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While we were on vacation a few weeks ago, we stopped into a vintage poster store. They sell "original" posters (isn't that an oxymoron since a poster is a copy of an original work?) We looked thru a ton of posters hoping to find something perfect for the spot in the dining room between the window and door. When I finally did find something that might work, I quickly passed when I saw the price was $4400!!! Ok, I understand these were the original posters used in Paris and that is tres cool but my tiny heart skipped a beat when I realized that posters would sell for that much. End of unrelated tangent.

Anyway - I did happen to stop upon this poster in another pile. Thankfully it was in a totally different price category.
I didn't know anything about it at the time but I thought it would work really well in my office. But we weren't there to find posters for my office so we kept looking for dining room poster until we had to leave for dinner plans. I planned on coming back to buy the Chanel poster but we never got around to it before our trip ended.

Then last week, a FedEx delivery guy showed up on my doorstep with a present for me! The Mr. had ordered it for me. Isn't that sweet? So now its mine and I can't wait to see it hanging in my office.

Its not so much that Im a Cocophile or that I even wear this perfume...I just find Coco Chanel to be a very admirable source of inspiration. And who couldn't use a style reminder staring them in the face? I mean - check this woman out.
Coco falls into the same category as Martha Stewart for me. Woman who leave their style mark on the world.

Im debating whether to get it framed professionally ($$) or go with an Ikea poster frame. Considering all the other things I have to spend money on, Im leaning on going the cheap route. I could always have it properly framed later on.

In case you're wondering, this poster is one of a set of four different color combos painted by Andy Warhol. The posters were used as advertisements by Chanel in 1997 on the streets of Paris. Andy Warhol created this design in the 1980's but, due to his unexpected early death, the images were not used until much later.

What do you have hanging in your offices for inspiration?


  1. Wonderful poster...what a sweet man you have!!! Can't wait to see it all framed :o)

  2. I only wish I had an office.
    That is so sweet and thoughtful of your Mr. to do that for you.

  3. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Eh, unless you can be sure the paper is acid free & all that you sort of have to go $$ leat a little more than Ikea. maybe a local framer? Just don't let them talk you into a double matte & all that. It's a beautiful print. Now you can collect vintage CC bottles too!

  4. According to the Ikea website, the frame is acid free. I probably wouldn't use that paper matte anyway but just mount the poster into the frame itself.

    Although I could probably have a custom matte made for the cheapo frame...that might be the best solution.

  5. What a sweetheart you have there!

  6. Anonymous10:13 AM

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  8. My office walls are ever-changing. I've got the thousand nail holes to prove it. Right now I've got an original Pillow Talk poster above my desk. I could care less if it's original, but my move-buff husband got it for me from ebay.

    I think the Ikea frames are fine, but they're cheap enough that you could try living with them for a while. If you decide you hate them later, not too much money lost.

  9. Taryn - Sounds interesting. Ill email you later but what are caulk singles?

    Kyle - Is that what you have hanging in your office?

    Liz - Yea, thats sort of what Im thinking. If Im not loving how it looks in the Ikea frame, Im only out $20. I already have to frame the Bememelman prints (and they are super delicate so they need a pro's touch) so Im trying to cut down on non necessary outlays.

  10. my art.
    elegant poster.
    coco rules.

  11. I have this! Mine's sort of red/pink. Also, it was not even an "original" poster! Lucky you, your mister is a peach!

  12. Why no...I do not have those hanging in my office...they were my contribution to the theme of the day...they remind me of '50s children's books Eloise AT THE you know her? This:
    is hanging in my office.

  13. As you know from my madeline posters, Im a fan of old drawers. I think the Madelines are from the 1940s. Ive always wanted to have them appraised but I don't even know how to do something like that.

  14. Er...I meant old drawings, not old drawers. Im not a fan of old underwear :)

  15. omg. i must have this poster. goes perfectly with my miniature perfume collection. hehe. any idea where i could buy one online?
    { julie }

  16. Coveiter - If you want an original, any poster dealer should be able to get you one.

    I saw some smaller repros on ebay - just do a search for "Warhol Chanel". The series has 4 different color combos.

  17. It's a style explosion in here lately. Totally loving it.


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