The final renovation before & after?

Hmm..could it be that this is the final renovation update? Hard to believe. Have I missed anything you want to see? Of course, there is a lot more in the decor category but putting the renovation part behind me seems almost surreal.

Unfortuntely, I didn't leave a very exciting one for last. You've already seen this one in other posts (power of paint & flush me down) guest bath update And on top of that, there isn't that much of a change in here. But just for completion sake, I figured I'd do a post dedicated to the upstairs/guest/hallway bathroom. (We haven't really settled on what we call it yet)

This is the upstairs bathroom as we found it when we bought the house
The sink that got resprayed and reinstalled in its original location
And the tub that got moved downstairs, resprayed and painted silver for the parlor bath

If it were possible, we would have loved to keep most everything in here as is and just clean it up. But that wasn't really an option as we had to replace all the plumbing and electrical. We did save as many of the wall tiles as we could and reused them in our kitchen backsplash. We were also able to keep the sink here and repurpose the clawfoot downstairs. I think we did the best we could in terms of re-using what we had in a practical way.

This bathroom is the smallest and will likely be the most abused in terms of future guests and children. So as a trade off to some of the splurges we made in the other bathrooms, we went with a low-key (read: cheap) plan in here. The wall tiles are the same stock ceramic subway tiles & trim we used in our master bathroom. The floor tiles are an unglazed ceramic black & white hex that seemed vintage without being expensive. (I had originally wanted to do a pattern that included square and hex tiles in a custom pattern for the little floor but after seeing some of the early issues we had with our contractors, I decided to keep it simple and get the black and white hex.) The toilet is a Toto Promenade, the faucet are Kohler Pillar Taps and the tub is a Kohler run of the mill cast iron.

As you might see from the photos below, we had to give up the window in here in exchange for a place for other ducts, vents, and piping. Sad to see it go but it was worth it to not have soffits in my opinion.

The one thing we did in here that I would call a splurge was adding a skylight. Its a small thing really but it makes this very small room seem a lot more spacious when there is some natural light filtering in from above.

Some in progress photos
2ndfloorbathDSC_0016DSC_0015DSC_0014DSC_0238DSC_0287DSC_0202DSC_0157DSC_0160DSC_0024DSC_0092DSC_0093Second Floor Hallway BathroomDSC_0325.JPGHall Bathroom RepaintedDSC_0124.JPG

And without further ado, the offcial "after" photo
2nd floor Hall Bath

I don't think Ill add much more in here except for a little care package when we have the random overnight guest. Honestly, I still don't love the paint color but Im trying to make it work with the striped shower curtain from Target and keeping everything else pretty bare. Other than that, its a cute little bathroom that gives a nod to the vintage style I really love without being impractical.


  1. Another beautiful room! Well done. I love all of the vintage touches.

  2. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Love it! I love that color and think it looks sophisticated but cozy. Whee! Also, congrats on being nearly done!

  3. I love it , it is perfect, the color is great , but all your colors are.
    The floor tiles weren't expensive , wow , I thought those were pretty pircey , around here anyway , I would love them in my powder room,someday.
    The shower curtain is really nice , I love the stripes.

  4. Bathroom envy! Floor tiles are a hit with me for sure.

  5. Nope - its really inexpensive. I didn't buy from this source but here they are for $7/foot.

  6. It is gorgeous! I love it! I'd love to be a guest there! :-)

    Happy renovating!


  7. I don't mind the color, but perhaps when it does come round to changing the color, a silver grey. Black accents always make an all white bathroom look chic, What about a greek key border on the towels and shower curtain?

  8. Anonymous9:54 PM

    If you need a guest to test run it for you I could use a break from my 2 toddlers!! It's beautiful!

  9. Pve - thats exactly what I would prefer...i cool gray. (I thought I was getting a gray with my original color choice but I was very wrong).

    That said, its likely going to be least used room of the entire house so repainting isn't on the priority list. By the time it does make it on the to-do list, the styles may have changed :)

  10. Wow , everything is expensive in NY then ? its about $25 for most power tools a day to rent most tools are very high quality , and hundreds of dollars to purchase, I will remeber that when I add these cost to my projects.
    I only rent things that I wouldn't use often , like a tile saw or post hole digger stuff like tha, I have a single car garage and its full full so there is no room for extras.

  11. OMG I just got that source for tiles thanks, that same tile is $30-$40 dollars here , big difference.

  12. $30/foot for ceramic tiles??? Thats nuts. My marble tiles weren't even that expensive.

    But yes - renting power tools is really pricey. I assume its because of the liability insurance required but I could be wrong. There isn't much competition so it may just be that.

  13. Anonymous4:15 PM

    HI there. May I ask the name of your wall color in the bathroom. I believe I may have the same shower curtain (Crate & Barrel?) and am having a hard time finding a color that matches. Your home is beautiful! Thanks!!!!

    I also sent you a PM on WC! :-)

  14. dstith7:05 PM

    I have the same shower curtain! What color paint did you use? I've been trying to find the perfect color and this one looks great!

  15. Oh how I love this blog. It reminds me that I'm not the only crazed old home lover out there. We are in the process of renovation a 1905 Denver Foursquare, and are redoing the bath. Also going with glorious subway really can't beat it. Thank you again for your pictures!

  16. Charlene @ Sweetchic6:29 PM

    Wow, what a stunning transformation!

  17. I love your bathrooms!! Any chance you could share a floorplan with approximate placement of sink, toilet and bathtub for this and masterbath? Or dimensions?
    All the best,

  18. Hi Mrs Limestone! I have visited your site on so many occasion and fall in love over and over again with your designs, I also eat my heart out with envy, without envy just pure happiness for you and your family.
    For the past 8 months or so I have been trying to find a reasonable priced plumber who could install a pedestal sink, toilet and shower body in my NYC rental to no avail. I have been quoted any where from $3,00 - 6,00! there is no tile work just installs. I got one estimate which I can afford $1300, however he and my super had a falling out so now I'm stuck with a sink, toilet and body making a mess of my home! Do you have a plumber you could recommend?

    1. Thanks Coco. I'm afraid I don't have anyone current to recommend because I haven't had to do any plumbing work on my house post renovation (knock wood!). That said, the best way to find good workers is to ask your neighbors. If I were you, I would ask everyone I saw for a recommendation.

      Assuming what you referring to is installing fixtures that are already plumbed in and do not require moving any pipes, I bet you could find a good handyman to do that work just as well as a full on plumber.

      Now if you are moving pipes around or doing anything but cosmetic work, I'd be shocked if a licensed plumber would be willing to do that work for $1300.

      Hope that helps!

  19. Where did you find the painting of the man ice skating?


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