The Medicine Cabinet Uncovered.

As I may have mentioned before, the person who sold us this house had it totally cleaned out before putting it on the market. From what we hear, she did it at personal expense and aggravation to herself since she had to hire people to do this for her and the house was full of junk. So we know we should be grateful that we didn't have to do all the heavy lifting there.

But with that said, Mr. Limestone and I mourn the loss of all old junk that once took up residence here. I know it was of no value but we have a sort of reverence for old things...even ordinary things. So when we took possession of the house, we started opening cabinets and looking in ceiling tiles for old forgotten stuff. Much to our shock, we really didn't find any. Whoever did the clean out, did a good job of taking everything - even scrapes of paper or things like that you would expect to find.


But a few days ago I was in the pink scary bathroom (I try to avoid this room whenever possible) and happened to slide open the cabinet. EUREKA! Must have missed looking in here when we did the search earlier. Inside were an assortment of toiletries considerably older than me. Some things I recognize: ponds face cream, secret deodorant, etc. Some things I don't recognize like oil of wintergreen. Still pretty fun to find these things in the way they were packaged decades ago. My favorites are the oil of wintergreen that came from Ballards pharmacy and the Camphor that came from Neergards. Those in the area will recognize those two as the pharmacies our mothers went to when we were sick (before Rite Aid and CVS were on every other corner).

I don't know how old the bottles are. Anyone know when Ballards pharmacy was "South 8-1325"? And what is Oil of Wintergreen good for anyway?


  1. Wow those are amazing! What a great find! I've been reading along and can't wait for you to show more.

  2. WOW. No other word for it.

    Did you guys ever make it down to Recycling the Past? What did you think? Comparison to the PA place?

  3. Anonymous6:53 PM

    love those old products! i bet you can do some really cool still lifes with them.

    did you try sniffing them? :)


  4. Anonymous9:23 AM

    just started from the beginning, you're so brave!

  5. Anonymous9:23 AM



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