Its now offcial - the couch delivery countdown has begun. Room & Board has told me delivery will happen on Tuesday, June 17. Do I believe them? Only partially but I will not let my past traumatic couch incidents mar this otherwise happy occasion. Check out the countdown-->

Freckles chick was kind of enough to tag me in one of those questions pass it along games. I'll admit, Im never quite sure what to write but its nice to be on a short list of any kind, you know? For those uninterested in my personal boringness, feel free to skip over this post.

Without further ado...

1. What did you do 10 years ago?
Its all sort of a blur but around 10 years ago, the man that would become Mr. Limestone was moving in with me in my first house. I had just graduated college and was about to start my new job at a soul sucking industry in which Im still involved. Ah, good times.

2. Five items on your to-do list today:
I don't really have 5. I have a bunch of work related ones that are entirely too boring to share. I don't plan on accomplishing much after I get home except perhaps finish watching Design Star. Ive tried to watch it 3 times this week and I'm always getting distracted by something.

3. Snacks I enjoy:
Sugar cookies from my cafeteria - yummy!
Cheesy Poofs
Ice Cream - ( Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is a good one)
Cotton Candy
all other manner of fattening junk

4. What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Quit my job, take a major kick ass vacation with a select few, hire a fabulous decorator to furnish my house (no, I don't think I would move), hire a staff of personal attendants to cater to my every whim.

5. Places I would live:
This is a tough one as I really have no desire to permanently live anywhere but here. So Im going to switch up the question to make it places I would want a second/third/fourth home. North Shore of Long Island (a posh cottage on the beach would be great) & Paris (a little apartment for European stop overs)

6. Bloggers I am passing the challenge onto are: Chris Bryn Patricia Laura Amy London Thanks so much for reading along and always providing an encouraging word.
For all the home decor sticklers out there, I suppose you could call this "stalling for time" as I wait and wait and wait to get furniture. But Im going to call it blog networking. Hehe


  1. Ha! Thanks chick :=)

  2. mrs.limestone-
    funny, in the spirit of having played this tag prior, today my dog "bentley" has stepped up to the plate!
    come on over and give a dog a "bone" or a comment.
    oh, we will visit you anytime on the north shore -
    we love it there!

  3. Sorry PVE. I saw your post a bit too late. Oh well, you are one popular gal :)

  4. Thanks for the tag. I'll tackle it this weekend :)

  5. Yay! Thx for participating. Love little peeks into my favorite bloggers' lives.


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