The thrill of the hunt.
{21 march 07}

As those with old homes know, it can be frustrating to find a good fit for a missing piece. We are grateful for not having too many of these missing puzzle pieces but there are a few. Case in point, the missing summer cover for the upstairs fireplace. Its not working but it looks a little sad with that wooden box, don't you think?


So we went a'hunting for fireplace covers in our travels. Not really being flying cherub or deer lovers, we weren't finding a whole lot in the summer cover department that suited our fancy. And on the few occasions I did find one with a design I could live with, it was $500 or more. A little too rich for my blood.

And then one afternoon on ebay, I feel into a seller that seemed to have some nice things. One of his fireplace covers caught our eye so Mr. Limestone made him an offer he couldn't refuse. To save on the shipping we took a little trip out to his house which also allowed us to poke around his other items The guy was nice enough to let us loose in his barn full of architectural salvage. (Makes me really want a barn but Ive taken that dream out back and drowned it - even if there was room in our backyard for a barn, I can't handle any more construction in this lifetime). We didn't find any other goodies to bring home with us that day but it was a good trip. In case you're curious, here are his items for sale:

Anyway, we loaded this one in back of the car and it's a perfect fit.
It needs a good cleaning and some fresh paint but its pretty much ready to be installed.


  1. And a perfect fit too! Score.

  2. Anonymous10:04 AM

    What a great resource thanks! And your summer cover looks beautiful.. I didn't even know what a summer cover was until I read your post and now I want one :)


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