Oh little tree, grow some privacy for me.

If you notice in my backyard post, all the photos are cropped to avoid the view beyond my property. That is not accidental - I have a pretty unattractive view back there. So now that we no longer have an unruly jungle blocking a view right into my house, we need to add something to back. And a little shade in a our full sun, southern facing garden wouldn't be too bad either.
Leyland Cyprus
I think we are going to go with the Leyland Cyprus because its a fast and high growing evergreen. Ive done a little research and it seems very unpopular with the chic gardening crowd as they deem it ugly. Granted, its not really a beauty like a dogwood or cherry blossom but those trees won't be very good for privacy either. And I don't think they look THAT bad.

If we can find them, we'll put 7 seven foot trees in a row at the back of the planting area and then fill up the front with low lying junipers and hopefully some flowers for color.

Im waiting for a price on how much this costs me. A good thing about having a small backyard is that it really cuts down on the cost of putting in trees. Who knew gardening is just as an expensive hobby as interior decor?


  1. I don't think they are bad , I understand wanting some privacy, who wants to keep their blinds closed all day. I wanted to rebrick my very small front walk last summer until I found the quote to be $5000.00 which I felt could be spend better else where.
    Oh I found the posting of "my" chair on one of your comments, go figure. Like finding a needle in a hay stack.

  2. One of my comments? How odd!!

  3. Just make sure you give them enough space and let them fill in. I see so many people wanting privacy that plant trees that are going to be huge and stick them in a row with about six inches of space between them.

    And yes, I think gardening can be an even worse hobby than interiors because I finally came to a stopping point (for now) where I am happy in my home but my garden is forever needing a little more cash influx to make it happy. Also, the new paint job in the bedroom doesn't need watering three times a week in the summer.

  4. There isn't going to be much room between them. The whole point is getting some privacy right away. So there will be a couple of feet between each.

    We have a gardener doing the sourcing and the planting for us and he is the one that suggested these. He says the closer they are planted, the faster they will grow high. So thats a good thing. At least for now.

    In a decade or so, we may decide to pare them down if they get too unruly. I would think they wouldn't get THAT big b/c there is only so much dirt under there. I'd imagine the effect is sort of like growing a tree in a really big pot. It limits its potential.

  5. Anonymous10:54 PM

    My Aunt suggested them to me as well.

    I think it's a good alternative to bamboo (which I'm currently exploring for areas of my yard as I would like to have privacy + a tranquility garden for shooting).

    I really don't understand why one who loves gardening would balk at a backdrop of evergreen - I certainly wouldn't.

    I can't wait to get my hands dirty this year.

    Hey, why couldn't I post as myself?

  6. The Leyland Cyrpus is a really nice evergreen. The drawback with bamboo is that it can be very invasive if you don't plant it properly.

  7. i think as long as you keep your garden area tidy (which we know you will) anything will look nice. this sounds perfect.
    gardening is kind of sneaky as far as money. you think "it's natural and pretty...how much could it be?" then you see the price tag...and the price to pay someone to do it! wow.
    but worth it.

  8. there's nothing wrong with those, IMPO. Have you considered, though, the Green Giant Thuja? Since you don't have a deer problem like we do, they might do really well for you (deer think they're like candy and will leap a 6 foot fence to get to them)--they are really very inexpensive but they grow 3 FEET a year, which is outlandishly fast for evergreens. You can buy literally three for $100 (not a typo) at several online nurseries and they shoot up quickly.
    Just something to consider, since 7 foot trees are generally very pricy. Also trees of that size are very very heavy, often requiring equipment, which is difficult to maneuver into tight spaces, plus they require HUGE holes to be dug (which is also very expensive assuming you're not an idjit like me and figure you can do it yourself. Heh.)

  9. Leylands are crazy wrong. They will have to be yanked in a few years.


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