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Huzzah! Just got word that my living room sofa & chairs will be leaving it's maker on Friday which means I should have actual living room furniture sometime next week!!!

Right now my living room is totally devoid of furniture and filled with all the unpacked boxes and things we need to throw away/organize. Since we haven't been using our living room, it hasn't been that much of a problem but I must get in gear now.

And since the sofa & chairs are on their way, I might as well schedule delivery for the coffee table soon too. I found them while looking for bedroom furniture and getting distracted by something shiny :)
It has a glass top and an antiqued silver bottom shelf.

I ordered the "tea table" as well thinking it would work between the two chairs but Im having second thoughts on it. Im wondering if it will be too boxy and matchy-matchy. I don't think it can be returned no matter what but I can put it to good use elsewhere if need be.

I want to see all the furniture together before I decide but if the side table isn't working between the chairs I have my eye on this little French Directoire rip-off for a mere $50!
alstotableFrench Directoireripoff
It has a glass top in place of a marble one so I'm not convinced. I don't care that its a knock off but I like the marble.

I really like this one as well but I think the twiggy base doesn't really work that well with the rest of furniture. And its not nearly as cheap so its a harder call.

I need to get a rug but I think I'm going to go the frugal route on this and get a simple taupe shag like rug from Home Depot. We tend to be really hard on our rugs and I like the idea of not having to worry about it too much should I spill something or my cat throws up on it. Something like this one but much, much cheaper.

I need to figure out what Im going to hang on the walls. I think I want to go a bit more contemporary in here than I have with the paintings in the other rooms. I could frame this photo I took in Paris last year
but I need more than just one framed print and I don't want to do an ode to my Paris trip all over the walls. For those that hang up photos in their home - do you usually mix up subject matter or do you have a theme?


  1. Mix it up...themes are boring. Old and new family snapshots and pictures from trips...unified with matching frames...maybe.

  2. Ok, I think we definitely have similar taste in furniture...I've been eyeing the very same tables. I LOVE the twig table, but I too have the same concern. It could be a cool addition to break the monotony or it could stand out like a sore thumb. I'm torn.

    Can't wait to see the furniture!!

  3. I can not wait to see it all in place, I am really quite looking forward to it, its been a year since I first spyed your massive project with jealousy , the friendly kind, and everything you put together always looks so good, and in your adult home you can buy such nice things.

  4. Thank god the couch is finally on it's way.

    I was sniffling when I drove by a local Domain (all cleared out here).

  5. Most of our pictures are of our daughter with the exception of 2 photographs I took on a trip of some architectural details.

    I love the furniture. Can't wait to see it all put together!

  6. Just yesterday, was in the city, and stopped in to Paul Smith, downstairs is a stylish wall with envelopes with stamps, notes all framed. I love that he took ordinary things and made a gallery or treasures. Go and be inspired.
    Love all your finds...the tables are so chic.
    Take a look at a seagrass rug - neutral and adds texture.

  7. Love those tables too. Great price. That looks like a very professional shot of the arch. Smiles, LC

  8. our living room has the gallery wall with a mishmash of photos - travel, family, friends, landscape ... totally random. our dining room is just color photographs from our travels. I would LOVE to do some large format framed b&w prints if i had to do it all over again - i'd probably go with one from paris, new york, rome and san francisco.

  9. Hello! I have tons of photos I've taken framed and hung. Themes can be really cool in a "themed" type room, but I kind of like the variety. Any one who comes over to my house always spends a ton of time walking from room to room looking at pictures, and asking where they were taken. I do like the idea of grouping black and white shots together. That way, you can have a variety of shots, and it will still look very unified.


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