I might need this...

Im not sure yet (I haven't seen it in person), but I just think I might need this. Not to turn this blog into an Ikea lovefest (this will be the second Ikea item Ive posted about in two days!), but isn't pretty awesome for $349?
They also have an armoire and side table version but its not nearly as fun since the legs are so much less scrolly.

Would it look just perfect under the large black corkboard I already have?

Anyone see this in person want to give me a review?

A little bit off topic but I know Im supposed to hate the idea that Ikea is coming to Brooklyn. Yes, it has taken over some of the industrial waterfront that is oh so interesting yet spooky only to turn it into a big blue & yellow box. How souless? But I can't help but being excited about it at the same time! Not that I buy a lot of furniture from Ikea but its totally my go-to source when I throw parties or do any entertaining. They have the most fun things for next to nothing!

Case in point, they had these plain plastic corked bottles that I used to make a non-alcoholic punch for my friends baby shower.
And they had these cheapo plastic photo holders that worked really well to hold up table numbers for a bridal shower I hosted.
And they had all sorts of containers that worked out really well when I put together a candy dessert bar for a friend's graduation party as well as blue crystals I used to make a hanging shrine to the guest of honor.

I don't have photos of all the great finds Ive used from Ikea but their marketplace is definitely a dream for out of the ordinary party supplies. Add that to their organizational products and the occasional interesting piece of furniture - how can I hate Ikea?

Ok, end of Ikea adoration here. Home decor topics to continue...


  1. Ikea is great for lots of things, haven't seen that chest of drawers but it looks nice .
    I loved those bottles you used ,Ikea huh, I will have to see if I can find those for pink punch , would you share your recipe?
    I love my slipcovered Ektorp sofa's classic shape and they look better after washing, they are cheap and with little kids and dogs I don't fret , like I would with a pricey sofa.

  2. I furnished my craft room with black Ikea things, including a tall glassed-in cabinet with adjustable glass shelves, for housing my dolls...love it. And.. it went together totally "square" and level too..... a bonus. I used a dining room table with both leaves extended for the sewing and work table..and have a set of drawers on casters that hold most of my crafting things that I want within reaching distance. Bombay supplied the other two units.. desk right beside the table for extra space..and barrister bookcase.. for more bears and dolls..

    Ikea has some pretty amazing pieces and great prices....

  3. Chris - The punch "recipe" wasn't anything fancy. I used Blue Berry Hawaiian Punch mixed with gingerale. It was yummy! I think b/c most adults have never tasted Blue Hawaiian punch, the taste seemed more complicated than it really was.

    Bumble- Sounds like your office is really spacious. Im super jealous!!

  4. Those are some impressive looking parties you hosted. I agree about the marketplace. I picked up 100glass plates that I use for my parties for .35 a piece. Thats almost cheaper than paper and I use them again and again.

  5. Where is it supposed to open in Brooklyn?

  6. Love for Ikea - NC is finally getting one next year - YAY!

  7. i miss ikea.
    so so very much.
    we used to live near it and i would make a day of it...lunch and all.
    it rocks.
    and i like that sideboard. it's very modern? but fun and playful too.
    i would love to see it in person.

  8. Oh my. I love that buffet. You need it!

  9. Surprisingly, my crafting space is only 10 X 12' 6"....(it is one foot longer on the wall that has the love seat).. including the window area that juts out. I think the size of the furniture just makes it appear more spacious... or the little window bump out helps to accommodate the table so it takes up less of the middle floor space ..or something....it seems like plenty of room for my fun anyway.

    if you'd like to see my space...

    Studio/Craft room

  10. I'm a little late to the post, but I JUST saw the trollsta side table at ikea last weekend, it was so cute I took a pic. But I didn't see the sideboard.. maybe it's out of stock. They also had this goth looking black frame (made of plastic, but no one would ever know) that would look amazing above it. I almost bought it even though I have absolutely nowhere to put it!

  11. Where did you get the pink and white striped purses that were on the table for the bridal shower?

  12. Where did you get pink and white purses that are on the table in the bridal shower picture? I am planning a bridal shower and would love to have some.
    My email is krischrissy@yahoo.com
    Thanks, Chrissy

  13. I made them. They aren't real purses, just paper ones that held the menu and game cards.


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