Currently obsessed with: Chalk Lettering

Not really a new thing but I am completely obsessed with chalkboard walls lately. I would love to have a whole wall in blackboardy goodness (like Kathleen's or Janell's) but aside from a little one I sneaked into the pantry door, I haven't found a good spot for one in my house.


So it will come as no surprise my chalkboard envy is full gear now that I'm obsessed with gorgeous chalkboard lettering. Specifically the work of Dana Tanamachi. Its magical!

I'm tempted to do up a wall in my office for a fun photo backdrop but its really not an ideal spot in terms of light or space.

Any of you have a blackboard wall? Want to add your two cents on if you love it or you are tired of it?


  1. L.Duncan@home23duncanboys8:35 AM

    I'm definitely not tired of it! And I love the work of Dana's too! I first saw it featured in Oprah magazine a while back.  So cool!  I could only wish to be able to create something like it.  I've tried on my refrigerator thats painted in chalkboard paint:)

  2. I'm not tired of it at all but I am curious - not having had one. What do you do with the dust? Or am I living in the stone age and there is no chalkboard dust (or not much anymore). 

    Love the graphic look - when buying art I always lean towards the words and I think that's partly why the chalkboard attracts me.

  3. We did a chalkboard wall in the kitchen of our cabin and I love it. Now if I could just get my lettering to look as good as those you pictured

  4. We love, love, love our chalkboard entry (as you know)! Before painting it, we were warned by friends that it would be a nuisance to clean and it likely wouldn't get any use - but no way! We love the smudgey chalkboard look, and Scott and I are constantly writing notes to each other on our way out the door. We have one as a back splash in our kitchen, but our entry was a perfect spot for reminders, to dos or just sweet wishes:

    And if you love chalkboard lettering, you'll love Anchor B's blog. That's her profession!

    And depending on what you'll be photographing against your chalkboard back drop, you can always just set long exposures on your tripod! :) 

  5. I really love Janelle's office!

    I'm planning on doing a chalkboard wall in the kitchen. I hope to finish it this summer (I'm so slow with projects).

  6. Jillstigs10:46 AM

    Yep...they are cool.  Loving this use:

  7. Love Dana Tanamachi as well! She was an inspiration for me to start doing my own hand lettering.

  8. Seeing all this fantastically done chalk-lettering makes me want to watch Sherlock Holmes for some strange reason. That aside, this is some amazing work and I must agree that I want a blackboard of my own to put on the wall above my computer...only I wouldn't be able to make lettering as stunning as this. Haha~

    I remember seeing a blackboard wall in a doctor's office once, though. I was looking at it and thinking it was odd that a little room right off the waiting room was painted black. But later I found out it was the playroom for the kids having to wait. The whole room had nothing but chalkboard walls, save for the window. Interesting use of it, in my opinion.

  9. Pat Taveras11:45 AM

    I have been in love with it and can't get enough of it. That lettering is amazing

  10. Wrenaria1:00 PM

    I love chalkboard walls! I don't have one, but I've been coveting this space in particular for awhile now:

    I don't know that my honey would let me chalk up a wall though - he has crazy bad dust allergies and a lot of high end electronics, neither of which agree very well with things like chalk dust.

  11. I have a chalk wall in the dining room. I love it! I am never really tired of it, and always want to change it up!!

  12. We recently did one (Easter weekend) in our mud room.  I actually do LOVE it but it is a bit of maintenance.  The kids LOVE it!  I have not posted it yet...I will probably do that this week:)

  13. I know someone who painted their guest bathroom with the chalk paint. It was a hit at parties and looked really cool.

  14. Jessica at 11 Gray9:55 PM

    I love chalkboard and I am not getting tired of it at all. I love Dana Tamagachi's work.  She is amazing!

  15. i've seen this lettering around and LOVE it. so so pretty! definitely not one thing i'm tired of seeing....yet. lol.

  16. Julie and Sarah @ 1201north11:15 PM

    We love this idea, too! So much so that we painted an entire wall in Julie's kitchen.  Wish we had those writing skills!

    Sarah and Julie

  17. The only thing I have is this little chalkboard that I made from an old clock ( but we rarely use it for messaging.  I think I'd rather do a large chalkboard wall that I could turn into an art feature than what I have now.  The ideas you shared are inspiring!

  18. We have one in daughter's nursery and love it! I've switched to using low-dust chalk, since that is kind of a pain. And I'd never use a chalkboard wall over wall-to-wall carpeting because of the dust. But it works great for us. Kids who come to visit love to draw and write on it, and we use it as a backdrop for our daughter's monthly photo session. I wipe ours down with a damp cloth (rather than an eraser) to minimize the smudges and chalk residue, but in a lot of spaces the chalky, imperfect looks is just perfect. Go for it!

  19. Stephanie (afunhouse)1:41 PM

    We actually have three blackboard walls in out home (Dining Room, Entire length of one Kitchen wall and a wall in the kids study nook) and with 4 creative kids we LOVE them! We've had ours for over 6 years and use low-dust chalk with a very minimal amount of mess. My husband made a picture ledge to hold the chalk for one of the walls and at one we hung a small metal bucket on a rope from the ceiling to hold the chalk, at the third wall we have a large clear class wide mouthed jar on the floor to hold thick sidewalk chalk. I love how our walls give a glimpse into our family personality by the art, reminders and quotes that appear at any given time. Currently the wall in the kitchen is filled with an ongoing work of art that started with the word EAT and each of us over time has added various insects, animals, monsters taking bites out of the letters. Our dining room wall is filled with conversions (1'=12" etc) after a discussion at dinner one evening and the study nook wall is filled with favorite quotes! I say to anyone hesitating- go for it! It's just paint :)

  20. I have a chalkboard wall in my kitchen & I'm always looking for cool chalkboard fonts to recreate!  Thank you so much!  I'm pinning this post ;)


  21. Anna P.4:00 PM

    I put did a whole wall (10' x 12') in the kitchen as a chalkboard wall for my two little ones and the adults end up loving it more than anyone. It looks fabulously trendy and does NOT leave dust as someone was worried about in an earlier comment. It's great for parties. We put up a table in front of it and do a big banner drawing and labels right on the wall. This was the absolute first thing we painted in our new home. Do it!

  22. Amy Parker Anderson9:40 AM

    Just found your blog and love it! Nice to see fellow Brooklyn couples! 

    We have a massive chalkboard wall in our loft...... just so happens to be one that Dana did herself. It's the perfect 'large art piece' for the kitchen/dining area and I can't imagine ever having to part with it. Plus, I never have to worry about what I'm going to use to decorate that wall..... made decorating easy! 


  23. Oh wow! How cool. Is she a friend?

  24. Restyled Home6:37 PM

    I just did a turquoise chalkboard wall as part of my new family room makeover. i love it, and it is a nice change from black or green chalkboard paint. :-)

  25. Carolyn3:37 PM

  26. Carolyn3:57 PM

    Check out my sister's Christmas card...inspired by Dana's work.  You'll appreciate it as you are so creative with all of your Christmas cards.


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