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{27 jan 2007}

The crazy lot of people who bare their renovated souls to the world (aka houseblogger types) have been "tagging" other blogs to reveal 5 things you wouldn't know about the author. One of the This Old House blogs Shelter Life tagged me. Cool to know that people are actually reading my ramblings :)

That challenge is a little too easy since, unless you know me personally, you don't know anything about me. And this blog is really about the house. So Im going to do a 5 things about the house you probably don't know.

1. This house was inhabited by an actual living person less than 1 year ago. Yea, hard to believe right? The guy that lived here spent decades in this house with his family over the years. I suppose they moved out/died off and then it was just him. Its hard to imagine how anyone could live in this house considering its state of neglect. And from what I understand, it was much WORSE when he was living there then when we got it! How is that possible?
2. The purdy hall stand that is damaged and needs to be rehabbed was likely broken by the fools who moved the old furniture out of here a few months ago. How can it be that this hallstand stood unharmed for over 100 years and some guys carelessness ruined it in two seconds? They could have at least had the decency to leave the broken carved dragon leg so I could have repaired it easily! Now we have to remove the remaining dragon leg and come up with an alternative since getting a matching one made is going to be out of the budget.
3. The neighborhood is a little enclave for movie filmings. Dog Day Afternoon, Smoke, Angie and As Good as It Gets were all filmed with a couple of blocks of the house.

4. Thanks to the very cool Brooklyn Eagle newspaper archives made available by the Brooklyn Public Library, I learned our street was first paved in 1872.
5. It's very beautiful and witty owner, Mrs. Limestone, really should be at the house in thermals and a parka working on the house rather than sitting here in a warm house wasting time on a blog.

Ok, I did it. Now you're it:


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the tag, but someone already beat you to it. For my somewhat random list o' fives, go here:

    Great site! I'll be reading ;)

  2. Checkin' you out babe! Looks great, have lots to catch up on. Thanks for checkin' out my journal over on eBride.tv <--- I forgot I was a member here! Maybe I should move mine over? Ugh, who has the time :-)


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