Going underground.

Before I show more of the painting progress, I want to go subterranean and welcome you to the "man room". As you may have noticed, the upper floors aesthetic decisions have been mostly decided by me. But Mr. Limestone needed his own space too so we decided to finish the basement space off to serve as manly rec room, storage space, mechanical and utility rooms. Everything you see here was all his decision. And while I may not have been in total agreement on all of his choices, I've stayed mostly silent (which is a real feat for me) and it has turned out much nicer than I had expected.

The whole house looks so much different than it did when we started, the cellar space is the most transformed. Since there was nothing really to restore, it was the most straightforward floor in the whole house.

Here is what the space looked like on inspection day. Considering the condition of the rest of the house, this space being totally cleaned out and with fairly high ceilings (for an underground space) was a nice bonus.

Once the work got started, the transformation was fairly quick.
The back room was framed off for the mechanicals, a front space was walled off for the utilities, main water, etc. Then sheetrock went up to mark off the storage space. the half bathroom and the "man" space.
Slate tiles got installed in the half bathroom. Ceramic tiles that look sort of like wood went down on the floor.
Plywood was added to the back of the existing open stairway. Bathroom fixtures got installed.
Finishing touches and paint completed the job. (BM Metallic Silver on the walls, China White trim, Glossy Black for the Stairs)

Its really the only finished floor right now. We do plan on adding some shelves for storage but I'm going to just go ahead and say mission accomplished down below. (insert manly grunt here)


  1. I say he did a great job, I could never give up the control , good for you , but you did have a lot of house to play with , I love the floors I wondered if they were tile, I am not sure why but under ground tile makes sense to me too, and the look of wood , wonderful.
    You are lucky to have a husband with taste , many women , not me included , have cave man husbands when it comes to taste.

  2. I think he did a great job. Your husband have great taste. And allthough it's a completely different look, it still suits the house. I would never have dared to let my husband have free hands, but he might surprize me too.


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