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While I'm clearly getting ahead of myself (the furniture delivery hasn't even been scheduled yet!), I don't want to slack on getting some "art" on the walls. I know in my last home I left that til last and in most cases, my walls were bare for the entire 9 years I lived there. It just becames something I stop noticing after a while.

I absolutely adore the asymetrical collection of photos that I see featured in so many beautiful homes.

(1st photo Sara Slim, 2nd photo Caitlin Moran, 3rd photo Casa Caudill, 4th photo Laura Bruen)

But if Im honest with myself, I know I just have too much wall space to fill up and not nearly as many photos as I would need to do this sucessfully all over the room. I do plan on doing one eventually but until that time comes, the above inspiration photos will have to hold me over.

Since I have picture rail molding, Im lucky enough to be able to put up some pieces now and then take them down or re-arrange without any nasty holes to fill. So for now, Im going to get some large frames (16x20?), a large white matte add my own photos around the house. I think these frames would look nice with the other brass accents I have in the room
but perhaps I should go for a simple black frame instead. I do like to add a little black to every room and so far I don't have any in the living room (aside from the tv). What do you think? And what size photo do you think I should get for a large frame? (I like having a lot of matte.)

Here are the candidates of possible frame worthy photographs. I do love other photographers work too so maybe I shouldn't be focusing on shots mostly taken by me but they are the fastest and cheapest options right now.


Except for the first Paris one, Im not quite sure if putting up random photos Ive taken makes sense. I feel like I need to love it to frame it. But if I wait til I take photos that I love, I'll have bare walls for a lifetime! I need need about 8 total - any suggestions? Should I just purchase a few favorite photos instead? CondeNast has some cool options.


  1. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I love your photos!

    I would try to stick with one style of photo or photos taken from one location in each room. For example you could do different architecture pictures in one room or pictures from a particular trip in another. That way they all kind of flow.

    I love your blog by the way! I'm not sure if I've posted here or not but your in my reader. Your awesome before and after pictures inspire me (which is important since we have many years of remodeling ahead of us). : )

  2. I'm liking them all. But specifially the Arch, Waldorf, Paris Metro sign, Sky w/tower...those are my 4 favs.

  3. Well, you know me (more is more)...I love them all! The only ones that I don't think make a ton of sense in the overall scheme are the Africa ones. Or maybe I'm just jealous because I haven't made it to Africa yet?

    I think the presence of old or old-looking cars in a couple (including the one from your wedding, right?) tie them together, as well as the fact that you tend toward the same types of architecture in all the photos. Maybe if you want to narrow it a bit (or broaden it, depending on your stash of other photos) you could concentrate on only architectural photos? Pics of buildings or at least dominated largely by some sort of building would work together beautifully, in my opinion, and give you that "classic modern" look that you are going for.

  4. Hey, I know that picture. :)

    I love your shot of the Arc. Jealous I didn't get one that nice.

    I think tying all the architectural ones in a set of 3 or 4 would be really pretty.

    I also love the one of the chair by the window. I'm feeling like that framed in a white matte with a black frame in a powder room or bathroom is somehow appropriate.

  5. Black frames always add something...especially with black and white...but I really like the brass too. My favorite is the Waldorf Hotel.

  6. I love big mattes. Get yourself to Paul Smith and see downstairs - the framed collection.
    You will soon see that you have things worthy of framing....
    I love framing things I love, then you are more likely to keep them.

  7. As I suspected, I think mixing up animal and architecture photos seems wrong. Seems most of you agree. I know the word "theme" conjures up images of tacky mickey mouse weddings but I don't think I can look at random photos everyday and not feel like they are clashing. Clearly, I have issues :)

  8. I adore the little vignettes, the note, the cups, very lovely. I think the architectural shots may do very well in a room with large furniture pieces like a living room. You seem to live in a neighborhood that has some really lovely architectural details. Perhaps take an afternoon and snap some shots. You never know, you may find some scenes that will be a really great fit. Even the most mundane can be beautiful, just look at all of those photo prints of doors with cracked, peeling and chipped paint. Lovely in a photograph, though I'm sure the owner probably thinks they need to repaint! You have beautiful photographs already, several more may be just a corner and shutter click away. And when your guests ask about the gorgeous photos, you will have the back story about each one.

  9. Good suggestion Mel. Maybe I should do that this weekend. I find that when I set out to take good photos I come back with total crap but no harm in trying.


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