Behold, the power of bleach.
{04 march 2007}

As an update to the Save the Tile post earlier, I wanted to update you on the status of those little ceramic babies we've been cradling around the past few weeks.
Tried oxyclean, fantastic, windows and a few other household agents. They did an ok job but I finally broken down and brought out the 5 gallon jug of bleach. I hate using bleach b/c Im very clumsy and I invariably end up ruining my clothes or nearby upholstery.
But I put my curtains and pants at risk and put the tiles in a 1/2 solution of bleach.
Behold the before and afterBleachingTilesBeforeAfter
Ive marked the before one as "dirty" in case you missed the difference.


  1. Hey there girl, just an FYI, I started my blog over here (lots to recap/recreate) - seems better fit than! Anyway, my location is My Old Gem here. I'm not stalking, I promise!


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