I want to make you: Trompe L'oeil Canvas bags

Ever devoted to Martha Stewart, I've haven't been quite as glued to her magazine lately because summer issues tend to be all about gardening on masses of acreage and cooking fruit you hand pick from your orchard. As someone with a postage stamp sized backyard, I can't quite relate.

But the September issue is veering back into projects I can totally get behind. Yet another reason to be excited for fall! Particularly loving these whimsical canvas tote bags which MS describes as 'trompe l'oeil' - doesn't everything sound better in French? I need one!

Thanks to the use of tshirt transfer paper, it requires zero artistic ability. Yea for Martha.

Any projects catching your eye lately? Please share.


  1. Tami @ Curb Alert!11:34 AM

    Those are adorable.  I think I will need one of each!

  2. I've seen these somewhere in the past couple of months and was surprised at how much I wanted one. They're so quirky and fun!

  3. This looks like a DIY project that I can actually do with little to no mess up!

  4. Those are just great!   I've seen them somewhere else, too, but I love the idea of making them with transfer paper.  Thanks for sharing! 

  5. Those are so cute!  I've always loved Martha too, but it cracks me up to read her tips on gardening or laundry featuring pictures of her vast gardens and lawns and her laundry room that's four times the size of my living room!!!

  6. susan starkey6:40 PM

    I'd love to do a really great shell mirror ala Nate...


  7. cute, simple but funtional. I find the similar canvas bags at www.notlie.com.

  8. what do you think of the canvas bags?

  9. I also tore this page out of the magazine -- I can't believe those little canvas pouches are from Home Depot! 

  10. Gorgeous, such a simple but clever idea.


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