Ironic progress

Maybe its not ironic but more plain stupidity: the guestroom is the most "finished" room in the whole house. Guess how many guests we've had? You guessed right - none. Why would we invite anyone to stay over when we had virtually no other furniture in the rest of the house? But more importantly, why is the least used room the first one to get done? Lack of priorities? Mental illness on the part of the owner?

Admittedly, its so far along mostly because a) I was mostly using items I already had laying around b) I have a lower standard for this room in general. And hey - at least its progress!

Here is what it looked like when we bought the house. Notice the very chic plywood window treatment. Oh-la-la!
Guest Bedroom Before

The last time I showed progress on this room, I had added some window treatments with my DIY accent and had set up the bed. (Take a look here) This weekend I decided I was going to hang the Madeline prints in their old frames. Shabby chic may be out but its in full force here. I also dragged up the 5x7 ivory shag rug I had from my last house. Its not quite the right size but it adds a little texture and that's the idea.
Guest Room in Progress
And finally I brought up the chair I need to reupholster and paint for the desk.

And before I break my arm patting myself on the back, I still have quite a bit to do in here to get it totally finished. This includes:
1. Painting the desk & chair in bedford gray I bought ages ago
2. Purchasing and hanging the scalloped mirror over the desk
3. Finding a nightstand to go in place of that plastic storage drawer unit seen at left. Maybe something like one of these two from Target?
Target Round Pedestal Table
$79 plus S+H
Target Side Table Victoria Hagen
$42 plus S+H
4. Reupolster chair seat
5. Do something with this big blank wall opposite the bed.
Guest Room in Progress
Mr. Limestone wants to put a tv in there. And since we already have the cable hookup, an extra tv, Im down for that. Whats the likelyhood Mr. L will actually get around to mounting aforementioned television in this century? I think its pretty slim but Im holding out hope. Its not that important if it gets done anyway. However, looking at this photo is making me think that I have an even better reason to give a try to the Ikea Trollsta sideboard.
trollsta sideboard
If it doesn't work in my office, I could always use it on this long wall. Hmmm.
6. Once all of the above are done, Ill work on a care package for the infrequent guests we get. More on that in a future post.


  1. Its looking good in there. Liking the ikea sideboard for that room too.

  2. I think the ivory rug anchors the bed and pulls it all together. Looking great! I say go for the sideboard. It would look fab in that room and would allow some storage/surface options for guests.

  3. The room is coming along very nicely, and I think it will look great once it's done.

    Where did you get the headboard?

  4. Thanks London and freckles :)

    Eastcoastgirl: Headboard is from JcPenney.

  5. Love the room! And, I just picked up that exact paint swatch as a contender for the LR color in my home. I can't wait to see your items painted that color! :)

  6. Big progress here! I always find myself fixing up the space that isn't critical to avoid the more "serious" rooms. The guest bedroom is refreshing and welcoming. Well done! And everything else will still be there waiting for you when you're ready to tackle it.
    Lisa & Alfie

  7. I just love thos black side tables, I like the curvier one , I have two similar, saw another one the other day and I wanted it too $169.00 much more than the $60.00 I paid for each of mine.Such a nice table to look at . That room is much nicer than any "guest" room I have ever stayed in, usually they have extra crap or junk everywhere , so it is a store room/guest room not eactly welcoming.
    Anyone would be pleased to spend time with you , little furniture or not , and in Brooklyn that is a pretty sweet draw I would think .

  8. Wow! What an amazing makeover that is. Love it! -Julia

  9. the ikea sideboard would look great in there. and as for the target side tables, love the more expensive one of course. :)

  10. I found your blog through Mabel's House. What a beautiful job you have done renovating this cool old limestone! I look forward to following your project.

  11. Your guest room is starting to really come together...I love the headboard!!!!! The IKEA sideboard is a great looking piece and has so many possibilities!

  12. I really like it!!

    Great job, it'll all come together in time. I have rarely had any room I would consider finished. Drives me crazy. That is what I dream of. Finished!

  13. I love that Ikea sideboard. If it came in white, I would get it. Any suggestions on where to look for sideboards/buffets? I've looked high and low and can't find an acceptable white one.

  14. The most finished room in my house is also the guest room. I guess we probably do it because we don't have to be in there while we are painting etc so it makes it easy! I love your house!

  15. I like the first end table option. And I think you should just go for the sideboard in the office.

  16. I love the style and flare of your home. I also enjoy seeing the design process you take. Where do you pull your inspiration from? The style that you decorate is similar to mine, but yours is much more refined. I do a bit more of a relaxed feeling. Anyway, everytime I read your blog (at least once a week) I see something exactly like what I am looking for. I would love to know where you get your design flair from.

    Take Care,

  17. it's looking so lovely...
    all of it.
    i love checking in on your progress.

    i want an electric staple gun too.
    i imagine walking around stapling things all the time if it were so easy.

    and i can't wait to see that piece at ikea in person in august! i miss ikea.

    have a great day.


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