just write whenever you complete a project/have something fun to say?

I usually outline my posts in my head before I sit down to write them. I generally write my posts a day or two in advance due to the fact I work during the day but like my posts to come out in the morning. (Don't ask me why - i just like a regular schedule.)

I try to only write posts when I have something worthy to share. I don't like to write filler posts or overload the blog with too much random stuff from the net. I feel like there are plenty of other blogs that post beautiful inspirational photos, I don't want to be another one of those. I try to include only things I do or things that I am personally really impressed by. I admit I make it harder on myself than it needs to be because of that but what can I say? I'm mental.

Photo taken at Vancouver Zoo. Is there anything cuter than otters holding hands?

the semi-suburbanite also asked: What does your husband think? How helpful/involved is he in your projects and/or parties?Oh - here are some others that might be more fun. How did you guys meet? What's the sweetest thing he's ever done for you?

He is very supportive of it (even if he doesn't entirely understand my motivation) and is extremely helpful in everything I do. He has contributed to virtually everything you see on this blog in some way - whether it was being my sounding board or sawing down wood pieces or driving me all over the eastern seaboard for supplies. I have often asked (begged!) him to guest blog because I think it would be fun to hear his side of things but he outright refuses. Maybe you guys can start a letter writing campaign?

We met the night after my prom at an after party. We just talked that night (he wasn't my date) but ran into each other again the following year. The rest was history. And yes, we've been together THAT long.

The sweetest thing he ever did for me was go to great lengths to get my baby photos. I can't even describe to you what a wonderful gift that was.

kelly@TearingUpHouses said... I really like your personal posts! i'd love to see you write more about what you think about things, what you're passionate about, your opinions, etc. it's more interesting to me when i have a face and personality behind a blog.

Its funny you say that because I feel like this entire blog is me, me, me. I'm a very open person so I'm happy to share my viewpoint on pretty much any topic (ask away!)...but I don't have any desire to "preach" about what I think unless you really want to hear about. Does that make any sense? I'm more about sharing what I doing.

If you've ever wonderd what I looked like as a child, here I am. A little monster.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! asked... Any Limestone chips planned for the future (babystones)?

Maybe. Not this very instant but I am getting older and I feel my biological clock ticking for sure. Its a very big decision and I've never been one to rush into those lightly. For me its very much about being sure I can give a child what he/she needs and I'm not sure how I can assess my own ability to do that. So for now, the answer is maybe.

Photo taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! also asked...Fave NYC haunts?

My favorite part of New York City is (naturally) Brooklyn. In case you missed it, I put together a little one day guide for tourists including my favorite spots in Brooklyn. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Anonymous asked... I was wondering what lens you are using? Do you use more than one? If so, do you have any recommendations on when to use them?

I usually use the kit lens that came with my camera b/c its the most versatile one I have. (And I'm too lazy to carry around others). I do use a few others when the occassion calls for it and I happen to have it handy. Right now I have 1 prime lens, 1 wide angle and 1 fish eye lens. I usually use the wide angle lens to take interior shots of my house so you can see more of the room in one shot. And Ill use the prime lens to take close up shots of small items like my invites.

Bookshelf Cameras 2

A Tailored Teen asked... I have the Nikon D50 also and know I should turn off the flash but how do you do that?

If you do a google search you'll find a load of answers but here is one. Please excuse me for getting preachy here but this goes for everyone: YOU MUST READ YOUR CAMERA'S MANUAL. If you haven't read it more than once you are absolutely wasting your money. There is simply no way to get good photos without understanding the basics of how your camera works. If you don't have your manual, you can read it online here.

Livinia Redlips said... You mention you don't own designer jeans or shoes - where do you shop & what do you most often wear?

I am not a very stylish person when it comes to clothing and to top it off I'm rather cheap. So I don't tend to splurge there. A good thing for my bank account but a bad thing for my image. I don't shop at any one store exclusively but 90% of my wardrobe has been purchased at: Banana Republic, Target, JcPenney, Old Navy and NY & Company.

Freckles Chick said... What's a typical day like for you?

On a weekday we both get up early, have breakfast and go off to work. Once we get home we have dinner, watch a little tv and go to bed. Exciting huh? As I've mentioned, I don't live a very glamourous life. On the weekends we try to do something fun but it all depends on whats going on in terms of errands and things we have to get done. I try to do something blog worthy on the weekends as well but I don't always get to it. We almost never go out on the town - we save our pennies for house and travel splurges.

Freckles Chick also asked... Does Mr. L read your blog?

Yep, he does. Sometimes he'll spell check for me.

Freckles Chick also asked... What's yours & Mr. L's backgrounds?

We were both born here so we are Americans. His parents are Italian. My parents were also born here but if you went a little farther back you'd find Greek, Italian and Irish relatives. Im a mutt.

Emily A. Clark aked... What is the one thing you did to best promote your blog in the beginning days?

I honestly never expected that many people would read my blog. Nor do I do much (then or now) to actively promote. I try to post about topics I find interesting in a hope to keep your interest as well. Sometimes I achieve that, sometimes I fail. So I don't have much advice for you - just do your best and readers will follow.


Michelle said... I'm heading to England in April...have you been there? Any suggestions on whats great?!

Yes, I've been to London a few times and love it. (Haven't been outside the city though.) Its one of those few cities I would like to live in. You can read about my last trip to London here.

our moving announcements

Victoria said... This is totally not travel related but I am always curious as to whether you send your invites to professional printing companies or if they are always handmade.

When I do something for myself (most of the stuff I share here) I tend to print them myself because the quantities are pretty small and I don't mind it not being perfect. When I do any work for a client, its always printed professionally.

Anonymous said... Do you ever feel like you've overdone looking at shelter media? For example, there are so many renovation blogs that I love but if I overdo it then (1) my house looks like a hovel, (2) I feel like I need to vignette my possessions, and (3) I know I'm going to scream if I see one more Keep Calm and Carry On poster/Eames recliner/Danish modern credenza/cowhide rug/Duralit toaster.I get over it when I take a little break from the Internet, but I wondered if you have a similar experience.

I definitely take breaks from shelter mags. Its too much of the same stuff and they don't show real homes as far as I'm concerned. (Real in the sense that real people without servants and a billion dollars). But I feel personal blogs are a totally different story - I get invested in the lives of the writer and I want to know what they are up to. I'm not a competitive person so I don't really compare my house to theirs aside from learning what I can from each. As for blogs that just post inspirational photos - they are nice to look at and I appreciate the time and effort it takes to do that every day, I just don't find that as interesting as the more personal ones.

Elizabeth asked... i'm looking at a bridge faucet for my kitchen without a side sprayer. i was wondering if you miss having one and would've made the same decision?

I was concerned about that as well when we decided on it. But because it was in the center of the counter, I went with form over function. I can honesty say I don't really miss the sprayer. I just move the spout around and its fine.

Heather asked... Have you considered designing as a living? I hate to think of you in a drab office everyday. And, of course, my other question is...can we be friends?

The short answer is yes and yes. I'v considered it but I'm very much a realist. Unless Martha calls or some other miracle happens, I don't think its realistic for me to start a new career at this point in my life. I'm just not that brave. So I keep that side of my brain active by running a small design business as well as blogging, crafting, etc. And yes, we can be friends :)

Naz asked...Yankees or Mets?

I not really a sports fan so I don't have a preference. Mr. Limestone is a sports fan and he is absolutely a Yankees fan.

Dana said... How/why did you start blogging?

I started blogging so I could document the renovation process. I figured it would force me to be disciplined about writing it down. The plan was to make a little book out of those photos and posts and close up shop. I never expected to blog about anything else other than the renovation but as you can see, it didn't work out the way I had expected.

Kay* said... To me, you have a very timeless classic interior design style. can you post a pictures of a room (from a design mag or some other source) that people like myself might be surprised to know you adore? perhaps it's super contradictory to how you've designed your own home or just stands out to you for some reason.& tell what you like about it!

Thanks Kay. I could name interiors unlike my own all day - there are so many beautiful styles and so little square footage! Its hard to pick just a few but the homes of both Nicole of Making it Lovely and Anna of Door Sixteen are both fabulous but completely different than mine. Each woman clearly has vision and style while maintaining a unique point of view about home design.


Allison said... Pieces of mail and magazines- I never know how to organize or where to keep them- what's your approach to your mail/magazines- and do you use any organizational tools to help?

I'm not a very organized person. For magazines, I tend to throw them away after I'm finished reading them. I do save some but I think Im going to have to clear those out too. I just don't use them often enough to justify the space they take up.

Thanks so much for reading - I take each one of your comments to heart. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about my life.


  1. These posts answering reader questions are so much fun to read! Oops...what?!? I am supposed to read the manual for my camera?! I suspected that could be the cause of my problems. Thanks...Janell

  2. What a cute baby photo! I'm going to have to try one of those resturants listed on your bklyn guide (just found it). Thanks for sharing!


  3. Stefanie, these posts are fantastic. I hope you'll continue to do them from time to time. And for what it's worth, share your opinions more! While I initially came here to read about your reno, I absolutely love the posts about your travel and of course, the invites/designer aspect of your life... even if it's a hobby {for now}

  4. PhillyLass10:09 AM

    Those moving announcements are so cool. Is that a drawing of the limestone I spy on the inside?

  5. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I love these Q&A posts!

  6. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I was wondering what design shows you like to watch if any?

  7. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Love hearing your answers to these questions!

    I have another one (albeit tiny) - in your living room, do you think a colored ceiling would look good next to the silver fox? Like maybe BM Palest Pistachio?

    i have a silver fox room and was contemplating painting the ceiling. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the Q & A session again. I love learning more about you and it is always a fun read. Love the baby photo too.

  9. I do have an additional question. When you are working on invitations and announcements, there are always these cute graphics (i.e., the nice clock). Are these drawn by you (be it on a tablet or by hand)?

    I have been getting a couple ideas (especially from the towel project!) from you and I wanted to do something like that on a pillow. I have thus been working with my tablet and photoshop trying to get my pillow design right and the question just popped into my head--I wonder if this is what she goes through!?

  10. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I love your question and answer posts! I would love to ask your opinion for the next time you do this. not sure if it's come up in the past but can you recommend a good printer for projects (not so much printing pictures)? Your invites come out fantastic and I've been shopping for a new printer.

  11. Well that was fun! Thanks for the personal tour!

  12. I was trying to leave a comment and then my google reader said that I "liked" this post. I did like this post, but I didn't even know there was the "like" button option, so now I feel stupid :)

    Anyway, I love your house and your pictures and I think the Q&A posts are fascinating!

  13. It's so nice getting to know you through these posts! It makes blog reading more interesting when you have a good sense of the person/personality behind it all. Thanks for being so candid!

  14. Yes, I did very much.....Thank you for the look inside the 'limestone life', xv.

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, and thanks for including my question. I completely agree about providing interesting blog content instead of just filler stuff (which I'm guilty of at times!). Fun getting to know you better :)

  16. lovely post...so nice to know a little bit more about the woman behind the beautiful home and pictures.
    I too work at an office and am not enough of a dreamer to leave it to do something more creative...I have found blogging to be an outlet that forces me to take time to do those things I love and document it.
    thanks for all the inspiration mrs. Limestone!

  17. This was such a fun Q&A session. As someone who runs a personal home blog with the hubs, I often wonder if I should just make life a little easier and post 10 photos from time to time as inspiration. No words, just photos. Then, after some thought, I realize that's just not my style.

    I'm mental, too.

    You're a great read, and the inspiration that I need!

  18. I love your honesty. And your kitchen sink makes me swoon. ♥♥ Ms. Kate

  19. What a cute little girl you were! (and it's nice to know i'm not the only one collecting magazines!!!)

    Hope all is well, and Happy St. Patrick's day!

  20. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I know this is going to sound odd, but since I adore your your decisions about furniture placement (so stylish and practical at the same time) I wondered what are your thoughts on cat furniture. Ok, specifically: where do you put the cat litter box? I am also a cat owner and am afraid my cat may run away if I let her out, but there just seems no sensible/discreet place to put her box! Ideas?

  21. I really should be getting ready for work now...but I just had to read every word of that post...thank you! And I loved the photos you used as well. Fabulous read.

  22. Off to read my manual. My pictures stink...I knew I must have been missing something. :) Love your blog and loved learning more about you. Thanks!

  23. such an honest q and a. i loved it!

  24. Totally fun -and informative! I think I need some new lenses. And I will be bookmarking your brooklyn tour...


  25. Very interesting. I do love reading the personal blogs as well, which is why I'm also trying to only post about things I actually do or see or think, not just random inspiration photos.

  26. As always an interesting read and it's why I come to "visit" your blog first. Great human interest piece especially the part of knowing Mr. L for so many years. I can relate with that as well.

    As a Yankee fan myself, wtg Mr. L. lol

  27. Thanks for your honest answers, it's always great to see real people and real projects! *Amy


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