What to do with old doors?

When I see an old door curbside, I can't help myself from bringing it home with me like a lost puppy. While not inherently valuable, I'm kind of obsessed with them.  So when Mr. Limestone stumbled upon a neighbor with a pile of old doors headed for the trash, he dragged a few home just for me. He completes me. :)


So now I have a little stack of doors with no where to go.   Luckily there are so many things to do with these, my head is swimming with options.  I just love this beverage bar station ...

who wants a cocktail? via Finding Home

or this simple gardening center would be pretty fabulous too...

Viveka Gill via Desire to Inspire

or maybe a great mirror transformation

i've always loved this project from Fixing It Fancy

Any other great ideas for repurposing doors?  Have you completed your own door repurposing project and want to share?


  1. Great ideas!!!
    for the source

    Greetings from Greece

    1. More info: http://www.desiretoinspire.net/blog/2009/11/19/what-do-you-call-a-collective-of-stylists.html
      Styling by Viveka Gil, Foto by Martin Cederblad.

  2. Old doors are gorgeous. However, as a homeowner who will be removing the 90 year old doors from my home soon, I do offer one point of caution. A LOT of old doors have lead paint on them. That isn't a problem if you're painting over them again or keeping the paint intact. But if you are sanding them or the doors are peeling, it can be hazard, especially to children, who are attracted to the lead paint due to it's sweet flavor. Lots of children were poisoned from the lead paint previously used it homes. We have a toddler in our house, which is why even though we LOVE our old doors, they're being taken down and disposed of - they all tested positive for lead paint.

    Anyway, not trying to be a downer, but just something to think about for anyone who wants to start a project with old doors. Some of those doors on the curb could have lead paint - it'd be worth using a lead testing kit on them, I think.

    1. As an old home owner, I can totally appreciate the need to replace or update..so I don't judge anyone replacing them.

      As for the lead issue, its pretty easy to have them professionally dipped to strip outside your home or simply paint over it . If a house has doors with lead paint on them, you can bet its also in far harder places to remedy so I can't get too worked up over it.

  3. I would (almost) kill for doors like this. My house is missing all its original doors, and I've been looking for a few years now for enough salvaged ones to match - with no luck. New doors like I want (solid wood) are priced out of the stratosphere: 800$ and up per door (which I can't afford).

    Also, some of the old hardware on these can be worth a pretty penny. I've seen anywhere between 10$ - 200$ for a set of fancy backplates.

    One of the nicer projects I've seen is a headboard (See Old Town Home's version). With the 5 panel style you have there, you could also use it as the back of an island for a kitchen, or make it into a hall tree.

  4. oh, girl. i have 2 in the basement, too :) i can't help myself.

  5. I have one that I re-purposed for a headboard. It's beautiful. And heavy! I have another one in my garage just waiting to be used. I'm considering painting it up in fun colors, and mounting it outdoors to my wooden fence. It won't actually take you anywhere. But maybe behind it, mounted on the fence, there's a chalkboard or a picture or something. I don't know. Sounds crazy maybe? In my head, it's really whimsical and fun.

  6. Beautiful - especially the finger plates there. And don't worry about the lead paint, you can have these doors stripped (yes, I know it costs, but) and then give them any paint finish you want - or not! All the doors in this house had been stripped when we bought it, but were in such bad condition that they have been filed, sanded, filled in, and are all now the colour of the cream at the top of the milk (or as Dulux calls, it Barley White). Enjoy your doors!

  7. I've seen doors curbside but none as lovely as what you've found. My favorite idea is the bar. xoKathleen

  8. OOH such pretty ideas, I vote for gardening center or adding a mirror! Both are fantastic projects and totally usable :)

  9. Great post! What a fantastic idea to repurpose the doors!love keeping up with your blog! Have a wonderful week!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  10. Love, love... love these!
    I want to create something like this bar in the first image for our balcony (not for alcohol or such, though) but haven't found the right vintage door yet.

    P.S.: Have you tried using https://www.tineye.com to find the source for the middle image?

  11. I have seen them turned on their side with a little crown molding trim at the top and used as a headboard. So cute! I also fell in love with Brittany's door coat rack. I will have one of them some day when I have a mud room. http://www.prettyhandygirl.com/2010/08/coat-rack-made-from-old-door.html

  12. I have seen old doors with glass panels used as a photo board with photos behind the glass and then hooks placed under photos to hang coats etc!!

  13. I would sell them to your neighbor across the park who needs 5 panel doors. *chateaucastle@gmaildotcom*

  14. I have an old door- a freebie from a friend. Was planning to make a desk or table out of it.

  15. Wish I could do this with the old doors I just removed from my playroom and in-home classroom, but its a rental :/


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