Is it wrong to love a closet?

Love is probably the wrong word but its the one that immediately comes to mind. I love it so much I didn't move my clothing out of their boxes (Ive been living out for the past 5 months)because I don't want to make it ugly with the addition of my rag tag wardrobe.
Her Closet
If you've been following along you may remember my angry rant about how these closets are a pain to put together. They absolutely are - no question about that. But now that its finished and all in working order, I've forgiven Container Store.

This closet is not big by most standards (approx 6 feet by 3 feet) but its quite big compared to my prior closet. Its also pretty huge by NYC standards. Most importantly, it maxmizes the space and is pretty to look at.

I wish I could transport you into my closet so you could feel the serenity that comes over me when I walk into this little box. Until a blog to home transporter is invented, this frankenstein like photo merge of my closet will have to suffice.
What you are seeing is all three walls of the closet (the fourth wall has the door) arranged into a flat panorama. Have no fear, my walls are not bowed like this nor are you on a weird home renovation acid trip.

Off to find pretty hangers now.


  1. Your closets are splendid! They are larger than my humble ones (which are miniscule by the standards of the monster-home city where I live)!

    I love the idea of having proper places to put belts and scarves and such...

  2. I am glad to hear that it finally came together , looks amazing
    I should do that to my closet.

  3. It looks lovely! For hangers, may I suggest the Huggable Hangers ( Hate their name and their website but I picked some up at Target the other night - they're great. Very slim but sturdy - they come in pretty colors and types. I'm going back for more when I get a chance.

  4. I have never found a blog where everything the homeowner has done, I would absolutely do myself...till now!! Your home is gorgeous and I am wiping the drool off my keyboard as I type...

    Fantastic reno!!
    ( I am SO adding you to my links!!)

  5. Thanks Teri, Chris & Linda.

    Jenny - Those were the very hangers I was looking at. I just need to find them. I saw them at Target but they had gold hangers so Im trying to find them in chrome.

  6. Anonymous12:28 AM

    These closets are awesome. I need to do something to my closet, I barely open it for fear of it crashing down on me.

  7. I was about to suggest Target for the hggable all beat me to it! would be awesome to have an organized closet like yours. Currenty I have rods, shelves, an odd shoe rack, a highboy, and two red Craftsmen tool chests in there (I use them as dressers, and sad as it sounds, they are my favorite part of the closet!)

  8. You might check out The Hanger Project ( for beautifully designed ones.

    Wish I'd known what you do when we bought our house -- it was down to the studs and there are a number of things that I would do differently now... Keep on keepin' on...

  9. Was at Bed Bath & Beyond this morning and they sell 50-hanger packs of slimline hangers with chrome instead of gold. I only saw black and tan for the colors of the hangers though. Thought I'd pass that along in case you were still looking.


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