Slow but progress is being made...

Ok, slow is probably an understatement. How about painfully slow? But I finally hung the drapes in the master bedroom.
Master Bedroom CurtainsMaster Bedroom Curtains

They don't totally block the light but they do a pretty good job of it. Certainly enough for us to sleep late when we want to. So happy I can cross this off my to-do list!

No progress on the bedroom furniture hunt - Ive sort of given up for now and will live with my makeshift setup until I can find something I really like. Please feel free to drop by with suggestions if you have any.


  1. Hey, hanging curtains is a VERY big deal in our house. Usually b/c it entails lots of tears and a few shouts. Looks great, and I personally like a little bit of light coming through. Without that, I'd never know when to get up on the weekends! :)

  2. What kind of bedroom furniture are you looking for? I mean, what type of look are you wanting to achieve?
    I assume you've checked out Ballard and Brocade along with all the usual suspects like Restoration and of course PB....

  3. King St - Yep, checked all the usual places. I really wanted a dark wood framed upholstered tufted headboard (I posted one a few weeks ago that I can't find anywhere) but no luck. And then I needed some dark wood end tables and a chest. Im not really into matchy matchy bedroom sets. I want things to go together without being a set.

    So in short - Im being a total pain in the butt!

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  5. just wanted to mention that I discovered some beautiful drapery liners (very reasonable price) in Fabricland here ...a huge fabric shop that has recently begun to carry cushion covers, drapery panels and rods...maybe you have something similar... it probably would be nice to have less sun and transparency....

  6. Ohhh that's right--it was sort of a French Provincial style, almost.
    How about checking out the Greenflea at 76th and Columbus one weekend? Or even eBay? What I am thinking is that you could find one in a state of some disrepair and have it reupholstered (and stained if needed).
    Hell, if you wanted to be brave you could probably reupholster it yourself: no sewing necessary, just a heavy duty staple gun (which I know you must have) and some upholstery glue for the trim. Tufting it could be a PITA but otherwise, easy peasy.

  7. Ebay has some great antiques but as far as Ive seen are always the wrong size. I guess queen beds are some sort of moder invention.


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