Down to bizness...
{13 jan 2007}

I won't drone on and on about the minutua of all the changes we are making. It is probably evident if you've seen the photos of the house that it needs a total overhaul. In case it wasn't so obvious, lets make it clear: it needs a total overall.

The challenge is to make it new without destroying all the old stuff that gives it personality. Example: Subway and accent tile in upstairs bath is very cool and would love to have a bathroom tiled just like it. At the same time the existing toilet doesnt flush, pipes leak, the walls are all cracked and the ceiling is falling in. See where Im going with this?

So as we wait for the magical fairy of renvoation money to arrive, we continue to work with our architect on plans to redo the layout, redo all the plumbing and electrical, put in new kitchens and baths as well as pick out finishes we can both agree on (do these exist?). In the meantime, we'll start tacking smaller DIY jobs of salvage and restoration.

This weekend was our first crack at the house.

Hmmm..crack..thats kind of a "theme" with this house. You all know how I love when a thing all ties together. Everything is cracked from floor to ceiling. We are on crack for considering it. Its going to cost us what a heavy crack habit would add up to for Whitney and Bobby!

More to come...

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