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First off, thanks so much for your input on the guest bedroom. It realy helps me narrow choices down to hear the great suggestions you've provided. And if you have any other ideas, please keep them coming. I think Im going to try to go in the direction of the charcoal grays with some sort of accent color. I say try because Im having a hard time envisioning but I found some bedding that has cream and charcoal in it on super clearance sale. So now thats on the way, I'll hold off until it arrives to see if Im in the right or wrong direction. More to come.

And since Im in a moving forward in the bedroom, I figured I might as show you my progress in the dining room too. The changes are hardly monumental but Im excited to see something other than a pile of boxes in here (and yes, I moved the pile o boxes into another room just so for the photos)

We sat down for our first dinner at the table last night and boy was that WEIRD. In our last house, we didn't have a dining room and our kitchen table was a tiny two seater. Very cozy. This time around we had to get up to pass each other things. So not used to that. But hey, I wanted a dining room! When we get some more chairs, I'll sit catty corner.

If you recall from my earlier post asking how to hang a curtain in here, I ended up using a tension rod. It was a bit difficult to hang - ladders and I do not mix. But I finally got it up there and it hasn't come crashing down just yet. The drapery is REALLY heavy so Im a little bit suspect about its staying power but I'm going to hope for the best on this.
I was looking for a slightly more hefty looking tension rod for a while but only came up with this one. Now thats its up, Im glad its very sleek and simple. There is enough going on up at the ceiling without having more to look at. This just does the job.

Im not sure if I mentioned it but I scored this inverted pleat silk taffeta panel on Ebay for 1/4 of what its selling for new. Sweet! The one problem with that was that it arrived squished into a box and extremely wrinkled. I dry ironed it a bit but it didn't get it where I want to be. Im concerned steaming it will ruin the fabric. Anyone know if its okay to steam the wrinkles out of silk?

Speaking of window treatments, you may notice that I put the frosted film on the bottom half of the windows. Did this weeks ago for modesty sake while I figured out what I was doing in here. But its really starting to grow on in me in that modern meets traditional way I tend to go for. What do you think? Is it just that Im getting used to seeing it and its really ultra tacky? Feel free to be honest.

As I already mentioned, Im totally loving the tufted pattern chairs. They are making me so happy that I didn't paint this room a non cream color because I would have never picked this pattern. And in other seating news, you may have spotted my stools.
I bought them on our last trip to Ikea as a "we will use them for now while I find something better" sort of deal. They were only $12.50 each so really quite a steal if you ask me. They aren't perfect - they are tad more Asian in the styling than I'd like - but they do the trick. I like how the tuck under the counter neatly and they are surpringly comfortable to sit on. I definitely need one more but until I find something I much prefer, these are here to stay. Im on the fence about whether I should paint them or not. Im in the "not" category today, who knows what tomorrow will bring?

And in honor of the newly arrived season of spring, I had to share the view out of the guest bedroom window. Im not one to be taken by everyday scenery but I the sky was too blue for me to miss. (There is a silver lining to not having window treatments!) Happy Spring/Easter/Purim/weekend everyone.
View from my window


  1. Lovely- love the tension rod, the curtain looks gorgeous - the asian benches are great as is. Love the chairs!

  2. It looks so perfect, where did you find that tension rod I have not seen one in black it appears to even have some details.
    I think the film is nice actually , not tacky, I have the same in my bedroom because I feel everyone can see in , but I don't have a double hung window like you where it looks very intentional , mine looks like it just stops, and it has an awful texture, it was too temporary , I just don't know what elsed to do , I need privacy but I like the windows exposed during the day ???
    It looks so very inviting in the kitchen dining room, score on the drapes, I know when I worked in retail we steamed silk garments and it was never a problem , sun light it more harmful.
    Well done as always.

  3. Thanks PVE!

    Thanks Chris. The rod is the Umbra Corretto tension rod. Its sold on Amazon (link below).

    The frosted film was the type they sell at Home Depot. Pretty easy to install with some windex and a squeegie. The hardest part is cutting it just right. Ive seen some much more fabulous patterned options online too.

    Good to hear about the steaming..I might get up the nerve to try it. I know the sun might damage the drapes at some point but short of keeping them closed all day, I'll have to deal with it. Yet another reason I can't bring myself to spend $469 on a drapery!!

  4. I have to say I'm glad to hear the stools are temporary...they're nice though. I like the film, and I love the close up picture of it in your kitchen...that flower pot looks sweet there

  5. Yes, you can totally steam your drapes. Do it while they're hanging up so their weight helps pull out the wrinkles.

    If it'd been me and my husband we would've eaten at the bar. ;)

  6. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Might want to check out Room and Board for your living room furniture. Reminded me of your couch that you "lost" Sorry to be so brief, lost my whole entry that I wrote earlier UGH
    Thanks for sharing your home!


  7. Lovely photos -- may I ask where you got that canister-style ceiling fixture by your kitchen window?

  8. The pendant lights are by Hinkley and are in their "Knickerbocker" collection. They were about $100 each.

  9. I would love your star fish , thanks. What did you use them for ?

  10. WOW! Really, really pretty. Absolutely love your chairs especially!
    I kind of dig the Ikea stools. To me they look slightly Early American/primitive, maybe because of the square pegs holding them together?
    One note about steaming the drapes: do it from the BACK side, because even a small spot of water from the steamer will stain the silk side. You could just hang the panel in the bathroom, crank up the hot water and close the door for 10 minutes, too. That way there's no way water will get on the silk.

  11. Oh yeah, and about the film stuff...If you are happy with how it looks in person, then it must look good, so I'd say keep it.

  12. love everything! looks great!

    if you are on the street level you may want to keep the film. seems fine from the photo.

    As for the tension rod - i have lived in only old apts in old houses/brownstones...and have had to come up with creative techniques for keeping things up.

    I use different sizes of CUP HOOKS - they make then in incredibly large sizes - like 2 inch - which should do for your rod - they don;t make huge holes and you can do them with a nail and hammer to start the hole or a drill if you have one and know how to use it! and then just screw the cup hook in and place the rod on it. the beauty is that you can use the tension part of the rod AND the cup hooks as well - and you can space them along the rod to provide the support you need.'

    you may have to spray paint them black to match your rod ;o

    good luck!

  13. Those stools are a steal. I saw something comparable at Pottery Barn for 100+.

  14. I like the tension rod, very simple. I've never been one for big, decorative curtain rods.

    And I really like the frosted film on the window.

  15. Those dining chairs...sigh...they are dreamy!!
    Thanks for stopping by and giving me your opinion on my "new look"!!


  16. Wow, your home is lovely! I stumbled upon your site through pve design, I will definitely be back to see the progress.
    those floors are to die for.

  17. i'm sure you've posted it and i've missed it, but what color is your kitchen/dining room? i've been looking for that pale creamy color!!


  18. It is all looking great! You are really to the fun stage of seeing your furnishings in the room!

    You are lucky you can sit at your dining room table, we have an antique one that is lovely but it is SO short tall people hit their knees!

    I love the tension rod, I hope it will hold for you! And I actually like the Ikea benches, that is an AWESOME deal!

  19. Coveiter: The color on the wall in my kitchen is called "Woodland Snow" if I remember correctly. Its by Benjamin Moore. Its very pale cream..its almost white.

  20. great, thanks. i currently have bm scarecrow in the kitchen/dining/living/master bedroom and i'm dying to change it for something much creamier and lighter, especially in the living/master bedroom. i must say, you and you're home are a total inspiration! i'm so happy i discovered your blog!



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