Flea Market Find: Flowering Terrarium

Im so happy to welcome back the always impressive Matthew Mead for another smart project. This time he is sharing an easy to recreate terrarium that might be the perfect mothers day gift if you just so happen to be stumped this year. As you know, I have a black thumb so it would never occur to me to put flowering plants inside a jar so I thought this was particularily newsworthy to me.

If you like Matthew's simply beautiful classic style, be sure to check out his book-a-zine, Flea Market Finds.


Making a terrarium is a great way to bring a living design element into your home. But it is twice as nice when you create your own using some favorite flea market finds.

I paired a modern glass vase I found for fifty cents with a vintage glass cheese dome to create a very interesting and special terrarium for my living room console.

The best part about a terrarium is that it is its own mini eco-system and is, for the most part, self-watering. I like to use flowering plants to add unexpected color to this focal point, but a mix of green plants will work just as well.

YOU WILL NEED: Covered glass container, small stones and indoor potting soil, a mix of plants: (we used pansies, primrose, and phlox)

TO MAKE: Layer the bottom of the container with a 1/2 inch of stones.

Top with a couple inches of soil and plant with favorite plants.

You can tend your terrarium with a vintage teaspoon and fork (used to aerate the soil).

Remove the glass top once a week for several hours to let the plants breathe.

At this time, also mist the plants lightly with a mister.

To give as a gift, simply attach a card with the care instructions.


  1. Michael A Wurm Jr9:22 AM

    That Matthew Mead is just as fabulous as ever! Love that vase and the flowers. Beautiful stuff! 

  2. Angelique11:26 AM

    Do you water the plants when you plant them at all? Or just the misting once a week?

  3. angela12:34 PM

    My cat always tries to eat my flowers so this looks like the prefect solution.

  4. This is lovely Mrs. Limestone! 

  5. I love terrariums, this is beautiful!

  6. Jordan@the2seasons9:13 AM

    I really like this idea with the pansies.  I never thought to do something as pretty as a pansy.  Enjoy your flowers!

  7. Megan@twodelighted9:39 AM

    I have been toying with the idea of making a terrarium for awhile now and this definitely fuels the fire!

  8. Jessica at 11 Gray9:21 PM

    How gorgeous!  I need to try this out.  

  9. Gretchen4:19 PM

    Absolutely love this!!

  10. Franky11:54 AM

    thanks mrs.limestone for this great gift idea! such a cute way to give someone a gift =) 

  11. Sonya Jacobs10:23 PM

    this is beautiful I'm going to try this. Hope I can get it to look like this


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