Guest Post: Rebecca's Restful Nursery

Its Wednesday and its time for another room makeover! Hooray!

Meet Rebecca, author of Ella Minnow Pea (Her personal blog where she has shared her experiences buying a home, struggling with infertility and finally adoption. Not to mention beautiful design of all kinds) and owner of The Pink Orange (two words: letterpress gorgeousness!) . Today is sharing the soothing and stylish nursery she and her husband put together for a very lucky little one. I'll let her tell you all about it....


Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca and i am blogging from my little neck of the woods in Upstate NY. Mrs.Limestone writes one of of my favorite blogs and is a daily read of mine, so it makes me giddy that I am guest blogging here! I am really excited to reveal our nursery with you all and the "mini construction" project that we did.

As more of a visionary, and not always knowing how to get from point A to point B in home projects, tearing up the closet in the future nursery last year was a tad scary for us. Our house is old, just about 100 years so and is full of plaster and lathe. The nursery is small and with not much room for a dresser we decided something needed to change with the closet. We had talked about it and decided one day to just do it. However, i sometimes need time to absorb these things. I stepped out to get a cup of coffee for myself and my husband and come back to a rather large hole in the wall. He wasn't holding back - at. all. And so the fun began...

This was the wall to start. We are lucky to have fabulous, original moldings but didn't think about those details before starting. I mean really, what can we do with this space? The door is teeny, it is dark in there and without climbing into a cave-like space you can't possibly store a darn thing!

Here we are carefully tearing the wall down.

Here is the wall opened, and the {gulp} aftermath. Well, some of it.

Now, because we didn't think through the molding and we couldn't reuse what was there, we had to have a plan. A plan? So we trek over to Lowe's and spend some quality time together in the trim aisle putting together pieces that would best mimic what we had. We took a piece of our molding with us and we did pretty good. I was impressed with us.

Another thing we didn't think about? The floor. Yes, we didn't think that when we took the wall down we would have exposed sub-floor. Oh lord. What did we do now. We got some pricing to have it filled, but it would have involved more work and money than we wanted to spend. So, we talked to a very handy-dandy friend of ours. He had just redone his wood floors and had a few pieces leftover. We were able to cut pieces going in the opposite direction to form a border. We realized once the doors were on the closet the floor at that point wouldn't be exposed anyway. We then used clear varnish and surprisingly, things matched right up! I was thrilled. This was pre-varnish.

Once the floor was fixed, which set us back a bit because we weren't sure how to handle it we started working on our home study. So the entire room project took a back burner position. In the meantime, we looked for the closet system. This is what we have planned, but admittedly haven't purchased yet. We figured once we get matched we can start buying clothes. In the meantime, our stock pile of "stuff" sits in there. :-)

Here is the plan:

We actually found all the pieces we like at Walmart. The size is great and for built-ins we were pleasantly surprised at the quality.

With the excitement of blogging for Mrs. Limestone, we finished everything up. So, without further ado, i present our {95%} complete nursery. I still need to design the window treatments. Enjoy!

I may as well start with the closet! I was a tad bummed that the doors don't meet exactly, but with such a old home, nothing is square i tell ya. But overall, such an improvement from what was there.

Some of the details. One of my best friends bought us the adorable onesie. I can't wait to put it on our baby one day.

The side table was repurposed from a garage sale from years ago. It was pretty tall so we cut the legs down, stripped it and painted with hi-gloss spray paint.

The chair the bear is sitting in is also a really old garage sale find that has moved along with me all these years. We just stripped it (i think it was like 17 colors) and painted it the pop of yellow.

Now all we have to do is wait for our baby to find us. :-)

Thanks so much Rebecca. A lovely space that any baby will be snoozing in in no time.


  1. I love this post! What an adorable nursery and the closet received a very respectful makeover with keeping the molding the same as the original. The colors are all so fresh and alive. Good luck to your guest blogger in the delivery of their sweet little one!

  2. Gorgeous! The color is so close to what we painted my son's nursery and I love it, plus it can grow with them.

  3. Anonymous10:37 AM

    You should really cut and rehang those doors - it would make a huge difference.

  4. Wow, loving the nursery!

  5. Adorable! I really love the unexpected vibrant colors in the accessories that seem to jump out from the soft color palate! Love that rug and crib, too!

  6. Love it! Do you happen to have a source for the bedding, or did you make it yourself?

  7. Gorgeous room what a wonderful transformation!! I wish you the best of luck, such an amazing time!
    Take care

  8. What a cute nursery! I love that little yellow chair and the onesie made me tear up a little, I have to admit.
    Beautiful job!

  9. Love this nursery!! I need to save the pictures for inspiration!

  10. Beautiful! What a wonderful room for a little one! You did a really good job of matching up the molding and making it look original-(ish, since there's no way a home as old as yours would have a closet that big!) Good Luck on baby finding his way home!

  11. Such a fantastic room for a lucky baby! I absolutely love the wall color and all of the details. Clearly, you both put a lot of love into the room, and I wish you all the best in your adoption search!

  12. Such a wonderful job! So much love and attention to detail in this beautiful room. It's obvious that both you and your husband will be fantastic parents.
    I can totally relate to living in a 100 year old home. My first condo was in a 100 year old Victorian house. Plaster and lathe as well as bi-fold doors in a bedroom that always popped open, too!! I always said it was the house smiling at me. ;)
    Love the color of the room. What is it? Also the bird/tree wall design. Did you design it?
    Beautiful job!!! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thank you so much for the compliments everyone! It was a labor of love and we can''t wait to have a baby now even more!

    @Anon- we are so over the doors. I appreciate your suggestion, but after goofing up a few already, it just isn't going to happen that easily.

    @angi - the quilt and bumper were on clearance from PBK. I think it was called Organic Tree? I can't remember exactly. It is discontinued, but i bet if you check eBay or Craigslist, you might find something out there. The sheet is from BRU.

  14. @Pam - thank you so much! I want to do so much more in the house, but the lathe makes me loathe it! LOL
    The color is BM - Robin's Nest #618. The vinyls my husband bought as a surprise for me from Boodalee. The link is:

  15. What a great makeover! Such a darling nursery!

  16. What a fresh space with great colors! Enjoy this room! Janell

  17. love it! but really, i didn't expect anything other than a fantastic nursery from rebecca!

  18. Adorable! Great job with the closet. Whatever baby decides to find you will be very lucky to have you!

  19. Just adorable!!! I love every little thing about it! :)

  20. Yay, Rebecca! I've been waiting for this! Loooove that paint color and what you did with the closet is super impressive, we wouldn't have had the guts to handle that!!! My favorite is the wall decalls, love the modern graphic stylized vibe of them...and how the black pops against the white and blue. So cool! Praying you get your match soon:)

  21. gorgeous, you can tell they put a lot of effort and love, so sweet

  22. LOVE this space! The colors, the furniture, the accessories ~ everything is just wonderful!

    Question: Where is the beautiful, brown bedding from? It is so chic and unique! :)

  23. Beautiful room!! I love the repurposed pieces of furniture and that cool crib. Hope your wait speeds up because your baby's room is too cute.

  24. what an amazing room... you must be super proud of he end result... lovely!

  25. What a perfect nursery! I love all the details and I especially love the colors she used!

  26. What a gorgeous renovation! I just love the colors and any baby would want to be there in your arms and in this precious room. Best Wishes to you!!!!!

  27. Renovations are so difficult but you did a fabulous job.

  28. what a cute nursery. I love all the decor.

  29. Simple and adorable. You must feel so satisfied (and excited) when you are the nursery! The shelf is great. It looks like you could turn it on it's side later when you wanted baby to be able to access more toys? LOVE cubbies in the kids' rooms. It really helps them to learn order. I even turned my daughter's cubbies into a doll house

  30. Wow, what risk-takers...but it was worth it!

    Lovely nursery. I love the clean, bright, fun modern look!

  31. That is a seriously sweet nursery. I'm loving all of the modern details, especially the wall decals.

  32. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Rebecca .....You and Chris did a lovely job in the nursery.It's a breath of fresh air,I love it. I can't wait for the baby to come and play.Love Mom.

  33. OK, that wicker fish is all kinds of adorable...

  34. Darling! The closet remodel makes that space so much more functional too.


  35. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Hey thanks for the great read, you just got a new follower! :)

  36. I think it says a lot that the door criticism was posted anonymously. Just ignore it, Rebecca.

    I just LOVE those goldenrod accents against the pale turquoise walls. I also love the unique wall graphics (thanks for the link) and that fuzzy cream rug. What a terrific nursery!

  37. Anonymous9:37 AM

    people who love new house look should buy new houses and take those replacement doorknobs, ikea furniture and ticky tacky with them.

    and yes, those last 60 minutes or less to cut and rehang the door would be worth it.

    i guess those of us who can't be bothered to get an account but have some critique of !gasp! potential value are to be ignored. this screams fad - and the commenters seem to be drinking the same koolaid. sigh.

    i'd chuckle except i'm imagining the fate of the old door..... :/

  38. Wow, what a darling nursery! That is one lucky baby! The color palette is awesome!
    Would you mind sharing where you purchased your rocking chair? It's been so hard to find a good looking one and I love yours!

  39. @anon- I know how to take constructive criticism. As a designer, I have learned that not all tastes are the same, so that is how i will take your criticism of my design choices. Taste aside, like i mentioned to you above, we had already wasted plenty of doors trying to get it to hang right, and with the expense of the adoption, i am not looking to waste more money. I have better things to spend my money on. If you want to move in, you can change it since it seems to bother you so very much.

    @morgan - it is from IKEA and quite comfortable for the price point! I am tall, so it hit really nicely at my shoulders. We tried many rockers out, and this was our favorite for our budget.

  40. Looks similar to the nursery John and Sherry did over at Young House Love!

  41. Your nursery is to die for!!! I just stumbled upon your blog and thought I would say hi.

    My husband and I are 1 1/2 years into the process of adopting as well. We're waiting and slowly working on the baby's room as we wait.

    P.S. The closet looks great! Love how you re-created the moulding. :)

  42. Barbara Travis2:11 PM

    Hi Rebecca,

    Love the nursery; love your blog. My niece is going through the exact same experience, my knees hurt I'm praying so hard for you both. I hope your baby comes home soon.

    Barbara (Canada)


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