The sound of crickets interrupted.
{20 may 2007}

Err, ahem. We are a bit red-faced about not having any interesting tidbits to share on this blog for a while. I wish I could tell you that the reason for the Internet silence has been a bluster of activity and our renovations are now complete. Unfortunately for us, its much less happy news. Nothing much has been happening. Or I should say nothing blog worthy.

We've had a few more marathon sessions with our architect to finalize plans but we have at least one more long meeting to go. I wish I had some cool photo of the plans with red marks all over but we handed those to the architect.

We've made some good progress on figuring out what our heating/cooling system will be but we haven't finalized anything. And there really is nothing to show for that anyway until it gets installed.

We are very close to bid packages and getting started...but not quite there. We are trying our best to sit on our hands and be patient. Being the visual person I am, I haven't had anything to show you for our efforts. Therefore, no posting.

The one good thing we've done is that we made some and are close to some other final decisions about the various fixtures around the house. Since a lot of these plumbing items seem to have extremely long lead times, we figured we best get cracking. Thus far, we've got the following on order/about to be ordered.

pushbutton.jpgThese bad boys end up costing considerably more than their modern toggle switch brethren but since its what's there now, it seems right to replace them with like. At least for the parlor floor.





Trying to be true to our restoration hopes, we've tried to find some older items on ebay. Mr Limestone ordered some Victorian corbels and I found a period lighting fixture. Corbels came the other day smashed to bits and the lighting fixture never arrived. So while Im still a fan of ebay, Im pretty soured on it right now. I guess we'll have to stick to local sources for a little while until my anger has receded.


  1. Anonymous6:33 PM

    May I ask a couple questions? What are the model names/manufacturers of those 2 sinks? And is that 2nd sink for a kitchen or is it a sit-on-top for a bathroom counter?

  2. Sure.

    First sink photo is a Kohler Bancroft 30 inch pedestal. Home Depot sells the smaller version if you want to see it in person.

    The second one is a fireclay kitchen sink. Its made by Rohl and its the Shaw Original 30 inch.

  3. Anonymous1:14 AM

    I just love the shower piping and head you have posted here. If we ever get around to doing our bathroom, that's exactly the look I want.

  4. reading this dated blog b/c I'm trying to find some 411 on heating system....our new home has oil and we want to convert to gas but looking for a qualified plumber who is not tripling their prices has been surprisingly tough - would you be able to assist in this matter with recommendation?



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